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Huang Xiaolong thought for a long time but failed to come up with a solution.

He couldn\'t act like the members of the demonic beast clans, massacring humans without prejudice and use their blood to stimulate some kind of reaction from the Hundred Spirits Beast King so that he may find the sealed location, could he

At his wit\'s end thinking by himself, Huang Xiaolong turned to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi solemnly answered, “There is really no better way than blood in order to find the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed location, however, you dont need a large amount of blood, just your blood should be enough.”

“Use my blood” Huang Xiaolong blanked.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, “Its true that the Hundred Spirits Beast King is excited by blood.

The stronger the blood essence, the more alluring it is to the Hundred Spirits Beast King.” The power that Huang Xiaolongs physique contained had reached a horrifying level, even some First Order Highgod Realm masters would feel lacking compared to Huang Xiaolongs physique.

One could imagine the energy contained in his blood essence, the bloodline and laws within.

Huang Xiaolong flashed a wry smile, “Even so, the Golden Mountain World is so huge, draining out every last drop of my blood essence still wont be enough for us to locate the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed location.”

At that time, before they could find the sealed location, Huang Xiaolong would be emptied out of blood.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi grinned with a hint of sinister aura, “You dont need to worry about this, although you will bleed quite a bit, you definitely wont squeeze out every drop of blood.

Have you forgotten about the Blood Sacrifice Law”

“Blood Sacrifice Law” Huang Xiaolong was confused.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained, “Right, use your blood essence as a sacrifice, let your blood become a natural part of this Golden Mountain World.

Based on the energy contained in your blood essence, one drop would be sufficient to cover a radius of ten thousand li.”

A radius of ten thousand li for one drop Huang Xiaolong breathed out in relief. ‘But, calculating based on the Golden Mountain Worlds size, Id still need to let out quite a lot of blood essence, Huang Xiaolong glumly thought.

Then again, if he could really find the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed body, it was worth this much blood.

A few days later, Huang Xiaolong went to see Wude at his Death Prison Peak, saying that hed like to go to Golden Mountain World to assist the Demon Slaying Alliance in killing those monsters, as well as complete his Elder promotion task.

Wude naturally agreed.

The incident related to Liang Guang had already been investigated and was proven that Liang Guang was indeed the Piercing Sky Beast Kings son.

Consequently, Liang Guangs Master, Grand Elder Qin Lin, was implicated.

Though Qin Lin managed to hold onto his Grand Elder position, he no longer oversaw the Inheritance Hall, which indirectly contributed to Wudes recent good mood.

The crux of the matter was that Liang Guangs identity was exposed because he wanted to killCheng Huaian.

Nowadays, Wudes gaze was much gentler when he looked at his youngest disciple, reminding Huang Xiaolong to be careful on his way to the Golden Mountain World.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and acknowledged Wudes words, then he immediately departed to the Golden Mountain World from the Death Prison Peak. 

Upon returning from the Golden Mountain World, he would be promoted to an Elder, enabling him to enter the ten underground floors of the Vermilion Bird Institute library and continue his search for information related to the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

On this trip to Golden Mountain World, Huang Xiaolong flew at his fastest speed without the need to conceal his strength.

He was traveling alone after all.

Last time, when Huang Xiaolong traveled with He Jing and Fang Hengning, they took more than ten days to reach Golden Mountain World.

This time however, it merely took Huang Xiaolong three days.

Arriving in Golden Mountain World, Huang Xiaolong did not immediately report at the Alliance headquarters.

Instead, he began searching for the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed location by using the blood sacrifice law.

However, he didn\'t begin his search at just any random spot like a headless fly, he chose mountains and hills that were far from any human population.

According to the conclusion Huang Xiaolong derived, the places surrounding the sealed location would be affected by the energy coming from the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body, making it an unsuitable area to live in.

Therefore, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body part was definitely sealed somewhere desolate and uninhabited.

In the southern parts of the Golden Mountain World, were long stretches of uninhabited mountain ranges.

Most commonly found here were highly toxic and poisonous plants and creatures.

This was the place Huang Xiaolong decided to search first.

Sending out a drop of blood essence from his body, Huang Xiaolong performed the blood sacrifice ritual taught by Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, burying his blood essence into the earth.

He could clearly sense the energy contained in his drop of blood essence spread out underground.

Unfortunately, the result was disappointing, and Huang Xiaolong began to sacrifice his second drop of blood essence.

Then the third drop, the fourth drop…

Moments after Huang Xiaolong offered his seventh drop of blood essence, he suddenly felt a fluctuation somewhere deep underground.

Despite the weak, negligible fluctuations, he still captured it.

Joy rose to Huang Xiaolongs face as he quickly offered another drop of blood essence to the mountain range below.

A similar fluctuation came from deep underground.

This time around, however, the fluctuation grew stronger.

 Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated, requesting Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to come in his true form to protect him as he drilled deep underground.

One hundred zhang, two hundred zhang, five hundred zhang, one thousand zhang…

With Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi protecting Huang Xiaolong, both of them went two thousand zhang underground before finding the source of the fluctuation.

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong felt his body float for a second and appeared in another space.

It was a large space filled with grey-colored energy.

This floating grey energy was none other than demonic qi! When demonic qi reached a certain concentration, it became visible to the eye.

Overwhelming demonic qi!

A frightening amount of it!

Even someone as strong as Huang Xiaolong, the moment he entered this grey space, he was nearly swallowed, assimilated into this space.

When this grey demonic qi seeped into Huang Xiaolongs body, the Black Tortoise Divine Fire flared up brightly in a snowy blue flame, incinerating every bit of demonic qi that wanted to invade Huang Xiaolongs body.

A film of cold sweat covered Huang Xiaolongs forehead, even Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was looking somber. 

“Such horrifying level of demonic qi, this is definitely the place where the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body part is sealed.” After his feelings of astonishment passed, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi spoke excitedly.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered with excitement.

Now that they had discovered where the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body part was sealed, all that was left to do was to find it, regardless how big this space might be.

Huang Xiaolong leaped into the air, flying in the direction of the demonic qi source.

As he grew closer to the source, the surrounding demonic qi grew more horrifying, like heavy liquid.

Huang Xiaolong suspected that even if a hurricane blew past, this demonic qi still wouldnt disperse.

This situation made Huang Xiaolong increase his vigilance.

He then summoned the Black Tortoise Divine Armor, protecting himself from head to toe.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong was extremely glad that he decided to summon the Black Tortoise Divine Armor, otherwise he could forget about getting to the source, for he wouldn\'t even last thirty seconds inside this place.

After flying close to half an hour, Huang Xiaolong finally reached the source of the demonic qi.

Stopping in midair, Huang Xiaolong observed the grand altar in the distance.

It was ten li wide, ten li in length, and two li tall.

At the center of the altar was an array formed of mysterious symbols.

In the middle of the array, two enormous beast arms were sealed.

Huang Xiaolong was unable to describe in words how enormous those two beast arms covered in furry hair were.

On one end of the arms were golden veins that looked like hovering golden dragons, whereas the other end has ten sharp claws extended out, resembling ten forgotten giant blades covered in dust for centuries.

These were the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings arms!

While Huang Xiaolong was staring at the enormous arms in shock, the two arms shook violently all of a sudden.

The thick demonic qi in the air rushed toward them, forming a hundred zhang tall demonic beasts body.


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