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“During the time I was absent, was everyone and the Martial Spirit World well” Huang Xiaolong asked, not directing the question to anyone in particular.

This resulted in everyone fighting to answer Huang Xiaolong, cutting and interjecting each others sentences, recounting almost everything that happened in the five years that Huang Xiaolong was away.

After Huang Xiaolong left, nothing out of ordinary happened in Martial Spirit World, the Twin Celestial Worlds Ying Family did not send more masters to occupy it.

They were probably overly frightened of Huang Xiaolong, thus did not dare to send any more people.

During Huang Xiaolongs absence, under the effort of the Huang Family and Martial Spirit Worlds large and small families, empires, and kingdoms effort, the Martial Spirit Worlds situation had greatly improved.

Especially on the Snow Wind Continent where transformations were obvious.

After all, before Huang Xiaolong left, he used a thousand top divine grade spirit stones to lay out a large scale Spirit Amplifying Array.

At the current time, the spiritual energy within ten thousand li radius around the Huang Clan Manor was richer than the one in Peace Emperor World.

Of course, it was still a long way from the Cloudsea Mainland level or the Black Warrior Institute.

However, Huang Xiaolong believed that, in a hundred years, this ten thousand li radius from the Huang Clan Manor would enjoy spiritual energy comparable to the Cloudsea Mainland and Black Warrior Institute, even surpassing both in a few hundred years.

Accompanied by a large group of people, Huang Xiaolong walked inside.

Various kinds of spiritual trees, flowers, and herbs were planted in the manor, each of them emitting a brilliant soft glow and mesmerizing scent.

But there was a lack of spiritual beasts, giving an incomplete feeling despite the wonderful atmosphere.

“Almost all of Martial Spirit Worlds spiritual beasts were killed to extinction by the Zhao and Ying Families at the beginning.

We discussed earlier about going to capture some spiritual beasts from other world surfaces when you come back, and buy a large batch when we go back to the Cloudsea Mainland.” Shi Xiaofei explained.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, rushing wouldn\'t help this matter.

To have Martial Spirit World fully recovered was possible in a short few years.

Following that, Huang Xiaolong asked about their cultivation progress and problems, because he noticed that everyones strength had improved by a large margin.

Everything was progressing in a good direction.

On the night of Huang Xiaolongs return, the Huang Clan Manor held a banquet, toasts and laughter rang throughout the night.

His successful trip to Peace Emperor World, integrating with the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, put Huang Xiaolong in an excellent mood, his wine cup was never empty.

The banquet lasted until the sun came up the next day before everyone dispersed.

Huang Xiaolong too went back to his courtyard.

This courtyard was rebuilt according to the structure of Huang Xiaolongs courtyard when he was small in the old Huang Clan Manor, almost every aspect of it resembled the courtyard he used to live in.

A nostalgic feeling filled Huang Xiaolong as he looked around at the familiar surroundings.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred years had passed since he was reborn into this world.

More than a hundred years… From the time when his martial spirit was awakened, that small Houtian child has become a peak mid-Eighth Order God Realm master!

Huang Xiaolong raised his palms up, clapping his hands together, then pulling away.

Two blue icy-snow flames appeared on his palms.

Though he had integrated with the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, it was still up to him to continuously explore what it can do.

What he currently knew about it barely scratched the tip of a giant iceberg.

As his understanding of the Black Tortoise Divine Fire grew deeper, his intuition told him that the four great divine fires were not something born in their lesser realm.

Then, how did the chaos space that nurtured these four divine fires appear in their lesser realm

Huang Xiaolong couldnt figure out this point, and neither could Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

Watching the two small icy-snow fireballs in his palms, a thought came to Huang Xiaolong.

He attempted to retrieve the two fireballs into his body, and after more than a dozen times, he was finally able to do so.

When that succeeded, he summoned the divine fire out again.

This time, he tried making it form a different shape.

What made Huang Xiaolong laugh wryly was that no matter how the fireballs changed their shape, they forever looked like two steamed buns! 

A few days later, they no longer looked like two steamed buns, but stones.

Huang Xiaolong even had an absurd thought that the Black Tortoise Divine Fire was deliberately making things difficult for him.

An entity born of nature like this divine fire definitely had its own awareness.

He tried day after day, learning day after day, understanding more with each passing day.

As he learned and familiarized himself with the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, Huang Xiaolong was absorbing Black Tortoise Galaxys star force to cultivate and refined the rank six godhead at the same time.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong and his family, as well as Shi Xiaofei, stayed at the Martial Spirit World.

Another three years passed.

The rank six godhead crumbled into ashes, emptied out by Huang Xiaolong.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had been absorbing the Black Tortoise Galaxys force for the past three years, advancing to late-Eighth Order God Realm from peak mid-Eighth Order God Realm.

Further to that, these three years also gave Huang Xiaolong ample time to consolidate his new strength and realm.

In these three years, Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique had been continuously tempered by the Black Tortoise star force, evolving once more.

His internal organs, as well as his meridians and Qi Sea, glimmered like starlight, akin to a primeval galaxy.

Due to the effects of the Black Tortoise star forces tempering for the last three years, Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique was now twice as strong.

It was already a freakish physique, but now, even Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t say for sure how monstrous his True Dragon Physique had become.

He only knew that, based purely on his body\'s power, his fist could punch a pit of unfathomable depth that could spit out magma from the earth core.

He suspected that once he broke through to late-Tenth Order God Realm, he could pierce a hole through a world surface like Martial Spirit World with one punch!

Pierce a hole through a world surface!

Even his Master, the Black Warrior Institute Principal, couldnt do this.

The Treasure Dragon diagram inside his body had assimilated the Black Tortoise Divine Fires devouring power, greatly enhancing its efficiency.

Now, when Huang Xiaolong circulated the Treasure Dragon Protective Shield Art, Black Tortoise star force would flood into his body.

In these three years, Huang Xiaolong also used the Blood Sacrificial Law to refine all the Zhao Family and Nether Ice Palace corpses into Martial Spirit Worlds land, contributing to Martial Spirit Worlds current vibrant spiritual energy.

Not only did Martial Spirit Worlds spiritual energy recover, its quality had also increased a level.

Even more so within ten thousand li radius around the Huang Clan Manor, turning it into a holy land of Martial Spirit World.

Huang Xiaolong dictated that, every ten years, all Emperors, Kings, the Patriarchs of prominent families, and sect Chiefs were to make a pilgrimage to the Huang Clan Manor, the attendance was compulsory.

 According to each empire, kingdom, and familys contributions and meritorious deeds toward Martial Spirit World, they were awarded various kinds of heaven grade, saint grade, and divine grade spirit pellets, as well as heaven grade, saint grade, and divine grade spirit stones.

Hence, every empire, kingdom, family, and forces made desperate efforts to rebuild Martial Spirit World.

It created a harmonious and thriving Martial Spirit World.

From time to time, Huang Xiaolong, his parents, siblings, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the others would go to other world surfaces to capture spiritual beasts and bring them back to Martial Spirit World, rebuilding the missing component of nature.

Late into the silent night.

A sudden flash of bright light appeared in the mountain woods behind Huang Clan Manor.

Two long swords formed from icy-snow fire shot forward, everything in their path turning into icicles!

Then, the two longswords made a turn in the air, returning in the same path.

The icicles from moments ago vanished, turning into a stretch of fire.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong retrieved both fiery longswords into his body and nodded with satisfaction.

After three years, as his comprehension of the Black Tortoise Divine Fire deepened, he was able to manipulate a bigger part of his force.

Not only was he able to shape the fire into various forms, he could manipulate its ice and fire origin force separately.

Those two icy-snow fire longswords jus now were, in fact, the Black Tortoise Divine Fire manipulated by him.

In the shape of a sword, the Black Tortoise Divine Fires attack power became even stronger.


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