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Chapter 647: So Full


Hearing the old man spouting more shameless words, Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless for the umpteenth time, his understanding of the old man’s thick-faced had been refreshed once again.

Extremely handsome Huang Xiaolong looked at the old man’s outward appearance.

With Huang Xiaolong’s eyesight, he really couldn’t tell which part of this old man was extremely handsome.

Wang Na’s reaction was even more dramatic, her chest heaved up and down, a finger pointed at the Ascending Moon Old Man, but no words came out.

As the Black Warrior Institute’s Vice-Principal and a Highgod Realm master, when had she ever been insulted this way!

Murder swirled in her eyes like a hurricane, but still she repressed it with much effort.

She had to endure until the Black Warrior Institute’s masters arrived!

Finally, Wang Na heard the sounds she had been waiting for.

They were closing in, revealing one silhouette after another.

The first ones to arrive were the other two Black Warrior Institute’s Vice-Principals, Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun.

When both of them arrived, the first thing they did was survey the surrounding situation.

When their glances fell on the Ascending Moon Old Man, both of them were inwardly shocked.

This beggar-like, smiling, skinny old man gave them a dangerous feeling.

But when they finally noticed the sorry state Wang Na was in, with her scarlet eyes spewing fire, as well as the glaring red handprint on her breasts, Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun were genuinely dumbfounded.

“Vice-Principal Wang, what happened here” Su Haodong inquired.

Wang Na pointed at the Ascending Moon Old Man and Huang Xiaolong, almost screaming in a shrill voice, “It’s good that you’re all here, this Huang Xiaolong actually dared to sneak in a Highgod Realm master into our Black Warrior Institute, they even ambushed me just now! Both of you cooperate with me to capture this old man and Huang Xiaolong, that traitor!”

Up until this point, Wang Na still insisted that Huang Xiaolong had sneaked the old man into the Black Warrior Institute.

In fact, not only Wang Na, given any other Highgod Realm master, they wouldn’t believe that teleportation from one world surface to another was possible.

Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun exchanged a look, they were hesitant to follow Wang Na’s plan.

Then, the Ascending Moon Old Man, who had been grinning all this time, suddenly turned frosty looking at Wang Na, “Little doxy, don’t think that just because you’re a woman I’ll always be lenient.

If you dare to slander my little disciple one more time, I’ll strip you naked!”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Wang Na’s lips quivered with anger: “You, you…!”

Another ten or so whistling sounds were heard as the Black Warrior Institute’s Grand Elders arrived at the scene.

Seeing this group of Grand Elders, Wang Na’s earlier apprehension eased; her eyes seemed to glow with red bloodlust staring at the Ascending Moon Old Man and Huang Xiaolong, “All Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders, hear my order! Huang Xiaolong sneaked an outsider Highgod Realm master into our institute, insidiously plotting to assassinate all of our disciples, Elders, and Grand Elders! Now, I order all of you, activate the Black Warrior Killing Formation, kill the enemy and traitor Huang Xiaolong!”

The Black Warrior Killing Formation was an ancient killing formation laid out by generations of Black Warrior Institute Highgod Realm masters, covering the whole Black Warrior Institute.

It could only be activated by the cooperation of several Grand Elders.

After the formation was activated, even a Highgod Realm master would be hard pressed to escape out of the Black Warrior Institute.

The newly arrived Grand Elders were stunned by Wang Na’s order.

“What are you all standing dazed over there for!” Wang Na hollered, “Quickly activate the Black Warrior Killing Formation, kill that old man, kill that traitor Huang Xiaolong! You lot dare to defy my order!” As she said this, a bright light flashed and an order token appeared in her hand.

The front of the token was inscribed with the divine beast Black Tortoise, but there was a slight difference with the Black Tortoise emblem on the institute disciples’ robes.

Whereas on the back of the token was a mysterious diagram, similar to an ancient talisman symbol, yet also resembling an ancient weapon.

This was the Black Warrior token, one of the only two in the Black Warrior Institute.

One was in the Institute Principal Feng Yang’s hand, and the other one was in Wang Na’s hand.

Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun were also the Black Warrior Institute’s Vice-Principals, but neither of them was qualified to possess the Black Warrior Token, for Wang Na also had another identity, being the last term Institute Principal’s personal disciple.

Seeing the Black Warrior Token in Wang Na’s hand, the Grand Elders dared not disobey her orders.

When the group of Grand Elders was about to activate the Black Warrior Killing Formation as per Wang Na’s order, the Ascending Moon Old Man’s expression grew extremely cold watching Wang Na.

Issuing an audible cold snort through his nose, his figure blurred into a flicker, arriving in front of Wang Na.

His quick hands reached out, tearing off a piece of cloth from Wang Na’s chest.

Wang Na was greatly startled, she wanted to teleport away to dodge the attack only to discover that the surrounding space felt like a cage cast using the Divine World’s iron ores—she couldn’t teleport!

‘What is happening!’ Just as this doubtful thought emerged in her mind, right at that instant, her chest was grasped by the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Before the Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders, Elders, and disciples’ eyes, the Ascending Moon Old Man pulled.


Zii~! The sound of cloth tearing sounded louder than usual.

Wang Na felt a slight cold around her chest, her voluptuous twin jade peaks were bared to the world.

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded.

Ceng Leng and the All Dragons League disciples were dumbfounded.

Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun were dumbfounded.

The Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders were dumbfounded, as were the Elders.

Looking at the proudly erect, silky smooth, white and tender view, some All Dragons League disciples, Elders, even Grand Elders swallowed by reflex.

“Little doxy, didn’t I warn you earlier that if you dare to slander my little disciple one more time, I’ll strip you naked It seems like you really didn’t take this old man’s words to heart.” The Ascending Moon Old Man’s voice was ice cold, but his eyes made a quick sweep over Wang Na’s chest: “Really not bad, no wonder you’re so arrogant.”

Huang Xiaolong don’t know what to think anymore, was a person’s arrogance related to the size of their chest

Wang Na lowered her head, looking at her own chest, her gaze was unfocused for a second before raising her head once more.

Her expression was distorted, shrieking her heart out, “I’ll kill you!!” She flew high into the air, the gray light around her piercing the sky.

Death aura rumbled, forming countless gray clouds, casting a shadow over the land.

“God’s Law—Death’s Hell!” Her eyes completely turned gray, akin to a death god from hell.

It was unknown when that long gray sword returned to Wang Na’s hand.

She made a sudden slash down at the Ascending Moon Old Man and Huang Xiaolong.

The death aura rushed out like a tsunami, spreading out and forming a hellish land of death.

All the Grand Elders, Elders, and the All Dragons League disciples scrambled back in fear.

Including Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun.

But the Ascending Moon Old Man merely chuckled watching the great waves of death aura, “This trick is still not too bad.” Then, he did something that made Huang Xiaolong and everyone else stupefied.

The Ascending Moon Old Man actually opened his mouth, inhaling all the death aura into his body.

After that was done, the old man even patted his belly, “Sissy fudge, I'm so full, I won’t need to eat for two years.”

Watching this nearly sent the Grand Elders and Elders to their coffins out of shock.

Both Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun paled watching the Ascending Moon Old Man, they both knew full well how scary Wang Na’s God’s Law of Death was! Just by coming in contact with the death aura, even the both of them, without quick treatment, they’d be turned into dried corpses within a day’s time.

Those peak Tenth Order God Realm masters would instantly turn into corpses.

Yet, the old man in front of them actually swallowed it! And he was still alright!

Where exactly did this odd monster climb out from!

The Ascending Moon Old Man didn’t bother with the gazes directed his way, he turned to look at Wang Na, splitting a grin.

But, looking at that smiling face, Wang Na felt a cold chill spreading throughout her body.


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