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Chapter 639: Baldy Zhang


Baldy Zhang, this was the Ascending Moon Old Man’s nickname for the Zhang Family Ancestor.

The Ascending Old Man gave him this nickname because the Zhang Family Ancestor’s scalp was as barren as a desert.

 At this moment, that Zhang Family’s Grand Elder Zhang Zhihong was instantly angered watching the Ascending Moon Old Man’s palm striking at him; this old man actually dared to ignore him! Unqualified to know his name!

“Boundless Great Sea!” Zhang Zhihong hollered, powerful energy fluctuations bursting out from his body as his momentum peaked, turning into black tides that sent palpitations through one’s heart.

When the Zhang Family masters saw the black tides, everyone swiftly retreated in panic.

However, the Ascending Moon Old Man’s palm did not even pause.

Pa! A crisp smack sounded, dispersing the layers of black tides into nothing.

Before the unbelieving gazes of the Zhang Family masters and the terrified customers, Grand Elder Zhang Zhihong was sent flying with a mere slap just like the previous Zhang Family Elder before him.

Grand Elder Zhang Zhihong landed more than a dozen li away, crashing right into a pig pen.

The entire restaurant once again fell into a prolonged silence.

When  Zhang Han looked at the Ascending Moon Old Man this time, he suddenly felt a chill running down his body, shivering involuntarily.

The Zhang Family masters’ faces were ashen.

Previously, when the old man sent a Seventh Order God Realm master flying, they thought that this old man was a Ninth Order God Realm, but now, the old man sent a Tenth Order God Realm master flying with a mere slap, was this old man still a Ninth Order God Realm!

Only those whose strength was infinitely close to Highgod Realm could do that!

The Ascending Moon Old Man retrieved his palm, grinning at Huang Xiaolong, “How was it, little disciple Your Master’s Invincible Pa-la Slap’s strength is not bad, right”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless; Invincible Pa-la Slap I’m Invincible Throughout Heaven and Earth!

‘Sissy fudge’ This seemed to be the old man’s catchphrase.

Still, Huang Xiaolong had to admit, that so-called Invincible Pa-la Slap was quite powerful.

At this time, Zhang Han roared at the group of Zhang Family masters, “Your mother, what are you doing still standing here for! Roll! Return with me!” Witnessing the old man’s strength, he realized that it would be impossible to make Huang Xiaolong have intimate contact with the Tyrant Boar he brought over today.

But just when Zhang Han and the group of Zhang Family masters were about to leave, the Ascending Moon Old Man snorted, “Return Who allowed you to leave Did this old man give you permission to leave”

Zhang Han and everyone else stiffened in the middle of their actions.

Zhang Han spun around in anger, giving a deathly glare at the Ascending Moon Old Man as he put up a brave facade, “Old man, don’t think we’re afraid of you! I’m the Zhang Family’s Young Lord, the Zhang Family’s Zhang Dongbi is my father! This is the Wintry North World, if I lose even a hair on my body, my Zhang Family will annihilate your entire  clan!”

A sharp, cold gleam suddenly flickered in the Ascending Moon Old Man’s eyes as he laughed, a laugh that sent cold chills piercing through Zhang Han’s heart.

In the blink of an eye, the Ascending Moon Old Man’s palm struck out.

This slap resulted in Zhang Han tumbling off his mount, spitting out a mouthful of teeth as he fell.

“Little brat, even if your family’s Baldy Zhang comes today, he won’t be able to save you.” The Ascending Moon Old Man’s eyes narrowed with menace looking at Zhang Han, speaking with deliberate slowness.

“Didn’t you want my little disciple to get on his knees in front of my little disciple-in-law, cleaning that Tyrant Boar’s backside Hehe, now you have to lick till that Tyrant Boar’s backside until I’m satisfied watching!”

Zhang Han’s face turned as white as paper, fear dilated his pupils even as he roared at the Zhang Family masters, “Go kill that old man for me!”

The Zhang Family masters’ hearts missed a beat at his command.

This was an old man that sent their Zhang Family Grand Elder, Zhang Zhihong, flying with a simple slap.

Them going up was akin to an old gentleman taking arsenic on his birthday[1], rushing headlong toward death!

But, while the Zhang Family masters hesitated, the Ascending Moon Old Man acted.

Raising his palm once again, he gave another slap, but this time it slammed down heavily.

In the Zhang Family masters’ frightened vision, countless black palms cast a shadow over their heads like a thunderstorm, falling down on them like an avalanche.

Without a shred of resistance, all of them were slammed deep into the earth beneath the restaurant. 

Watching the ending of his Zhang Family masters, Zhang Han let out a sharp shriek, his eyes widened with fear as he scrambled to flee.

But before he could take the first step, Ascending Moon Old Man knocked Zhang Han back into the restaurant with one slap, landing with his face right on the Tyrant Boar’s big butt.

Startled and frightened, the Tyrant Boar’s butt quivered, spurting a large volume of smelly stuff straight onto Zhang Han’s face.

Zhang Han wiped the things squirted on his face with a blank expression.

Then, his whole body trembled, shouting hysterically, “I’m going to kill you!” Throwing all caution to the wind, Zhang Han lunged at the Ascending Moon Old Man.

However, before Zhang Han could even get close to him, he was slapped away by the old man, his face swollen until it became unrecognizable.

Shi Xiaofei closed her eyes, unable to continue watching the scene as she quickly pulled Huang Xiaolong to leave.

Seeing that Shi Xiaofei and Huang Xiaolong were leaving, the Ascending Moon Old Man followed them reluctantly.

Zhang Han climbed up from the floor, glowering at the three people’s leaving backs, his heart roared with terrifying killing intent.

As the Zhang Family’s Young Lord, when had he ever been treated this way, suffering such humiliation

“All of you deserve death! Damned to hell!”

“I want them all dead! Slaughter all of them! Otherwise, my name is not Zhang Han!!!” Zhang Han’s eyes were bloodshot, both fists tightly clenched as he hollered at the sky.

A short while later, more Zhang Family masters arrived at the restaurant.

The first one to arrive was a guard captain that Zhang Han beheaded to vent his anger.

Several hours later, Zhang Han made it back to the Zhang Family’s main manor.

“Respected Father, you must avenge me!” Zhang Han knelt on his knees before his father, the Zhang Family’s Patriarch Zhang Dongbi.

He briefly recounted what happened and pleaded, “That shameless pair and that old dog absolutely didn't put our Zhang Family in their eyes! This is blatantly slapping our Zhang Family’s face ah!”

A thick murderous aura seeped out of Zhang Dongbi’s body; their Zhang Family’s Young Lord was demeaned to this level!”

Regardless who the other party was, they had to pay for this with their lives! Even if that Shi Xiaofei was Yang Yi’s personal disciple, she too must die!

“I’m going to report this to the Ancestor!” Zhang Dongbi rose to his feet, a murderous aura surged around him.

He had no confidence in being that Yang Yi’s opponent, therefore he needed to request the Ancestor’s help.

One moment later, Zhang Dongbi appeared inside a mysterious space, standing straight in front of the Zhang Family Ancestor, Zhang Fei.

Listening to Zhang Dongbi’s description of the old man, Zhang Fei’s brow rose to his forehead in suspicion, his voice solemn, “That old man’s identity, have you investigated it”

Zhang Dongbi was dazed for a second, failing to understand why their Ancestor wasn’t asking about Yang Yi instead, but that old man.

After all, Yang Yi was a persona on the God Ranking List.

“Time is a little short, I have yet to find out that old man’s identity.

Oh right, according to Han’er, when he asked for that old man’s name, that old man said to return and ask ‘Baldy Zhang’, that they weren't qualified to know who he is!” Zhang Dongbi suddenly thought of this.

“That old man really said that!” Zhang Fei’s expression tightened, asking for confirmation.

Daring to call him Baldy Zhang, as far as he knew, there was only one person!

Noticing the strange expression on his Ancestor’s face, Zhang Dongbi felt that something wasn’t right.

At that moment, Zhang Dongbi’s gaze suddenly fell on Zhang Fei’s barren head that barely had a strand of hair, and froze.

Could the ‘Baldy Zhang’ in that old man’s mouth be…!


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