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Chapter 623: Bagua Trigrams Formation-Palace of Nine Halls


One day had passed since the All Dragons League commotion.

Huang Xiaolong finally finished refining his eighty-first palace residence.

Eighty-one Nine-nine palaces, portraying the Bagua's numeric Palace of Nine Halls.

Eighty-one palaces organized structurally at the middle point of the Golden Dragon Peak, connected to each other to form an octagon shaped cluster of palaces. 

Using these eighty-one palaces, Huang Xiaolong laid out a ‘Palace of Nine Halls’ Bagua Trigrams Formation.

This was one of the ancient times’ divine level formations, consisting of defensive, attack, and illusion formations in one body.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong refined these eighty-one palaces using iron and ores from the Divine World, greatly increasing their defense capacity, comparable to the headquarters of some super forces and families.

Huang Xiaolong didn't have real deep knowledge toward formations, but with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, a formation expert by his side, laying out this Palace of Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation was no problem at all.

In the several hundred li area cleared by Huang Xiaolong at the middle point of the mountain, the eighty-one palaces merely took up about eight-tenths.

This left two-tenths of land empty, on which he planned to plant some spiritual grass, flowers, and trees.

When all of these were done, Huang Xiaolong took out the Ten Killing Swords given by his Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen and used the secret method taught by Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to incorporate them into the Golden Dragon Peak.

If someone tried to attack the Golden Dragon Peak, the Ten Killing Swords’ Ten Killing Formation would activate on its own, exterminating the enemies at the door.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong used a few thousand pieces of Flame Yang Jade to build a large jade lakebed at the center of the eighty-one palaces.

The air above the Flame Yang Jade Lakebed was inscribed with an ancient formation called Nine Dragons Locking Yang Formation.

Then he took out the Nine Yang Holy Water that his Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother gave him, pouring out all the Nine Yang Holy Water within the gourd out into the Flame Yang Jade lakebed.

With the ancient Nine Dragons Locking Yang Formation laid above the jade lakebed, he need not worry about the Nine Yang Holy Water’s spirituality leaking out or dissipating.

With this Nine Yang Holy Water, the spiritual trees and herbs that he was planting inside the Palace of Nine Halls would have double their normal medicinal efficiency.

A cultivator’s physical attributes would gradually improve by consuming these spiritual flowers, grass, and the fruits from these trees, starting from their internal organs.

The Nine Yang Holy Water’s presence inside the Palace of Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation would also bring about myriads of benefits just by cultivating within.

According to Huang Xiaolong’s estimation, such a huge Nine Yang Holy Water Lake would last for at least a hundred years.

When its efficiency diminished, he would search for more holy water or even a spring.

At last, Huang Xiaolong took out the Five-colored Divine Banner, also integrating it into the Golden Dragon Peak using a secret method, flicking a hundred divine grade spirit stones into the spiritual energy gathering formation inscribed on the banner.

Immediately, the purest spiritual energy from the deep void rumbled and rolled, gathering toward the Golden Dragon Peak.

The surrounding spiritual energy became a hundred times richer.

Extremely dense spiritual energy accumulated in the sky above the Golden Dragon Peak, turning into pillows of spiritual clouds.

Bathing under this rich spiritual energy, the entire Golden Dragon Peak’s common grass, and flowers actually grew at a speed visible to the naked eye, an enchanting tapestry of swaying jadeite green.

If the current environment persisted, these common shrubs and trees could grow into several hundred years old spiritual grass and trees in merely a decade.

A hundred years later, they could evolve into spiritual herbs aged several thousand years!

Although several thousand years old spiritual grass, flowers, and trees weren’t that rare, then again, how big was the whole Golden Dragon Peak The Golden Dragon mountain had a radius of eight thousand li and a height of five to six hundred zhang.

From top to bottom, it would be a mountain filled with several thousand years old spiritual trees, flowers, and grass on every inch, how much would it be worth It would be inestimable.

Observing the rich spiritual energy around his Golden Dragon mountain as it continued to form pillows of spiritual clouds, he nodded his head with satisfaction.

He was sure that after bringing his parents over, they could advance to peak half-step Saint realm in the shortest time.

As an afterthought, Huang Xiaolong took out a piece of sacred grade immortal spirit stone and buried it deep down into the Golden Dragon Peak with a flick of his finger.

Natural spiritual energy already existed deep down inside the Golden Dragon mountain.

The moment that piece of sacred grade immortal spirit stone entered the ground, it immediately accelerated the generation of the underground natural spiritual energy, causing it to spread further out and grow stronger.

The whole Golden Dragon Peak’s spiritual energy increased by another level.

“Tsk, you kid really showed a generous hand ah, one hundred divine grade spirit stones, one sacred grade immortal spirit stone, Five-colored Divine Banner, and Nine Yang Holy Water!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi clucked his tongue in amazement watching Huang Xiaolong throwing treasure after treasure onto the Golden Dragon Peak, “Even your Master’s cultivation cave isn’t as luxurious as your Golden Dragon Peak!”

Huang Xiaolong sheepishly chuckled, “Wait till I break through to Highgod Realm, I’ll resolve the restrictions placed on you.

At that time, we’ll work together to lay out an even better cultivation cave!”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi also chuckled, “That’s not a bad idea.” His voice paused briefly before continuing, “Still, that Five-colored Divine Banner’s spirit stones consumption is too large, those one hundred divine grade spirit stones that you supplied will only last ten years or so.”

Although one hundred divine grade spirit stones were used to activate the spiritual energy gathering formation on the banner, enhancing the spiritual energy around the Golden Dragon Peak many times over, it was still a great cost that would merely last ten years.

One hundred divine grade spirit stones for a mere decade, even a wealthy super force like the Black Warrior Institute wouldn’t be willing to spend so much.

Huang Xiaolong replied nonchalantly, “Inside the Hailstone Treasure vault, there are more than five hundred divine grade spirit stones left, it's enough to sustain it for fifty years, we’ll think about the things after when they're finished.”

To Huang Xiaolong, the most crucial matter was to help his parents improve their strength in the shortest time possible, it didn't matter how many divine grade spirit stones were consumed.

Furthermore, what he had was money, an inexhaustible amount of money.

Even without the Hailstone Treasure, he himself could condense limitless amounts of spirit stones.

Fifty years later, he would think of a method to procure some divine grade spirit stones.

When he recalled the matter of condensing spirit stones, Huang Xiaolong suddenly had a thought.

Ever since he obtained the Hailstone Treasure, several years had passed since he last tried condensing spirit stones.

Wondering what grade of spirit stones he could condense now that he was a peak early Fifth Order God Realm master, a suction force formed from Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

Spiritual energy spiraled like a vortex tunnel that gathered in Huang Xiaolong’s palm, condensing into a spirit stone.

“Mid-heaven grade spirit stone!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes sparkled, delighted as he held the mid-heaven grade spirit stone that was close to high heaven grade spirit stone.

In the past, when Huang Xiaolong was still a Second Order and Third Order God Realm, he could only condense grade one spirit stones, but now, it was finally upgraded to heaven grade spirit stones!

The value of a heaven grade spirit stone was more than a dozen times higher than a grade one spirit stone.

Still, he was quick to note that his speed was slower when condensing a heaven grade spirit stone compared to a grade one spirit stone.

He used to be able to condense five grade one spirit stones in one go, whereas now, the quantity was reduced down to a single heaven grade spirit stone.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that the amount of spiritual energy required to form a heaven grade spirit stone was too great, causing him to only be able to condense one piece each time.

Based on his current speed, he should be able to condense approximately fifty thousand heaven grade spirit stones in a day.

If taken out for auction, fifty thousand heaven grade spirit stones could fetch around six hundred million.

“Six hundred million in a day, about twenty billion in a month, and two hundred billion a year!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi exclaimed, “You’re a bottomless Hailstone Treasure yourself!”

Huang Xiaolong grinned.

He turned around and left after activating the Palace of Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation, going off to bring his parents and the others to his Golden Dragon Peak.


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