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Chapter 621: You Should Give Us Some Compensation


Watching from the side, Yang Feiyue was shaking with astonishment when he saw that Huang Xiaolong’s flames could actually melt iron and ores from the Divine World.

Only Highgod Realm masters were able to melt iron and ores from the Divine World by employing the godflame inside their body, whereas Huang Xiaolong, a mid-level God Realm master, could actually do so as well!

In Yang Feiyue’s eyes, every common law of the universe seemed to not apply to Huang Xiaolong.

If the news that a mid-level God Realm was able to melt the Divine World’s iron and ores were to leak out, what kind of shock would that cause

Huang Xiaolong did not bother with Yang Feiyue’s burning stare as he continued to move his hands, forming symbols in the air one after another and sending them into the pool of melted metal inside the Hailstone Holy Cauldron.

A short while later, a hazy green light shone from the Hailstone Holy Cauldron, spreading over a hundred miles radius.

A clear ringing sound came from the cauldron as a palace flew out from inside it.

Floating in the air, the palace building shone with a dazzling golden light while exuding a wave of strong energy, indirectly forcing Yang Feiyue to retreat in a fluster.

Huang Xiaolong’s right hand lightly slapped down and the palace spun wobbly in the air before floating down to the ground, exactly in the middle of the several hundred li land that he had cleared earlier, at the Golden Dragon Peak's mid-level.

Looking at the palace, Huang Xiaolong was happy with the result.

But, he planned to shift the entire Huang Family into the Black Warrior Institute, which was why a single palace wasn’t enough, ‘At least a dozen or so would suffice.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

In order to enable the elite disciples to focus on their cultivation, the Black Warrior Institute’s higher echelons allowed elite disciples to bring in servants with them, to take care of the cultivation caves and so on.

Of course, these servants had to go through a strict inspection process before they were approved.

With this rule in place, Huang Xiaolong could have the entire Huang Family brought over to his Golden Dragon Peak.

Although his family might be relatively safe residing in the Black Warrior City, the Black Warrior Institute was even more impenetrable.

As a result of his bet with Xiang Mingzhi during the inner disciples’ assessment, the news about him possessing the Hailstone Treasure had leaked out.

No doubt, there would be many who were willing to take a risk in the face of such wealth, and these people would not think twice about using the Huang Family to threaten him.

This was just in case, even if there was only one in ten-thousandth of a chance.

Only by having his family in the Golden Dragon Mountain would he feel assured.

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong shifted another pile of Divine World iron and ores from the Hailstone Treasure, channeling his immortal essence fire to continue refining the second palace.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t afraid that the matter of his immortal essence fire being leaked out, in fact, he was hoping to borrow this Yang Feiyue’s mouth to spread it out.

Knowing that his immortal essence fire could even melt iron and ores from the Divine World, those who were trying to covet his Hailstone Treasure would need to think twice if they could withstand the burn from his immortal essence fire!

Half an hour later, when Huang Xiaolong was just done refining the second palace, letting it fall beside the first one, loud wind noises were heard on the horizon, coming in his direction.

“Al-All Dragons League’s Six Enforcers!” The shaking in Yang Feiyue’s voice was unmistakable.

The All Dragons League’s Six Enforcers, each of them was absolutely elite amongst the elite disciples, existences that made other elite disciples go pale at the mention of their names.

Never did he imagine that the Six Enforcers would join up and appear all together this time.

Huang Xiaolong frowned at the disturbance.

Turning over his shoulder to look, a large group of elite disciples entered his sight, flying in his direction at high speed.

A large group of over three hundred people.

Judging from this parade, most likely the whole of All Dragons League disciples were here.

Well, this way suited Huang Xiaolong, he might as well resolve them at once, lest they come to disturb again.

The corner of Huang Xiaolong’s lips curved up in an alluring villainous smile.

All Dragons League’s Six Enforcer It seems like once he settled this group, there wouldn't be any more people that would run here looking for trouble without first opening their eyes.

Huang Xiaolong put away the Hailstone Holy Cauldron and stood there, waiting for the group to arrive with his hands at his back.

About seven to eight breaths of time later,  the horde of All Dragons League disciples’ advance halted a hundred meters away from Huang Xiaolong.

The six people at the frontmost facing Huang Xiaolong were the All Dragons League’s Six Enforcers.

Jin Tieshan was the first to step forward, “So, you’re Huang Xiaolong Huang Xiaolong, relying on your identity as the Institute Principal’s personal disciple, you acted with unreasonable tyranny, snatching our All Dragons League’s cultivation cave mountain peak, you even attacked and wounded our All Dragons League’s disciples, do you admit your crime!”

Jin Tieshan’s voice was like his stature, a shout was enough to send ripples through the air.

Some distance away, Yang Feiyue was staring with great shock at Huang Xiaolong’s figure.

This black-haired young man was actually the Institute Principal’s personal disciple, Huang Xiaolong!

Hearing Jin Tieshan’s words, Huang Xiaolong nearly sent spittle flying from laughter.

Jin Tieshan was enraged at Huang Xiaolong’s response, “Huang Xiaolong, what are you laughing at!”

Huang Xiaolong’s laughter finally stopped.

His eyes swept over Jin Tieshan and the five other Enforcers, “I snatched your All Dragons League disciple’s cultivation peak Do you All Dragons League think that just because you pointed a finger at a mountain and said that it's yours, it truly belongs to your All Dragons League You All Dragons League sure have big guts, excessively trying to monopolize mountains, ignoring the Black Warrior Institute’s rules, do you know your crimes!”

According to the Black Warrior Institute’s rules, each elite disciple was only allowed to pick one mountain peak as their cultivation cave, yet this bunch of All Dragons League delimited whichever peaks with good spiritual energy that took their fancy.

This rampant behavior was a clear-cut of occupying forcibly.

Jin Tieshan was boiling inside, he didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to turn the tables on him, asking instead if he knew his crime!

At this point, Deng Xuan interrupted with a cold laugh, “Huang Xiaolong, we will not waste precious time here arguing with you.

At the end of the day, you wounded our All Dragons League’s people, and thus should give us some compensation.

I’m not asking for a lot, as long as you give us ten thousand Three Revolutions Golden Pills, ten billion Xuanwu coins, and obediently leave this place, choosing another mountain to open your cultivation cave, we will no longer pursue this matter.

Ten thousand Three Revolutions Golden Pills!

Ten billion Xuanwu coins!

Huang Xiaolong laughed out loud instead of getting angry, looking at the opposite side with a derisive sneer, “Did you get hit by a pig Is that why  you've gone stupid” Huang Xiaolong pointed at his head.

Deng Xuan’s expression turned ugly, a murderous gleam flitted in her eyes, “I’m giving you one last chance, obediently take out ten thousand Three Revolutions Golden Pills, and ten billion Xuanwu coins! Don’t think that just because you’re the Institute Principal’s personal disciple I won’t dare to break your two arms! And also burst your little birdie!”

Huang Xiaolong snickered coldly, “I’m also giving you lot a last chance.

Hand over all your spatial rings, then break your own arms, you can scram after that.

But you, you need to break your legs too!” A finger pointed at Deng Xuan.

“Courting death!” Deng Xuan was truly angered, a fierce light glinted in her eyes as her aura surged up at a crazy speed.

Energy fluctuations rolled and waved as her entire body turned a scarlet red.

This was one of the Black Warrior Institute’s profound techniques, the Scarlet Copper Tactic.

Upon reaching major completion, the practitioner’s body would turn entirely scarlet copper, indestructible due to it’s horrifying defense.

Most of all, it could burn almost everything.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong transformed to his Asura Physique, the Wings of Demon extended at his back.

At the same time, he summoned both the black and blue twin martial spirits and soul transformed.

“Flaming Scarlet Fist!”  Deng Xuan yelled, at the same time, both her fists pounded at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong made his move at this time.

Disappearing into the void on the spot.

Yet, he suddenly reappeared several meters in front of Deng Xuan, both of his palms slamming at her chest without mercy.

His palm strikes landed accurately on her two pointed peaks.

Huang Xiaolong did not hold back with this attack.


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