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Chapter 614: The Arena Boils Over! Astounded!


In the end, under Huang Xiaolong’s constant goading, Xiang Mingzhi was forced to take out heaven-defying ancient treasure one after another.

His heart bled profusely with each treasure he had to take out.

These ancient treasures were his entire wealth. 

All in all, he took out twenty-five treasures!

“What else” Xiang Mingzhi was on the verge of losing his temper as he took out the twenty-fifth treasure when Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice sounded.

Huang Xiaolong’s words were the last straw, Xiang Mingzhi snapped and roared at Huang Xiaolong, “No more! There’s no more! Huang Xiaolong, your mother! Are you fighting or not If not, then scram out of my sight right now!”

 Xiang Mingzhi’s livid expression wasn’t an act, convincing Huang Xiaolong that these twenty-five ancient heaven-defying treasures were truly his entire wealth. 

Huang Xiaolong made an act of looking at the twenty-five piece treasures, speaking with an expressionless face, “Since it’s like that, for the sake of the Azure Dragon Institute Principal’s face, I accept your challenge.

As for these twenty-five treasures, I’ll make a concession and reluctantly consider their value to be on par with my Hailstone Treasure.”

Accepting just to give face to the Azure Dragon Institute Principal

Reluctantly consider

Xiang Mingzhi was nearly angered until he vomited blood.

Oh, how he wished he could tear Huang Xiaolong into shreds right that instant!

“However, mishaps are inevitable when sparring on the stage.

I’m afraid that if I accidentally kill you, your Master, the Black Warrior Institute Principal, will make things difficult for me.” Repressing the killing intent from seeping into his voice, Xiang Mingzhi began icily.

“Furthermore, I'm also worried that after I win, your Black Warrior Institute’s people will refuse to hand over the Hailstone Treasure, therefore, before we compete, I want to sign a life and death contract as well as a gambling contract with you!”

Xiang Mingzhi did not hide his killing intent toward Huang Xiaolong.

Signing a life and death contract in front of so many masters, he need not worry about any consequences after killing Huang Xiaolong.

Every individual on the Black Warrior Institute host viewing stand directed their gazes at Feng Yang.

Feng Yang’s brows were locked together, and before he had time to think…

“Fine!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice came from the stage.

Almost immediately, Feng Yang raised his head to look at Huang Xiaolong.

Meeting his Master’s gaze, Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly to reassure his Master, knowing that Feng Yang was worried about his safety.

Meeting Huang Xiaolong’s confident and steadfast gaze, Feng Yang hesitated briefly before nodding his head in agreement.

Hence, with many masters bearing witness, Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi both signed a life and death contract and a gambling contract on the spot.

The moment the life and death contract was signed, Xiang Mingzhi no longer bothered to repress nor conceal his monstrous killing intent toward Huang Xiaolong.

Glaring fiercely at Huang Xiaolong, he sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, I really didn’t expect you to actually dare sign a life and death contract with me.

This is you rushing headlong towards death! You asked for it, you can’t blame me later! Haha, in a while, the Hailstone Treasure will be mine!”

The corner of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth raised in a faint satirical smile, signing a life and death contract and gambling contract was exactly what he wished for. 

‘Can’t blame me As you’ve said, you cannot blame me either.’

In a split second, Xiang Mingzhi’s figure flickered.

Before Huang Xiaolong could react, his fist howled through the air, too fast for Huang Xiaolong to follow.

Alarmed, Huang Xiaolong’s arm punched out by reflex.


A mighty booming blast reverberated in the air, powerful shockwaves spread out from the stage.

Their fists collision actually caused the sturdy Rising Dragon Arena stage to shake.

Amidst everyone’s startlement, Huang Xiaolong’s figure was seen making an arch in the air, then crashing with a devastating thud on another side of the stage.

An abnormal silence ensued, broken by Xiang Mingzhi’s manic and unbridled laughter, causing his whole body to shake.

The faces of everyone on the Azure Dragon Institute viewing stand were overcome with joy.

Wang Na was quick to ridicule, “One move Hehe, I didn’t expect my earlier prediction to come true so fast, Huang Xiaolong is but a one-move opponent.

Of course, the winner is Xiang Mingzhi.”

Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Bao Xinrui, and some others were looking grim.

On the Rising Dragon Arena stage, Xiang Mingzhi stood tall with his fingers interlocked behind his back like he was peering down on a lower existence as he looked toward the spot where Huang Xiaolong crashed, still laughing madly, “Huang Xiaolong, is this your true strength I’ve already said early on, you Black Warrior Institute inner disciples lot are nothing but trash! All of you!”

“Is that so” Suddenly, an icy voice cut through Xiang Mingzhi’s laughter.

Xiang Mingzhi was disconcerted as he watched Huang Xiaolong slowly standing up, swinging his arms a little, even leisurely patting off the dust on his body.

“You’re, alright!” Xiang Mingzhi laughter’s stifled, but the look in his eyes sharpened.

“I’ve disappointed you.” Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders, “If this much strength is all you have, you really won’t be able to inflict any harm to me.” After entering Fifth Order God Realm, there were very few things on the same level that could wound Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique.

 Then, Huang Xiaolong fully released his aura that had been restrained all this time, pressing down on the arena.

Compared to Huang Xiaolong’s tempestuous momentum, the momentum of a late-Fourth Order God Realm that Jiang Bi showed earlier resembled a simple gust of summer breeze.

“What!! This is early Fifth Order God Realm! No, it’s peak early Fifth Order God Realm!”

“How is it possible! How can it be peak early Fifth Order God Realm!”

“Didn’t the rumors say that Huang Xiaolong was just a Second Order God Realm five years ago How did he breakthrough to Fifth Order God Realm in five years!”

When Huang Xiaolong exposed his strength, the entire arena was stupefied due to shock, startled, and filled with incomprehensible disbelief.

Wang Na’s dainty lips were agape in astonishment, that expression of hers was akin to finding her lower part penetrated by something as thick as a thigh.

 The whole arena was boiling!

A little over eight years ago, Huang Xiaolong had just entered the Black Warrior Institute.

At that time, he wasn’t even a half-step God Realm.

This matter was no secret, practically everyone in the Black Tortoise Galaxy knew of it, but now, he was already a peak early Fifth Order God Realm!

Some family disciples nearly lost control, staining themselves from overexcitement. 

Only the word ‘miracle’ could explain this cultivation speed!

Feng Yang, who was just looking somber moments earlier after Huang Xiaolong was sent flying by one punch from Xiang Mingzhi, now jumped to his feet, repeatedly crying: “Good! Good! Good!” as he beamed from ear to ear.

As for what was good, or how good it was, it went unexplained.

Liu Yun was rendered speechless by his Master’s obvious excited face.

A Highgod Realm master, the exalted Black Warrior Institute’s Principal was truly capable of rendering anyone speechless with his current behavior.

This was the first time Liu Yun was exposed to this side of his Master.

If he remembered correctly, he wasn’t even half as happy when he was selected as the Black Warrior Institute Principal.

But, Liu Yun himself was just as thrilled.

Looking at the stage, this Junior Apprentice-brother of his had once again awed everyone! Now, he finally understood exactly what the term ‘monstrous talent’ meant.

When Huang Xiaolong’s momentum rose to the peak, his robe was blasted into fragments, revealing his firm, chiseled muscles.

Not wasting a second, he immediately soul transformed, integrating with the black and blue twin dragon martial spirits.

The twin dragon heads appeared like a tattoo on his back, exuding vast dragon might.

Xiang Mingzhi’s face was black as a pot’s bottom right now.

Huang Xiaolong actually broke through to Fifth Order God Realm, and on top of that, reaching peak early Fifth Order God Realm! Just like everyone else in the arena, he too was shocked, feeling a strong sense of disbelief.

His own talent was peerless, unparalleled, there only existed those who were envious of him, but now, he actually felt jealousy surfacing in his heart toward Huang Xiaolong.

Together with strong jealousy was deranged killing intent.

Huang Xiaolong absolutely must die!

Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes were cold and venomous as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you have exceeded my expectations indeed, but even if you advanced to Fifth Order God Realm, so what You still have to die all the same!” Finishing his words, Xiang Mingzhi’s momentum erupted in full force.


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