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Chapter 612: I Want Your Hailstone Treasure


Watching Jiang Bi release his full strength on the Rising Dragon Arena, Feng Yang on the host viewing stand frowned slightly with worry.

Jiang Bi’s strength rose higher than he had estimated after cultivating both the Buddhism and Ghost techniques.

Prior to this, on the way here, Huang Xiaolong had said that he had a sixty percent chance of defeating Jiang Bi, but was it really sixty percent Feng Yang’s confidence began to waver.

Perhaps only if Huang Xiaolong worked together with the other eight would the chances reach sixty percent

“I’ve heard from somewhere that Huang Xiaolong claims he has a sixty percent chance of defeating Jiang Bi.” At this time, Wang Na’s sarcastic laughter sounded, “Truly the biggest joke under the heavens! Feng Yang, the personal disciple you taught really knows how to overestimate his ability! People with such character are useless no matter how high their talent is, arrogant and ignorant without limit, really throwing our Black Warrior Institute’s reputation and face!”

Feng Yang didn’t lose out on momentum, “You are a Black Warrior Institute’s Vice-Principal, yet you couldn’t even control your lower part, going over the fence to seduce men.

Not only have you thrown our institute’s face to the wind, you’ve even thrown the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy’s face!!”

Wang Na looked like she was about to be reduced to tears: “You...!” But no further words came out of her mouth, trying not to explode with great effort.


On the Rising Dragon Stage, Liu Xiaoshi and the other eight inner disciples fumed inwardly at Jiang Bi’s belittling words, but witnessing his fully released momentum, apprehension filled him, hence, no one dared to make the first move.

It was at this time that Huang Xiaolong was seen walking casually toward Jiang Bi.

Huang Xiaolong’s action took everyone watching with surprise.

“Is this little punk trying to challenge Jiang Bi alone” Watching this, Wang Na couldn’t resist mocking in a harsh tone: “Ignorant death-seeking fool!”

Masters belonging to other forces on the viewing stands whispered amongst themselves with odd expressions as they watched on.

Jiang Bi laughed happily watching Huang Xialong coming at him, revealing his pearly white teeth, “Huang Xiaolong, you want to challenge me by yourself Since you asked for it, I shall let you enjoy my current strength!” At this point, he once again increased his momentum, pushing it close to a peak late-Fourth Order God Realm.

Before the large crowd’s bewildered gazes, Huang Xiaolong suddenly raised his arm, slamming it down on Jiang Bi just like that. 

Had this kid gone nuts This was the first thought that shot through the everyone’s mind.

Huang Xiaolong’s action made Jiang Bi curl his lips back in a feral sneer, but just as he was about to attack, his expression changed.

His pupils dilated with fear as if he had run into something unbelievably terrifying.

In the next second, he twisted around, wanting to retreat.

“No!” Jiang Bi suddenly let out a strained bellow, punching his fist out at the same time.

“Heavenly Ghost, Buddha King’s Punch!”

A sea of wailing ghosts engulfed Huang Xiaolong while numerous golden Buddha statues sat above the dark ghost sea.

Space greatly shook, and at this point, a resounding slap suddenly reverberated in the air.

Pa! All surging sea of wailing ghosts vanished, the Buddha statues' golden luminance dimmed.

The many golden spheres containing golden arhats behind Jiang Bi cracked and shattered into pieces like crispy skin, the ghostly aura around him burst like a bubble.

Jiang Bi let out a tragic scream as he was sent flying into the air, then he crashed heavily in a corner of the Rising Dragon Arena.

His whole body was curled up into a lump like an overcooked shrimp.

The satirical smile on Wang Na’s face froze.

Feng Yang was astonished.

Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun was agape.

Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes nearly popped out.

Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan quivered where they stood.

Everyone else looked blankly at the scene before them, their brains emptied of thoughts, unconsciously holding their breaths.

Everyone in the crowd was stupefied by the scene in front of them, completely stupefied.

It felt like the world had gone silent, broken by a Jiang Family disciple stuttering: “The-they’re not putting on an act right” 

No one answered him.

It was clear to all whether it was an act or not.

It was impossible to be an act! Even if they were putting on an act, the script was all wrong.

Since it wasn’t an act, then…!

Their attention finally returned to Huang Xiaolong, sucking in a breath of cold air in secret.

Huang Xiaolong did not pay any attention to the gazes directed at him, striding leisurely as he approached Jiang Bi, who groaned weakly, struggling in vain trying to get back on his feet.

However, to the crowd, it seemed like Jiang Bi didn’t even have the strength to stand, falling down again and again after several attempts.

Coming to a stop a few inches from Jiang Bi, Huang Xiaolong peered down loftily at Jiang Bi, a faint cold smile spread on his face, “ Dual cultivator of Buddhism and Ghost techniques Didn’t I say, in my eyes, you’re not even a tethered horse.”

Huang Xiaolong chilling voice reverberated on the Rising Dragon Arena, every single word was heard loud and clear by the crowd.

Below the stage, Li Dufeng and the group of inner disciples that followed behind Jiang Bi earlier felt a chill coiled tightly around their hearts, their faces deathly pale.

“I-I’m, I’m wrong, please, sp-spare me.” Jiang Bi’s feeble voice sounded, barely a whisper.

On the viewing stand, the Jiang Family masters’ expressions were as ugly as they could be.

Huang Xiaolong’s face was cold and detached as he lifted a leg and stomped down hard.

A blood-curdling scream from Jiang Bi shook the stage, both of his legs were broke under Huang Xiaolong’s foot.

“I have said this earlier, I will break your legs then throw you off the Rising Dragon Arena.” Huang Xiaolong sneered, flinging Jiang Bi off the stage with a casual flick.

A loud muffled thud sounded below the stage.

Jiang Bi’s unconscious figure sprawled below the stage like a dead dog.

“Good, truly my, Feng Yang’s, disciple! Domineering, manly!” While everyone was astounded to the core, a sudden exuberant laughter rang out from the host viewing stand.

Feng Yang jumped to his feet, throwing his head back in laughter.

The Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders Chan Yu, Bao Xinrui, and the Elders supporting Feng Yang like Zhang Tianchuan also broke into smiles after recovering from their daze. 

Sitting at the same host viewing stand, Wang Na’s expression was as ugly as it could be, just like she had swallowed a fly into her mouth.

At this point, Feng Yang looked over his shoulder at Wang Na, “Old Witch, how is it My personal disciple is so much stronger than those soft eggs disciples of yours right”

‘Soft eggs’ The muscles on Wang Na’s face twitched.

Forcing a cold smirk on her face in retort, “Feng Yang, don’t be happy too early.

In a while, Jiang Bi’s ending will be Huang Xiaolong’s ending! If you want to be happy, wait until your disciple has won over Xiang Mingzhi!”

Feng Yang harrumphed, returning his attention back to the Rising Dragon Arena.

Deep inside, he knew that Huang Xiaolong being able to defeat Jiang Bi had already exceeded most people’s expectations, but how would he fare against Xiang Mingzhi

After he dealt with Jiang Bi, Huang Xiaolong turned around to face the remaining eight, Liu Xiaoshi, He Can, and the rest.

By reflex, Liu Xiaoshi and the rest took a step back.

“Make your move.” Huang Xiaolong said calmly.

On the contrary, all eight took another step back, adamant in not being the one to make the first move.

Facing this situation, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette disappeared in a flicker, left with no option but act himself.

Subsequently, Liu Xiaoshi, He Can, and the remaining six were tossed off the stage by Huang Xiaolong, all using a single move.

 After clearing the stage, the Mulberry Sword appeared in Huang Xiaolong’ hand, its tip pointed at Xiang Mingzhi at the Azure Dragon Institute’s viewing stand, “Xiang Mingzhi, come down to receive your death!”

Xiang Mingzhi, come down to receive your death!

How domineering!

All eyes instantly zoomed on Xiang Mingzhi on the viewing stand.

Come down to receive death! Killing intent erupted in his eyes.

Xiang Mingzhi leaped into the air, landing gracefully on the Rising Dragon Arena, his cold gaze glaring at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you think defeating trash like Jiang Bi in one move qualifies you to battle me In my eyes, you’re just the same as Jiang Bi, a piece trash! All your Black Warrior Institute inner disciples are all useless trash!”     

The Black Warrior Institute disciples below the stage were enraged.

An icy light gleamed in Feng Yang’s eyes.

Huang Xiaolong’s icy smile did not reach his eyes, “In a little while, I will break both of your legs and then toss you off the Rising Dragon Arena so that everyone can understand who the real trash is! So that everybody can understand that the Azure Dragon Institute inner disciples are all trash!”

On the viewing stand, disciples of the Azure Dragon Institute glowered and shouted with fury.

Feng Yang’s expression turned better, laughing loudly as he shouted ‘good’.

Xiang Mingzhi’s killing intent turned sharper, revealing a sinister smile, “Huang Xiaolong, there’s little meaning in competing like this, let us each take out something as betting stake.”

“What do you want to bet” Huang Xiaolong asked coldly.

“The Hailstone Treasure should be in your hands, right” Xiang Mingzi laughed, “I want your Hailstone Treasure!”

The Hailstone Treasure!

Dumbstruck faces could be seen in the crowd, all of them turning to Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

Feng Yang, Wang Na, Bao Xinrui, Chan Yu, and all the Black Warrior Institute upper echelon were hardly able to stop themselves from jumping to their feet.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed, but he did not deny, instead, he retorted in a derisive manner, “Then what are you taking out for the bet The Azure Dragon Institute’s treasure vault Don’t say you want to bait a white wolf with an empty hand[1] by merely using one piece of saint grade spirit stone”



getting something for nothing


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