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Chapter 573: Divine Fort Residence


Huang Xiaolong’s words were like a thunder rumbling in the disciple’s ears.

Hearing that the honored guest, owner of the highest supreme guest card, wanted to see their supervisor, his legs gave out, nearly tumbling to the floor.

His mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, trying to say something, but after one look at Huang Xiaolong’s calm but frosty expression, the disciple wisely kept his mouth shut and went to look for the supervisor.

The initially noisy hall filled with people waiting to watch a good show quieted down abruptly.

‘This black-haired young man holds the Azure Sea Firm’s supreme guest card!’ What an Azure Sea Firm supreme guest card represented, everyone present in the hall was extremely clear.

A short moment later, the same disciple returned, trailing behind a seemingly middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was someone that Huang Xiaolong recognized.

Slightly more than a month ago when he ran into Zhao Chen and Xie Hui, it was this same middle-aged man that reminded him about fighting in Changzhi City.

When the middle-aged man saw Huang Xiaolong, he was clearly surprised.

He too had an impression of Huang Xiaolong.

“This one is Fang Qunzheng, this Azure Sea Firm branch’s supervisor.

The middle-aged man introduced himself as he came to a stop in front of Huang Xiaolong, “Little brother, we meet again.

I didn’t expect that little brother would be holding our firm’s supreme guest card.”

Fang Qunzheng was very polite and enthusiastic.

In all honesty, he inwardly doubted that the supreme guest card actually belonged to Huang Xiaolong, because in order to qualify for a supreme guest card, one had to make a one-time transaction of 1.5 billion Xuanwu coins and above.

However, the Azure Sea Firm’s regulations stated that regardless of who was holding a supreme guest card, they were the firm’s honored guest and were to be treated as such.

Since the other side was polite, Huang Xiaolong did not put on an arrogant front, cupping his fists and returning the greeting.

“How should I address little brother What are you looking to purchase from our firm” Fang Qunzheng inquired with a polite smile.

“I heard from Supervisor Meng Xia that you have a selection of Changzhi City’s properties for sale, which is why I made this trip.” In the next breath, Huang Xiaolong added, “But after I had just stepped in, your firm’s disciple was making noise, wanting to drive my family out.”

Meng Xia was the Azure Sea Firm’s supervisor in the Black Warrior City, the one who gave Huang Xiaolong the supreme guest card. 

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, Fang Qunzheng turned around, looking at the disciple standing behind him with a stern expression, barking: “What happened just now!”

The disciple’s knees were knocking against each other, then with a loud thud, his knees hit the floor hard, stammering incoherently, “Supervisor Fang, I-I…!”

Despite still being in the dark about the events that had taken place, judging from the disciple’s reaction, Fang Qunzheng could guess to a certain degree what had transpired.

His voice hardened as he shouted at the disciple, “Go pack your things right now, you no need to come here anymore.”

The sentence was like a thunderbolt, burning the last shred of the disciple’s hope.

His body finally gave out and collapsed on the floor.

This disciple's job of greeting customers in the Azure Sea Firm was obtained through a complicated twist of connections and calling favors.

Ever since he got this position, people around him had been looking at him with different eyes, even the family’s elders seemed to place great hopes on him, but now, all of these were gone!

Everything shattered!

“Drag him out!” Fang Qunzheng ordered the several firm disciples closeby.

The several disciples respectfully complied, their feet moved in quick steps over to the disciple in charge of the greetings and dragged him out with force.

Fang Qunzheng turned over, facing Huang Xiaolong once again with a friendly smile, “Brother, we will impose a stricter training for these greeting disciples in the future, I guarantee this kind of issue will never happen again.” His voice paused slightly at this point, inquiring, “May I know what kind of requirements does little brother have for this property We indeed have some properties for sale in Changzhi City, but, even the cheapest amongst them requires approximately five hundred million.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “The price is not an issue.

I only have one requirement for the property, the land area must be big, the bigger the better!”

Huang Xiaolong brought more than two hundred people from the Martial Spirit World here.

The property’s area had to be as large as it could be, above all else.

Fang Qunzheng was puzzled as he shot a sidelong glance at Huang Xiaolong. ‘The price is not an issue’

Although the young man in front of him held a supreme guest card, Fang Qunzheng remained doubtful that he would be able to take out one billion, or even eight hundred million for that matter.

On average, the bigger properties in Changzhi City had a price tag of over one billion.

Nevertheless, he wouldn’t reveal anything but enthusiasm despite his doubts as he introduced and explained several properties that the firm had on hand to Huang Xiaolong.

Most of them were within one billion price range.

Noticing that the places Fang Qunzheng introduced to him were all within the price range of one billion, a minuscule frown wrinkled his brows.

“Supervisor Fang, are these the biggest properties you have” It did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s observation that this Fang Qunzhang was deliberate in his action, highlighting those within one billion price range, afraid that he wouldn't be able to afford if the price was too high.

Detecting the trace of dissatisfaction in Huang Xiaolong’s tone, Fang Qunzheng was dazed for a moment before covering his gaffe with a smile, “Since brother insists, fine then, let me introduce one particular property to brother, located in the center of our Changzhi City.

It is called Divine Fort Residence, more than two thousand and three hundred square meters.

But the price is quite high, 2.536 billion Xuanwu coins!”

2.536 billion!

The customers around the main lobby, most of them being Elders of their families, sucked in a cold breath at the price.

Not even Elders of super forces and families could gather this sum after selling everything and even pawning their underwear.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong merely flicked his sleeves and a rain of sparkling light danced in the air.

Endless muffled thuds continued for quite some time as Xuanwu coins fell to the floor like torrential rain. 

Everyone’s eyes were bedazzled, feeling a bout of dizzy spell lasting as long as the muffled thuds ringing on the floor.

Looking toward the source, they saw that in the lobby center twenty-six high piles of Xuanwu coins had appeared!

Every pile was exactly a hundred million!

A total of 2.6 billion! 

Huang Xiaolong wrapped each pile of Xuanwu coins in an independent space, preventing them from strewn all over the lobby floor, merely filling the center space.

During the month that Huang Xiaolong spent in the Martial Spirit World, whenever he was idle he would start condensing spirit stones, and on the way back to the Cloudsea Mainland, he had exchanged those spirits stones to Xuanwu coins.

Although the amount of Xuanwu coins inside his Asura Ring wasn’t much, only a little over 3 billion, it was enough for him to play with.

Like others in the lobby, Fang Qunzheng was staring at the twenty-six piles of ‘gold mountains’ of Xuanwu coins in front of him, sluggish with shock.

Before anyone could recover from their state of shock, Huang Xiaolong spoke, “Supervisor Fang, here are 2.6 billion Xuanwu coins, other than the 2.536 billion price of the property, the remaining is for buying some good furniture.”

Fang Qunzheng made an effort to compose himself, however, the remnants of shock were hanging on stubbornly.

As an Azure Sea Firm’s supervisor, his salary was quite handsome, but it was still far from allowing him to take out 2.6 billion.

The current Changzhi City residence where he was residing in cost no more than one billion.

A wry smile emerged on Fang Qunzheng’s face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, he didn’t expect himself to err in his judgment.

This young man in front of him truly had money.

In fact, he was a super-wealthy young man.

Subsequently, Fang Qunzheng’s enthusiasm shot up as he helped Huang Xiaolong through the remaining sale contract procedures for the Divine Fort Residence.

When that was done, he personally led Huang Xiaolong’s group to the said residence.

When the group arrived, the Huang Family and everyone else was stunned going around the layout of the residence, including the Blessed Buddha Emperor and Duanren Emperor.

After seeing the Divine Fort Residence’s layout, both of them inwardly felt that their Blessed Buddha Imperial Palace and Duanren Imperial Palace were more like an outhouse.

Huang Xiaolong was extremely satisfied with the place.

Inside the Divine Fort Residence, there was a pond, and its water was one of the rare and precious treasures of the galaxy, Spirit Nurturing Water.

There was also a garden rock mountain built from another rare material, Five Metals Stone, that gathered spiritual energy.

It could be said that the spiritual energy around the residence was much denser than many other on the Cloudsea Mainland.

It was well worth the billions he spent.

Most importantly, his parents, siblings, and Shi Xiaofei could live comfortably here.


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