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Chapter 563: This Kid's Going To Be Crippled


Huang Xiaolong snorted coldly.

He couldn't wait to see which grand persona was inside, with the guts to take over the courtyard arranged for him.

Thinking of this, Huang Xiaolong’s finger pointed at the void.

Instantly, a powerful energy shot out.

Rumble~! A thunderous rumble echoed in the air, sending a rippling pattern across space.

This sudden roaring noise alerted the inner disciples cultivating in the nearby courtyards, and all of them emerged to see what was happening.

Of course, it also alerted the ‘great persona’ currently cultivating in Huang Xiaolong’s Yard No.1.

The restriction array around Yard No.

1 glimmered open as a disciple wearing the same inner disciple robe walked out.

A tall young man with red hair and charming features walked out from the courtyard.

The moment this red-haired young man walked out, a sharp glint flashed across his eyes, staring daggers at Huang Xiaolong.

“Who is this kid Looks like someone who has just been promoted to inner disciple.”

“A fledgling that has just been promoted to inner disciple dares to run all the way up to the mountain peak, moreover, disturbing our cultivation.

Such lawlessness, is he tired of living already

Noticing Huang Xiaolong, the inner disciples that came out began taking turns to reproach Huang Xiaolong.

The atmosphere immediately became noisy.

The peaks of the Misty Rain Mountain Range were mostly occupied by those outstanding geniuses amongst inner disciples, their strength undoubtedly represented the crème de la crème of the crop.

In fact, the mountain peak areas were written off as a restricted area to other inner disciples, thus, no average inner disciple dared to step a foot in the peak areas, afraid they would anger these top geniuses on a rotten luck day and end up missing an arm or leg, or even both.

These top geniuses usually secluded themselves in closed-door cultivation, one of the reasons why none of them went to watch the outer disciple assessment a few days ago, explaining the reason why none present could recognize Huang Xiaolong.

The red-haired young man with devilish charm, Li Dufeng, had been glaring coldly at Huang Xiaolong ever since he walked out of the courtyard, “Little punk, you’re new here Don’t you know the rules of the Misty Rain Mountain Range Newly promoted disciples are not allowed to come up to the peak!”

“Misty Rain Mountain Range’s rules” Huang Xiaolong repeated with indifference.

“I really don’t know.

I only know that the Black Warrior Institute does not have such rules in place, also, this Yard No.1 was allocated to me by the institute.

Move out now and apologize, I will not pursue this matter.”

All the older inner disciples were left in a daze for a second at his words.

No one expected that a new inner disciple would behave so arrogantly, not only he demanding Li Dufeng to move out, but even telling Li Dufeng to apologize Did they hear right

Li Dufeng was acknowledged as one of the top ten inner disciples.

Although he ranked at number tenth, his strength left little doubt in everyone’s minds.

“Has this punk gone freaking mad His brain growth stunted A newly promoted inner disciple wants Li Dufeng to move out and apologize on top of that Does he think that courtyard really does belong to him just because of the little family background behind him, or because the institute arranged a mountain peak Yard No.1 to him!”

“Among the inner disciples, which one doesn’t have some family background Within the ranks of inner disciples, backgrounds are insignificant.

Here, one talks with their fists, the peaks on Misty Rain Mountain Range are occupied by the strongest inner disciples.”

“A few days ago, didn’t they say that a kid from Gudu Family was also arranged to a peak courtyard But that Gudu Family kid tactfully conceded that yard and went to cultivate in one of the yards in the mid-mountain area.”

“This punk is dead for sure!” The surrounding disciples watched coldly in undisguised mocking.

Li Dufeng looked at Huang Xiaolong, a sinister sounding chuckle coming from his lips, “Little punk, it seems like your backing’s quite big to have a mountain peak cultivation courtyard arranged for you, but so what I’m sure you’ve heard, here in the Misty Rain Mountain Range, backgrounds are useless, everything depends on the size of your fist.

Because of the fact that you’re a newly promoted inner disciple who is ignorant about the rules, cripple your own two arms and kneel, performing one hundred loud kowtows, then you can roll to the foot of the mountain.

In your entire life, don’t even dream of stepping a foot on this peak again.”

Cripple your own two arms! 

Roll down to the foot of the mountain!

Huang Xiaolong’s expression remained the same, “Is that so” Then, his expression turned icy, “Initially, I could forget about this matter if you just moved out and apologized, but now you should cripple your own two arms, get on your knees and kowtow a thousand times, then you can roll down to the foot of the mountain, otherwise….” He did not continue, however, the sharp gleam in his eyes said it all.

“What! What did this punk say! Did my ears deceive me!”

“I think this punk has gone crazy!”

The surrounding inner disciples each had an uncanny expression on their faces looking at Huang Xiaolong, as if they were looking at an idiot.

Killing intent exploded in Li Dufeng’s eyes.

A newly promoted inner disciple had the guts to tell him to break his own two hands, kowtow a thousand times, and then roll to the foot of the mountain!

“Little death seeking punk! You’re literally begging for death!” Li Dufeng’s anger boiled over, “Even if I can’t kill you, I’ll still turn you into a waste, a cripple that’s better off dead than alive!” Li Dufeng shouted, his momentum rose to the peak as his palm struck forward.

The thousand li bright sky suddenly turned dark and stormy.

Ferocious frigid wind emerged from the surrounding space.

Li Dufeng, among the top ten inner disciples ranking, ranked tenth.

A late-Third Order God Realm master!

That’s right, a late-Third Order God Realm.

Compared to the late-Second Order God Realm Wang Biaoyuan, Li Dufeng was much stronger by far.

“DIE—!” Li Dufeng’s palm targeted Huang Xiaolong chest.

Before the full impact of the palm even neared, the frightening gusts of frigid cold wind were stinging Huang Xiaolong’s skin.

The bushes, trees, and flowers nearby were wrapped in a layer of ice in the blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed, his momentum rose to the peak in an instant.

This time, he did not hold back, the Asura Physique was pushed to the limit, the Wings of Demon spread out.

At the same time, the black and blue twin dragon martial spirits flew out from his body.

Huang Xiaolong soul transformed in a split second.

“How! This is peak early-Second Order God Realm!”

“No wonder this newbie is so proud, so he’s a peak early-Second Order God Realm, but, so what An idiot just the same.

What a pity this kid’s going to be wasted in a few moments, otherwise, with his talent, as long as he knew how to behave with his tail between his legs, who knows what could happen in a few hundred years’ time The inner disciples’ top ten name list could have his name on it.”

When the surrounding disciples witnessed Huang Xiaolong’s momentum, they were inwardly shocked, but their shock turned into pity as they shook their heads, sighing heavily, with eyes filled with sympathy.

In the next moment, a thousand arms emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s back, scaring them silly.

 “The Fifteenth Move, Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!”

All one thousand arms attacked simultaneously.

Each of the thousand arms had fifteen divine dragons flying out, one thousand arms were equivalent to fifteen thousand divine dragons.

The majestic might of a dragon descended, shaking the heavens.

The dragon flow created by one thousand arms instantly shattered Li Dufeng’s frigid palm attack like crushing rotten wood.

Li Dufeng’s eyes widened in surprise, fear, and dismay as he was drowned in the overwhelming force of fifteen thousand divine dragons.

A booming blast resonated and Li Dufeng was seen being smashed into the air, his robe exploded into fragments from the force, and his hair was disheveled, slamming down heavily on the ground some distance away like a dead dog.

The fifteen thousand divine dragons hovered in the air for some time before dissipating.

By that time, Huang Xiaolong had dispersed the thousand arms at his back.

Not a sound could be heard on the mountain peak, all the older inner disciples were stiffened on the spot.

Their nerves twitched unnaturally staring at Huang Xiaolong.

Ignoring these people, Huang Xiaolong stepped closer to Li Dufeng.


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