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Chapter 559: Wang Biaoyuan's True Strength!


The crowd was dumbstruck watching what transpired before them—Luo Kai lost! Just like Xie Ning before him, he was thoroughly defeated!

Yet Luo Kai’s arrogant declaration that he would defeat Huang Xiaolong moments ago was still resonating in their ears.

On the platform, Zhang Tianchuan was experiencing reverberating shock underneath his poised appearance.

Truth be told, he had thought that it would be an extremely arduous fight if Huang Xiaolong wanted to win over a Second Order God Realm Luo Kai even if he had the slimmest possibility of success.

Never had he imagined that the arduous battle he assumed would take place was settled in just one move!

Victory in one move!

The most crucial point was that Huang Xiaolong did not use a shred of battle qi.

Whether it was against Xie Ning or Luo Kai just now, both battles were based on the power of his physical flesh! This was what astounded everyone.

Merely relying on the toughness of his flesh, Huang Xiaolong subdued a Second Order God Realm master, what horrifying level had his strength reached! 

This had gone beyond the level of an outstanding monstrous genius, it could be called super horrifyingly invincible outstanding monstrous genius! 

That’s right, invincible! That was the feeling Huang Xiaolong gave Zhang Tianchuan—invincible.

For one second there, there was a fleeting feeling telling him that not even a late Second Order God Realm would be Huang Xiaolong’s opponent.

Huang Xiaolong would still win!

No one uttered a sound.

No one dared to utter a sound.

Huang Xiaolong removed his gaze from Luo Kai’s body.

Initially, he hasn’t intended to be so heavy-handed toward Luo Kai, but since this fellow said that he would defeat him, even allowing him to make the first move, the contempt in Luo Kai’s eyes slightly upset him.

What Huang Xiaolong hated most was this kind of people, no real strength yet loved to put on a self-righteous pretense.

Not that one couldn't be a pretentious prick but be smart in choosing the target.

Huang Xiaolong turned back toward the top ten group, sweeping over Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan, “Anyone else would like to challenge”

The crowd instantly regained their senses, gazes from all around were obviously directed at both Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan.

Needless to say, literally everyone was thinking the same thing: only Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan could suppress Huang Xiaolong.

Sensing the pointed gazes on their bodies, Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan recovered from their shock, immediately returning to their usual calmness.

However, at this moment, hesitation lurked within Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan.

Obviously, neither one wanted to be Huang Xiaolong’s next challenger.

While an awkward silence hung in the air, Wang Biaoyuan suddenly leaped onto the Hidden Dragon Arena, landing opposite of Huang Xiaolong.

The silence was shattered as the crowd cheered with anticipation.

Who hadn’t heard the news of Wang Biaoyuan’s advancement to mid-Second Order God Realm Before the assessment, everyone had thought that the first place in this time’s assessment belonged to Wang Biaoyuan, but now, the question was, could Wang Biaoyuan defeat Huang Xiaolong and snatch the first place

The crowd fixed their gazes on the arena, giving the two people on it their undivided attention, unblinking.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Wang Biaoyuan, speaking with a calm face, “You’re not my opponent, you and Gudu Leng both should come up together.”

The instant Huang Xiaolong’s words were spoken, the arena broke into an uproar.

“What did Huang Xiaolong say! He wants Wang Biaoyuan and Gudu Leng to attack together This… is madness!”

“He really thinks he’s invincible” 

The crowd’s first reaction was to clamor that Huang Xiaolong was overestimating himself.

Rumors had been circulating that Wang Biaoyuan had advanced to mid-Second Order God Realm, and his Indestructible Vajra Physique was harder than a pseudo-divine artifact.

There was a little-known rumor that all the peak late-Second Order God Realm masters of the Wang Family weren’t his opponents.

And Gudu Leng had not only broken through to Second Order God Realm, he had also cultivated he Gudu Family’s supreme secret technique, the Solitary God’s Infinitude to the hundredth layer, generating the power of rebirth.

His real strength was unfathomable.

Against either one of them, Huang Xiaolong couldn't even win for sure, but now he wanted both geniuses to attack him together!

On the platform, Zhang Tianchuan was frowning.

Still, he felt that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t a person that uttered arrogant words without the strength to back it up.

But, could Huang Xiaolong really battle Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan simultaneously

Inwardly, Zhang Tianchuan shook his head.

While everyone was clamoring, Wang Biaoyuan’s fury soared after a second of daze.

Fury mingled with hate erupted like a wrathful volcano.

“Huang Xiaolong, you!” His rage uncontainable, eyes red with fury as he roared, “You think just because you defeated a measly early Second Order God Realm, that the first place is yours! I’ll let you know now who’s the real outstanding genius, who is this assessment’s first place holder!” By the time his words were finished, the momentum coming from his body had reached the peak, muffled air blasts could be heard all around him.

Eye-piercing rays of aureate light shone from Wang Biaoyuan’s body, causing pain in everyone’s eyes.

“This is, i-is, late-Second Order God Realm!”

“Oh God, Wang Biaoyuan isn’t a mid-Second Order God Realm, but a late-Second Order God Realm!”

In a matter of seconds, the crowd was stupefied by the Wang Biaoyuan’s display of strength, babbling incoherently.

A late-Second Order God Realm! His true strength wasn’t like the rumors said at all, a mid-Second Order God Realm, but a late-Second Order! Wang Biaoyuan actually concealed his true strength.

The crowd drowned in surprise and excitement.

Even the calm and collected Gudu Leng felt his eyelids spasms.

Zhang Tianchuan was nearly agape at the sudden revelation.

This time’s outer disciples assessment brought too many surprises, each more shocking than the last.

In past assessments, one late-First Order God Realm disciple emerging was already big news and would have definitely been the first place winner without much suspense, but this time, Wang Biaoyuan was actually a late-Second Order God Realm!

“Peerless genius! Wang Biaoyuan’s talent is truly awe-inspiring.

Didn’t he just break through to early First Order God Realm three years ago In three years he has climbed all the way to late-Second Order! So terrifying!”

 “That’s right, this is what you call an outstanding peerless genius! It’s the end of the road for Huang Xiaolong! I don’t believe he can defeat a late-Second Order God Realm Wang Biaoyuan!”

Faces in the crowd flushed red with excitement, hands punching the air, for they were witnessing a miracle.

A miracle no one thought possible, a miracle of shattering the orders from early First Order God Realm to late-Second Order God Realm within three years!

No one had ever boasted this level of cultivation speed!

Although Wang Biaoyuan was able to achieve this due to the pure metal essence he found, it was still a miracle regardless of the reason.

A miracle! 

From time immemorial, ever since the Black Warrior Institute was established, thirty million years ago, never once had a late-Second Order God Realm outer disciple appeared in the assessment.

But one had appeared now—Wang Biaoyuan!

Wang Biaoyuan exuded full pressure from his body without any intention of holding back, he wanted to jar everyone, awe everyone.

He wanted this ignorant punk Huang Xiaolong to know how foolish, idiotic, and ludicrous his words earlier were!

‘Everyone, be astounded by me, awed by me!’

A radiant golden armor protected Wang Biaoyuan’s body, resembling a primordial war god.

The Indestructible Vajra Physique’s bloodline power had fully awakened, exuding a sharp indestructible aura that could pierce a hole in the sky.

“Huang Xiaolong, if you kneel and beg for mercy now I can still leave you some face, so that your loss won’t be too unsightly.” Wang Biaoyuan glared coldly at Huang Xiaolong.

The crowd held their breaths.

Kneel and beg for mercy! Leave you some face!

This was blatant face-slapping in public.

Zhang Tianchuan’s brows were tightly scrunched together.

No matter what, Huang Xiaolong was still the Institute Principal’s personal disciple, Wang Biaoyuan actually wanted him to get on his knees and beg Wang Biaoyuan had forgotten himself, it seems.

These super forces’ disciples needed to be given extra ‘care’ in the future.


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