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Chapter 557: A Sigh


Sensing the powerful momentum coming from Xie Ning, the spectating crowd tensed up, including Jiang Shaoze, Luo Kai, Long Fei Jun, Su Guo, Xu Shaoqing, Wu Xiaoshi, Yang Yue—all the disciples listed into the top ten rankings, except for Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan, who remained indifferent.

Both geniuses managed to veil the shock in their hearts with the indifferent expression on their faces, from Xie Ning’s rising momentum, it was safe to say that his cultivation had reached peak late-First Order God Realm.

“Peak late-First Order God Realm! Xie Ning has actually advanced to the peak of late-First Order God Realm!”

“We’re in for a good show this time! You can just tell that Huang Xiaolong isn’t Nie Ning’s opponent at all! If he’s defeated by Xie Ning, he’s going to lose face big time.

At that time, he won’t even be inside the top ten ranks!”

Uninhibited opinions sounded loudly below the arena stage.

According to the challenge rules, if Huang Xiaolong lost to Xie Ning, then Xie Ning would replace him within the top ten.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong would not be allowed to issue a challenge to other disciples in the top ten ranks.

In short, Huang Xiaolong would be barred from the top ten ranks in this term’s assessment.

“Who can say for sure Three years ago, the Wang Family’s four First Order God Realm guards weren’t Huang Xiaolong’s opponent despite their joint attack.

Although Xie Ning is a peak late-First Order God Realm, it’s not that easy to defeat Huang Xiaolong.”

Still, the majority of outer disciples didn't think that Huang Xiaolong held a high chance of winning over Xie Ning, those of contrary opinion were extremely small in number.

Especially when four late-First Order God Realm Wang Family guards ended in a sorry state with just one palm strike from Huang Xiaolong in the Hall of Heroes square, even when they had more people.

This matter was no secret, everyone in the arena had heard of it one way or another.

That spoke volumes about Huang Xiaolong’s strength even then.

Huang Xiaolong, without a doubt, could only be stronger than three years before.

“Huh, four great late-First Order God Realm join hands Let me tell you something, a few days ago when Xie Ning went out to perform a task, he was besieged by six peak late-First Order God Realm masters.

Come, take a guess what happened in the end.

All six peak late-First Order God Realm attackers died in Xie Ning’s hands!” At one point, an outer disciple clamored in his sonorous voice, “It’s just that not many people know about this matter.

Xie Ning’s strength absolutely qualifies him a spot in the top five.” The instant this disciple’s voice sounded, the arena was astir.

Six peak late-First Order God Realm masters’ besiegement ended with total annihilation in Xie Ning’s hands!

What kind of strength was this! Even an average mid-Second Order God Realm master couldn’t have done better.

In that instant, the low number of Huang Xiaolong’s supporters was swayed.

Huang Xiaolong was indeed very strong three years ago, but no one knew how much his strength had increased since then.

Could Huang Xiaolong win over Xie Ning Could he kill six peak late-First Order God Realm masters like Xie Ning did

In the end, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation time was too short, not even forty years.

No one would believe that someone who had cultivated for a little over thirty years was capable of killing six peak late-First Order God Realm masters at the same time.

On the platform, Zhang Tianchuan was frowning after sensing Xie Ning’s aura.

Xie Ning’s strength had indeed exceeded his estimation.

His gaze shifted onto Huang Xiaolong with a faint worry in it.

He was confident in Huang Xiaolong initially, but now, he too felt that Huang Xiaolong’s chances were bleak.

At a corner of the arena, Wang Biaoyuan’s lips curved up into a derisive sneer looking in Huang Xiaolong’s direction.

He was waiting to see how Huang Xiaolong would handle the situation.

With each to their own thoughts, Xie Ning’s momentum continued to rise, transforming the energy around him into fearsome tempestuous wind.

His eyes turned a glaring crimson, as if there were two sparks of ferocious fire raging inside.

“Sound of Striking Thunder Palm!” Xie Ning hollered, sounding like an angry thunder from heavens.

His body propelled forward like a tornado, closing the distance to Huang Xiaolong in an instant, with both palms poised to strike.

He dared not underestimate Huang Xiaolong, therefore he exerted full power in this attack.

It was his ultimate winning move!

He wished to defeat Huang Xiaolong in a single move!

He wanted to crush Huang Xiaolong in the most devastating manner!

He wanted the upper levels of the Black Warrior Institute to know that the top ten outer disciples name list they had compiled this time was a mistake.

A great mistake! His strength qualified him a spot within the top five.

Him! Not Huang Xiaolong, a punk that wasn’t even a peak half-step God Realm three years ago. 

Of course, his name, Xie Ning, would resound loud and clear in the entire galaxy once he defeated Huang Xiaolong.

Although Huang Xiaolong was the Institute Principal’s personal disciple, no one could find fault with his action, for he would defeat Huang Xiaolong fair and square on the arena stage.

Not even the Institute Principal could say anything.

But his ultimate confidence lied in his Xie Family, as one of the galaxy’s super forces.

Watching Xie Ning attack, the whole arena went into an abrupt silence, holding in their breaths with eyes wide-open as if they were afraid to miss any interesting detail.

Just when Xie Ning’s palms were about to land on Huang Xiaolong’s torso, a sigh sounded from Huang Xiaolong.

This low, audible sigh seemed to originate from an ancient time, as if myriad gods were sighing, a sigh that traveled from the depths of hell, coming from the death god.

Everyone in the arena heard the low sigh clearly, but no one was able to accurately describe this sigh.

They only felt a shudder to their core, as if enveloped by an uncomfortable cocoon.

Those who stood close to the arena stage were trying to calm their qi and blood that were seething violently.

On the stage, Xie Ning had the impression that he was knocked back by a giant hand, unable to bite down the scream coming out from his mouth.

The fierce, tempestuous wind around him shattered and dissipated as he tumbled back in the air, several li away, slamming heavily on the edge of the stage.

His crash shook the entire Hidden Dragon Arena stage.

Yet, the sound of that sigh was still reverberating in the air, drumming in the crowd’s ears, clenching at their hearts, shaking their souls.

It was a long time later before the sigh dissipated.

By then, weaker disciples in the arena had gone white as a sheet.

No one dared to make a sound and the arena fell into deathly silence.

The feeble groan coming out from Xie Ning’s lips at the edge of the stage sounded harsh to the ears.

All eyes never left Huang Xiaolong.

Jiang Shaoze, Luo Kai, Long Junfei, Su Guo, Xu Shaoqing, Wu Xiaoshi, Yang Yue, and the rest of the hundred disciples were staring at Huang Xiaolong with flabbergasted shock stamped on their faces.

Especially Jiang Shaoze, feeling his limbs grow cold.

Three years ago, when Huang Xiaolong came out of nowhere and snatched the first place in the new disciple selection assessment, he was one of many that felt unreconciled.

Just moments ago, he was still thinking of a way to test Huang Xiaolong’s strength.

But now!

A low sounding sigh defeated a peak late-First Order God Realm Xie Ning! This was even more appalling than that single palm strike defeating the four Wang Family masters.

No one made a sound, not even Gudu Leng or Wang Biaoyuan.

However, the look in their eyes clearly exposed the great waves crashing in their hearts.

Yes, they were a little bit frightened.

On the platform, Zhang Tianchuan’s eyelids were twitching in great momentum.

He was just left dumbstruck.

He could tell, Huang Xiaolong’s mere sigh actually contained a mysterious sound based battle skill, but even so, he couldn't determine Huang Xiaolong’s real strength.

A masterpiece genius! These words emerged in his mind.

As usual, Huang Xiaolong ignored all the stunned expressions directed his way.

Retrieving his gaze from Xie Ning’s body, he looked where the hundred disciples were standing.

“Anyone else wants to challenge”

Being subjected to Huang Xiaolong’s gaze, the disciples retreated a step by reflex so that Huang Xiaolong would not misunderstand.

Xie Ning was asking for it.

They begged to differ.


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