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Chapter 51: Something Big Happened!


“Yes, Marshal!” One of the guards stepped forward and confirmed.

“And that woman said she wanted to revoke Young Master’s registration qualification!”

“Revoke Young Master’s qualification” Marshal Haotian’s anger soared and pierced the sky.

“That’s right Marshal; that woman also said to detain the Young Master and…” The guard hesitated when he reached this part.

“And what after that Spit it out!” Marshal Haotian roared.

“Yes, Marshal-- that woman said to first detain Young Master and then summon you to go and collect him back before publicly apologizing to the Academy!” The guards quickly revealed everything in a shaky voice.

At that time, Xiong Meiqi said to detain Huang Xiaolong and let his family’s elders to come and bring him back after publicly apologizing to the Academy.

But, what Xiong Meiqi wasn’t aware was that Huang Xiaolong’s ‘elder’ happens to be Marshal Haotian.

“What!” Marshal Haotian stood up in anger, the hard-as-rock side stool turning into scattered powder.

“Also, the man wanted Fei Hou Senior to be beheaded to deter the public!” The other guard added.

Behead Junior Brother to deter the public

Marshal Haotian’s fury reached a point of no return and shouted, “Relay this Marshal’s order: ten infantry brigades to pressure Cosmic Star Academy!”

Ten infantry brigades, that’s one hundred thousand soldiers!

One hundred thousand soldiers to pressure Cosmic Star Academy!

This greatly shocked the two guards.

“Why aren’t you moving quickly!” Seeing the two of them was still standing in the room, Marshal Haotian yelled aloud.

“Yes, yes Marshal!” The two guards ran out to relay the order in a frantic.

“Ironclaw Condor!” after the two left, Marshal Haotian called loudly towards the sky above and a huge gray condor appeared above the Marshal Mansion and a loud sharp cry rang out several li away.

All the mansion’s guards and servants looked up at the condor’s figure and each of their expression changed: something big was going to happen! Only for grave and serious matters would the Marshal call the Ironclaw Condor.

“All Marshal Mansion’s guards Eighth Order and above, gather at the square!” Then, everyone in the mansion heard Marshal Haotian’s booming voice.

“Yes Marshal!”

At the same moment, silhouettes flashed and disappeared from different corners of the mansion, heading to the square in the Marshal Mansion.

A pre-war like tension spread throughout the mansion.

Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou who were in their own yard also heard Haotian’s voice.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou arrived at the square and saw Marshal who was ready to lead one hundred thousand soldiers to the Cosmic Star Academy.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong understood what Marshal Haotian planned to do.


“Young Master!” seeing Huang Xiaolong in the square, Marshal Haotian leaped off the condor and saluted.

“Haotian, I don’t want the matter to become bigger.” said after Huang Xiaolong thought about it for a moment-- if things spiraled out of control, whether for Huang Xiaolong or Marshal Haotian, it wouldn’t be a good thing.


He knew that his recommendation letter was given to Haotian by Cosmic Star Academy’s Principal showing their good relation.

If Marshal Haotian led such a large infantry to the Academy, it surely would make their friendship awkward and at that time the conflict would be harder to resolve. 

Furthermore, they are in the Royal City: such a big movement would harm Marshal Haotian’s reputation.

“Young Master!” Haotian wanted to say more, but Huang Xiaolong shook his head, saying, “This matter ends here.”

“That’s right Senior Brother, since Young Master is alright, forget this issue,” Fei Hou persuaded.

Haotian stood still, saying nothing; he took a deep breath and finally spoke, “Yes, Young Master, Haotian obeys!” Subsequently, his right hand waved to disperse the gathered guards, withdrawing his marshal order.


A while later, Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, and Haotian were seated in the main hall.

“Sovereign, you are the Asura’s Gate Sovereign, but here in the Luo Tong Kingdom, you were repeatedly placed in danger-- please punish Subordinate for this sin!” when all three sat down, Haotian suddenly fell to his knees and said those words.

Huang Xiaolong quickly held Haotian’s arms, “Haotian, quickly stand up!”

“Request Sovereign to punish Subordinate’s crime!” Marshal Haotian remained kneeling on the floor.

Huang Xiaolong sent Fei Hou a helpless look, and Fei Hou followed through saying, “Senior Brother, since Sovereign asked you to stand, then stand up; after all, the fault lies not with you!”

Marshal Haotian hesitated for a second before he finally got up: “Thank you Sovereign!”

Asura’s Gate rules are extremely strict; if it was before, if Huang Xiaolong was injured under his territory’s jurisdiction, his punishment would leave anyone in fear.

Although he might keep his life, however, his martial cultivation would be destroyed.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t hurt in any way.

Seeing Haotian stand up, Huang Xiaolong asked, “Any news about Elder Yu Ming” Huang Xiaolong heard Fei Hou mention that their Master went to Mohe Kingdom’s Royal City, so he requested Marshal Haotian to search for Yu Ming’s news.

“Replying Young Master, there is yet any news of Master; but Subordinate fears Master has already left the Mohe Kingdom’s Royal City.” Haotian replied with respect.

Huang Xiaolong felt a trace of disappointment, but he had expected this result.

Yu Ming went to Mohe Kingdom for some matters so after three years, it is hardly possible for him to be there still.

His Master, Ren Wokuang, left something for him in the Asura’s Gate headquarters, and it was something vital to Huang Xiaolog’s Asura Tactics cultivation.

So, he wanted to ask Yu Ming where the headquarter’s location was.

Even Marshal Haotian doesn’t know its location.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong went back to his courtyard from the main hall.

When he stepped into the yard, a small figure rushed into his arms.

“Little guy, where did you run off to these  past few days” Huang Xiaolong  chuckled as he inquired, not dodging the figure.

Of course, this little figure is the little violet monkey.

The past few days Huang Xiaolong didn’t see a glimpse of the little guy anywhere.

“Zhi zhi zhi!” Perched on Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder, the little violet monkey started to gesture while squeaking.

Watching the little monkey, Huang Xiaolong laughed to himself-- probably in this world, only he can tell what it is trying to say.

In this Martial Spirit World, beast cultivators needed to break through into the Xiantian realm before they can speak in the human language.

Without a doubt, this little monkey has many days ahead of him before it can speak, so it can only gesture to communicate with him.

Afterwards, Huang Xiaolong let the little violet monkey play by himself while he walked into the room and took out the cold jade bed and started to practice; since he advanced to the Sixth Order, the speed he absorbed the netherworld’s spiritual aura had increased again.

The twin dragon martial spirits behind him had grown a circumference bigger, the Black Dragon’s scales shone and the Blue Dragon’s gleamed a royal blue.


Three days soon arrived.

During these past three days, other than practicing Huang Xiaolong was able to stabilize his new strength.

His battle qi laced with the netherworld’s spiritual aura which ran smoothly in his meridians.

“Finally, first day of school.” Huang Xiaolong walked out from his room, the morning sunlight warming his body.

First day of Academy!

Not long after, Huang Xiaolong left the Marshal Mansion with Fei Hou and four guards, heading in the direction of Cosmic Star Academy.

Marshal Haotian added two more guards to protect Huang Xiaolong after the previous incident.

Soon, the six of them reached the Academy’s gates.

Since the Academy had started, Fei Hou and the four guards accompanied Huang Xiaolong until they reached the front gates.

Huang Xiaolong passed through the gates alone and after inquiring from the passing teachers and students, he walked towards where his class was.


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