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Chapter 501: This Way Is Much Better

“Father, Mother!” Seeing his parents, Huang Xiaolong walked up to them.

A warm feeling filled his heart.

“It’s  good you’ve returned safely, it’s good!” His Father Huang Peng gave Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder a squeeze, repeating in a glad voice.

In the blink of an eye, it had been four and a half years since Huang Xiaolong went to the Ten Directions Continent.

Huang Xiaolong looked at his parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan.

Even though there weren’t any obvious differences to their appearances compared to the time he left, Huang Xiaolong could clearly feel that their vitality had dwindled significantly.

In fact, counting the years, his parents were almost sixty in age.

Thinking about his parents returning to the earth after passing a hundred in age, melancholy hit Huang Xiaolong.

No matter what, he had to think of a way that would allow his parents to breakthrough to Xiantian, increasing their lifespan.

Surrounded by the lively chatting and laughter, Huang Xiaolong suppressed the sadness in his heart, walking into the Asura’s Gate main hall accompanied by everyone.

Everyone found a seat after entering the main hall, and Huang Xiaolong inquired about their well-being and progress for the last four and a half years.

“Big Uncle, I heard other people say that you’re now Ten Directions Continent’s Lord Beast God.

That you have  many, many, many powerful subordinates, so awesome!” Guo Xiaofan, who was sitting beside Huang Xiaolong’s sister, Huang Min, jumped out of his seat and blurted.

Four and a half years passed, almost five.

Guo Xiaofan was now ten years old.

The little guy had grown a lot taller, his facial features also changed quite a bit, but one could still easily tell that he would become a handsome young man in a few years’ time.

Hearing that, Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “It is awesome.”

“I also want to be Lord Beast God!” Guo Xiaofan exclaimed.

When Guo Xiaofan said that, everyone was stunned.

“Xiaofan, watch your words!” Huang Min reprimanded, “Quickly apologize to Big Uncle!”

But Huang Xiaolong waved his hand with nonchalance, “It’s alright, he’s still a kid, a child’s words carry no harm.” Saying this, he looked at his nephew Guo Xiaofan, “If you want to be Lord Beast God, then you must cultivate hard.

When you’re as powerful as Big Uncle, then Big Uncle will pass the Lord Beast God position to you.”

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t coaxing a child nor was he joking, he was sure that he would not be staying in the Martial Spirit World for long.

The Divine World was one of the places he planned to visit, and the Lord Beast God position had to be passed to someone else.

His nephew Guo Xiaofan had good talent, possessing a superb talent martial spirit and was a worthwhile candidate to nurture.

He could definitely take over Huang Xiaolong’s Beast God position.

Of course, only time could tell how Guo Xiaofan would grow up to be.

Everyone present was genuinely astounded that Huang Xiaolong had plans to pass on the Beast God position to Guo Xiaofan.

“Big brother, you, this…!” Huang Min and Guo Tai didn't know what to say.

Huang Xiaolong smiled faintly, no longer speaking of it.

Changing the subject, he said, “This time, I brought back some good things for you all.” With a flick of his wrist, a bright light flashed, revealing nine dazzling star-like stone crystals.

The moment the crystals appeared, it filled the hall with vivid vitality, surprising everyone present.

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “These are the Ten Directions Continent elf race’s Life Crystals.

Swallowing this can not only can improve your cultivation, but also your body’s vitality.”

“Life Crystal!” A near unison exclamation sounded in the hall.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then distributed one each to his parents, siblings, and the others.

He aided them in refining the life energy contained in the Life Crystals.

Huang Peng and Su Yan felt it the most, as if they had become twenty years younger.

The joy on their faces was evident.

“Sovereign, this time, you returned alone” At one point, Zhao Shu asked.

Instead of answering, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, releasing all the Ten Directions Continent experts from the Godly Mt.


Watching a large number of Saint realm experts from Ten Directions Continent suddenly filling the hall, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and everyone else was dumbfounded.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu’s eyes were widened as their spiritual sense swept over the large crowd.

More than three thousand Saint realm experts!

One must know, the current Asura’s Gate only had several dozens Saint realm experts, barely reaching a hundred!

More than three thousand Saint realm experts, what concept was that! It was enough to destroy the Asura’s Gate a hundred times, a thousand times over!

After releasing the Ten Directions Continent’s Saint realm experts, Huang Xiaolong introduced his parents, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the rest to Ao Kun, Lei Ge, Chuck, Elf Queen Kelly, and the other patriarchs.

“You are, that year’s little monkey” When it came to the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey, Huang Peng and Su Yan’s eyes widened in surprise. 

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey nodded bashfully.


“You’ve grown so big now!” Both elders were very happy to see the little guy again.

That year, when the little monkey got separated from the group in that incident, both elders were sad for a long time.

After finishing a bout of introduction, the large crowd of Ten Directions Continent Saint realm experts greeted Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others.

 A short while later, Huang Xiaolong spoke, “On my way back, passing by Dali City, I came by some news saying that Cosmos God Cult, Distinct Void Door, Nine Yang Valley, and six other super forces formed an alliance, wanting to annihilate the Asura’s Gate!”

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu both wore dignified expression.

“Cosmos God Cult, Distinct Void Door, and the seven other super forces kept a tight lid on the news of their alliance.

We only received wind of it not long ago and were about to report to Sovereign.” Zhao Shu said.

“The Brilliant Sword Sect and Supreme Harmony School have submitted to Deities  Templar,” Zhang Fu added, “If it weren’t because of that, both of them would probably join the Cosmos God Cult alliance too!”

There were twelve super forces on Starcloud Continent; the Brilliant Sword Sect and Supreme Harmony School were at the bottom rung, but despite being ranked as the two weakest amongst the twelve, their forces couldn't be underestimated.

If they joined the Cosmos God Cult alliance, the alliance would grow into eleven super forces alliance.

The magnitude of the problem would have greatly increased.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, no one noticed the sharp glint in his eyes.

“Sovereign, what shall we do now” Zhao Shu inquired.

“Pass down my order, all oblast branch disciples are to withdraw back to the Asura’s Gate headquarters, defend the Central Oblast!” Huang Xiaolong thought for a moment and commanded.

The Asura’s Gate disciples were scattered across thirty-six oblasts, spreading themselves thin, this was a weak point that could become a disadvantage.

“Yes, Sovereign!” Zhao Shu respectfully complied.

He quickly relayed the order to all branches to have all disciples and Leaders withdraw back to the headquarters.

Of course, the order was made under Zhao Shu’s name.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong preferred not to let the Cosmos God Cult and its alliance know that he was back to the Asura’s Gate, in case he scared off the other side.

Orders continued to come from Huang Xiaolong.

Deep into the night, the surroundings were extremely quiet.

Beneath the hazy moonlight, Huang Xiaolong took out the Starcloud Continent map, studying it carefully, finally locking onto a place called Great Rift River Point Valley.

If the Cosmos God Cult alliance wanted to attack the Asura’s Gate, after departing from the Cosmos God City, this Great Rift River Point Valley was a place they had to pass through.

The Great Rift River Point Valley consisted of treacherous terrain, if they prepared an ambush there, catching the enemy unaware, they could easily massacre the enemy.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The Cosmos God Cult gathered a nine super forces alliance, of course Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t sit and wait idly at the Asura’s Gate for them to come and attack.

On the same night itself, Huang Xiaolong summoned Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, informing both them and his parents of his plan.

Under the cover of the dark night, he led the Ten Directions Continent experts, heading out to Great Rift River Point Valley.

With Huang Xiaolong’s speed, he could reach the destination in two days, just one step ahead before the Cosmos God Cult and the alliance reached the spot.

Huang Xiaolong’s figure shuttled in the darkness like a phantom.

Inside the Cosmos God City, when Xie Hui heard that Zhao Shu ordered all the Asura’s Gate disciples to withdraw back to the Central Oblast, he snickered while speaking to Chen Xiaofeng, “This Zhao Shu is stupid to the extreme, does he think that simply by having all Asura’s Gate disciples retreat into the Central Oblast he would be able to block the attack from our nine super forces alliance What a joke! This way it’s much better, having them all in one place will make easier for us to kill them all.

At that time, we’ll encircle the whole Central Oblast, not one Asura’s Gate disciple can escape!”


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