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Chapter 481: You Used Ten Moves

A panicked disciple ran into the hall at this time, but before that disciple could say a word, Ao Kun already snapped at him, “What is happening outside”

“Reporting to Temple Master, a young human came to make trouble outside, Guard Yan and the others were all killed by him!” The demonic beast disciple blurted everything anxiously.

A young human!

Ao Kun and his eight brothers immediately knew that the young man who defeated Ao Shen had arrived, they just never expected him so soon.

“How dare he! The second brother, Ao Sen, stood up in fury, hollering, “Killing our Nine Dragons Temple’s guards the moment he arrives, this is blatantly not putting us in his eyes! Even if he’s willing to submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, we must still let him suffer!”

“Right, otherwise any bumpkin can run to our Nine Dragons Temple’s door, kill some of our guards, then quickly submit under us after being caught, won’t that just turn our Nine Dragons Temple into a joke” Third bro Ao Bi shouted.

“I say, after we capture the little punk, it will be possible for him to submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, but only if he kowtows every three steps from the Nine Dragons City gates all the way to our Nine Dragons Temple.” Seventh brother Ao Yi snickered.

“Enough, let us all go out and see.” Ao Kun stood up with an insipid expression, “It has been a few years since I’ve made a move.

A lot of people in the Martial Spirit World are curious about my strength.”

Second brother Ao Sen laughed, “In fact, Big bro, you need not do anything, I alone am enough to capture that little punk.”

Ao Kun waved his hand, “I’ll deal with that kid personally, all of you just watch, no need to interfere.”

Ao Sen and the rest exchanged a look amongst themselves, complying with Ao Kun’s order.

The nine brothers did not ask that demonic beast disciple how Huang Xiaolong killed the guards.

With Ao Kun leading the group at the front and Ao Sen and the rest behind him, they walked out of the main hall.

When the nine brothers marched out, a sharp aura surged from them, whirling up to the air above the Nine Dragons Temple.

The weather changed as multiple purple-colored energy vortices rose to the sky.

This sudden burst of power instantly alarmed the experts residing in the Nine Dragons City, who craned their necks in the Nine Dragons Temple’s direction.

“What’s going on! What big matter was able to bring out all of Nine Dragons Temple’s masters!”

“We haven’t see the Temple Master show his strength in a long time, what happened that it has even alerted the Temple Master Did something big happen to the Nine Dragons Temple!”

“All nine masters showing up together! Go, go, go! Let’s hurry to the Nine Dragons Temple and see!”

In a short span of time, tempted by their own morbid curiosity, countless demonic beast experts within the city rushed to the Nine Dragons Temple from all directions.

Outside the Nine Dragons Temple.

Huang Xiaolong was heavily encircled by layers of demonic beast guards.

A person walked out from the encirclement, clad in fine brocade robes, seemingly an Elder of Nine Dragons Temple, who was glowering at Huang Xiaolong, “A measly human race punk dares to kill in our Nine Dragons Temple! I say, you’ve been living too comfortably!”

“Merciless Heartless Sword Burial Strike!”

Out of nowhere, a large demon sword appeared in his hand and stabbed straight at Huang Xiaolong.

Numerous sword rays shot out, filled with a cold heartless and merciless aura, forming a sword burial mound as if it wanted to bury all living beings in the world within.

This demonic beast clan expert was a Fifth Order Saint realm expert.

Whether it was his rank amongst the Nine Dragons Temple experts or the Nine Dragons City experts on a whole, his strength was generally recognized to be in the upper tier.

The instant he attacked, gasps of surprise sounded from the spectating crowd.

“Merciless Heartless Sword Burial Strike This is Merciless Demon Saint’s ultimate skill from one thousand years ago! Wow, Elder Chen succeeded in practicing this skill!”

“Rumors say that the Merciless Demon Saint has taken the lives of countless high experts with this one move!”

“Look! That human brat is standing still! He’s dead for sure!”

While the crowd whispered among themselves, Huang Xiaolong’s mouth opened wide as if he was yawning, gently blowing air from his mouth.

The sharp, lethal sword energies aimed at him shattered in midair.

The merciless atmosphere vanished with the sword energies like they never appeared at all.

That Nine Dragons Temple Elder Chen’s pupils dilated in fear like he had just seen his worst nightmare.

In the next second, his body shook and a tragic wail rang out as his body was thrown into the air.

Ao Kun and his eight brothers had just stepped out from the main hall when Elder Chen flew over their heads, crashing down on the main hall’s floor.

The whispers were cut short by gasps of shock, followed by dead silence.

A moment after the dead silence, all the spectating demonic beast experts sucked in a cold breath and retreated a few steps back by reflex, distancing themselves from Huang Xiaolong.

The many rows of Nine Dragons Temple guard that encircled Huang Xiaolong were shivering as they too subconsciously retreated.

At this point, the experts that rushed over for a good show arrived from different directions.

“What happened Why so quiet Who’s that human kid Don’t tell me this is the death-seeking kid that came to make trouble in the Nine Dragons Temple” One of the demonic experts that had just arrived at the square spotted Huang Xiaolong’s figure at the center, asking no one in particular.

His voice immediately made all the experts turn their focus on him.

Staring at him, that look, that momentum made the hair on his back rise.

“Nine Dragons Temple, the nine hall masters!” Someone from the crowd shouted.

Once again, the crowd’s attention shifted, watching Ao Kun’s group of nine as they slowly walked out of the main hall.

Monstrous demonic qi enveloped everyone present.

“Greetings, Nine Hall Masters!” The surrounding Nine Dragons Temple guards saluted respectfully on their knees.

The surrounding experts also saluted.

“Stand up.” Ao Kun spoke, his steps continuing toward Huang Xiaolong.

The nine hall masters stopped several meters away from Huang Xiaolong.

When Ao Kun and Huang Xiaolong looked eye to eye, the invisible pressure released from their bodies caused the crowd of experts to palpitate.

“My sixth brother said that you defeated him in ten moves.” After a moment of silent exchange, Ao Kun broke the tense atmosphere.

Ten moves!

The demonic beast experts were stunned hearing that and sucked in another cold breath as they looked at Huang Xiaolong with fear in their eyes.

Especially the expert that branded Huang Xiaolong as the ‘death seeking kid that came to cause trouble in the Nine Dragons Temple’, he nearly had a seizure after hearing Ao Kun’s words.

Who didn’t know that the Nine Dragons Temple’s Sixth Hall Master Ao Shen is a peak late-Ninth Order Saint realm expert! In the entire demonic beast clan experts, the number of people capable of winning over him could be counted on two hands.

But, the young human in front of them did that in just ten moves!

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Ao Shen standing behind Ao Kun; ten moves Not seeing the need to clarify anything, he smiled faintly, “You can say so.”

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s faint smile, Ao Shen felt his face burning.

He was further surprised that the young man was willing to acknowledge ‘the truth’.

“Then, if you can withstand ten moves from me and not lose, I will let you leave.” Ao Kun stated with a calm expression.

Thick silence followed, but no one present thought that Ao Kun was bluffing.

From five hundred years ago, Ao Kun was already recognized as the demonic beast clans’ number one expert.

His strength could only be described as unfathomable.

Even if Huang Xiaolong defeated Ao Shen in ten moves, whether he could withstand ten moves from Ao Kun was another matter.

“Oh,” Huang Xiaolong calmly asked, “What if I fail to withstand ten moves from you”

Ao Kun said matter-of-factly, “If you fail to do so, you will kowtow every three steps from the Nine Dragons City gates to our Nine Dragons Temple.

The Ape Deity Temple Master’s son was killed by you, right Don’t worry, after you submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, we will definitely protect you.”


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