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Chapter 480: Submit

Reaching the edge of the Nine Dragons Temple territory, Huang Xiaolong flew straight toward the Nine Dragons Temple without stopping.

The Nine Dragons Temple was acknowledged as the demonic beast clans’ top force, with their influence spanning an expansive land area equivalent to six-tenths of the beastmen’s.

Even so, with Huang Xiaolong’s current speed, he reached the Nine Dragons City in a day’s travel.

The city nestled itself in nature, undulating mountains surrounding it in all four directions.

The city was practically weaved into the mountains, and the Nine Dragons Temple was located right at the center of the city.

Towering structures monopolized the buildings inside the Nine Dragons City, its city walls were double the height of the Sacred Tiger City’s and wider than normal city gates entrance, enough to allow a hundred people standing side by side to pass at the same time.

With just the first step inside the Nine Dragons City, Huang Xiaolong was nearly overwhelmed by the strong demonic qi unique to the demonic beasts.

Looking up at the sky above the Nine Dragons City, the demonic qi actually formed thick clouds above it!

In fact, the Nine Dragons City existed since ancient times and many demonic beast experts stayed in the city, therefore it wasn’t strange that thick demonic qi clouds hovered above the city from the long accumulation period of several tens of thousands of years.

They neither reduced nor easily dissipated.

The demonic beast clans on the Ten Directions Continent originated from humans copulating with demonic beasts that had taken human form in the ancient era and they grew through generations of reproduction.

Therefore, the demonic beast clans possessed the outer appearance of a human but the terrifying defense of a demonic beast, exuding strong demonic qi.

These demonic beast clans cultivated beast cores inside their bodies, unlike humans that formed a Qi Sea.

Moreover, they had a unique beast taming art that enabled demonic beast expert with a powerful spiritual sense to control two to three demonic beasts at the same level as them.

This was what made others wary of the demonic beast clans.

Entering the Nine Dragons City, Huang Xiaolong leisurely strolled on the streets.

He noticed that the pedestrians around were mostly demonic beast experts, with an occasional beastmen or sea tribe member passing by.

Even rarer were humans, and those people only came to the city with business.

At this time, inside the Nine Dragons Temple.

Nine people were sitting in the great hall, one of them was none other than Ao Kun, who fled away in a sorry state after being defeated by Huang Xiaolong in the Elf Forest.

Sitting in the main seat was a stalwart young man with an imposing aura, clad in a deep mulberry-purple brocade robe.

Even with him simply sitting there, he gave others a feeling that he was overlooking the world.

This young man was one other than the Nine Dragons Temple Master, Ao Kun, the demonic beast clans’ strongest expert and also the Ten Directions Continent’s number one persona!

No one knew exactly how strong Ao Kun was.

What the public knew was that five hundred years ago, the beastmen’s Lion Tribe Patriarch Andrew, Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck, and Snake Tribe Patriarch Danny lost three against one, easily defeated by Ao Kun!

Since then, no one had seen Ao Kun battle again in the last five hundred years.

“More than a month has passed, that brat still hasn’t shown up!” Ao Shen grumbled, his temper flaring.

“Sixth brother, you think that brat will really dare to come” Sitting in the seat closer to the center, ranked fifth amongst the nine brothers, Ao Feng, taunted.

“Only those with big muscles with no brains like you believe that he'll show up!”

“What did you say!” Ao Shen leaped to his feet in anger.

“Enough.” Ao Kun sitting at the top spoke with an air of nonchalance, “Stop bickering.”

Only then did Ao Shen let out a snort and returned to his seat.

“Attack few days ago, the Ape Deity Temple Master’s son was killed, how do you all see this matter” Ao Kun asked.

“Big brother, you’re saying that the person who killed the Ape Deity Temple Master’s son and the person who defeated Sixth brother are one and the same” Second Bro Ao Sen tested inquired.

Ao Kun nodded, “It's a possibility.”

“But, I cannot figure it out, when did such a freaky younger generation appear in our Martial Spirit World” Third bro Ao Bi exclaimed: “He defeated Sixth bro in ten moves!”

That day, being forced to leave the Elf Forest and run back to Nine Dragons Temple was the most humiliating matter for Ao Shen.

To the others, he claimed that Huang Xiaolong defeated him with ten strokes, but Ao Kun and the rest weren’t aware that Ao Shen was actually defeated in a single move!

Even so, Ao Kun and the rest were still shocked, because they knew that Ao Shen was a peak late-Ninth Order Saint realm expert.

Defeating Ao Shen in ten moves! Only Ao Kun had this kind of strength! If their Second Brother Ao Sen used his full force from the beginning, he could barely manage to do so.

“Perhaps he’s not someone from our Martial Spirit World.” Ao Kun stated his thoughts after pondering the matter in his head.

“Not from our Martial Spirit World!” The eight others were stunned at this possibility.

Ao Kun explained, “Our Martial Spirit World is just one tiny, tiny dot in the vast galaxy.

Peace Emperor World, Glory World, Everlasting World, any one of these worlds is stronger, a hundred times more powerful than us.

There, experts are as common as the clouds.

 Zhao Yi, the Castellan of the strongest city within the Bedlam Lands, Sin City, is someone from the Peace Emperor World.”

“Sin City’s Castellan, Zhao Yi, originates from the Peace Emperor World!” Waves of shock swept through the brothers.

Ao Kun went on, “To list the people who I’m wary of in the Martial Spirit World,  they would be Deities Templar’s Temple Preceptor, the Cosmos God Cult Leader, and lastly, Sin City’s Castellan.”

“Big brother, if the person who killed the Ape Deity Temple Master’s son is the same young man who defeated Sixth brother...Vermillion City is not that far from our Nine Dragons Temple, that young man’s next destination is most likely our Nine Dragons Temple.” Seventh brother Ao Yi said.

Ao Kun nodded in agreement, “Based on that person’s speed, without hindrance, he’d reach our Nine Dragons City tomorrow.”

Second brother Ao Sen spoke, “Regardless which world’s expert he is, if he dares to show up, the Nine Dragons Temple will be his burial place!”

Ao Kun waved his hand, “Don’t shout ‘kill’ and ‘death’ every time you open your mouth to speak, if he’s willing to submit under Nine Dragons Temple, we can consider giving him the position of Supreme Enforcer Elder.”

Third Brother laughed, “It’s still Big brother with the better mind, our Nine Dragons Temple would be adding on another expert, we'll absolutely be able to suppress the Violent Lion Temple and Ape Deity Temple till they can’t breathe!”

Ninth brother Ao Kuang interjected, “But he killed the Ape Deity Temple Master’s son, if he submits under our Nine Dragons Temple, the Ape Deity Temple Master would surely come over to ask for him!”

Ao Kun was unperturbed, “A mere Ape Deity Temple, I dare Zhou Yunpeng to come make a ruckus in our Nine Dragons Temple.”

“That’s right, we don’t even put the beastmen tribes in our eyes, forget about mere Ape Deity Temple.” Eighth brother Ao Dong exclaimed proudly.

Ao Kun then asked, “How’s that Lion Tribe Young Patriarch Jesse doing”

“Now, only our Nine Dragons Temple dares to protect him, he has nowhere else he can turn to, of course he’s more than loyal and devoted to our Nine Dragons Temple.

His hatred toward the beastmen tribes grows every day to the point of killing every beastman he comes across.

All in all, the number of beastmen that died in his hand has reached eight hundred if not a thousand!” Second brother Ao Sen replied.

Sixth brother Ao Shen sat there quietly without uttering a word.

There were several times where he wanted to speak, to confess that he was actually defeated in one move, yet the words would not come.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong had reached the Nine Dragons Temple.

In front of Nine Dragons Temple was a large square, and above the square were sculptures of nine large sea dragons, emitting a faint formless pressure.

Observing the nine sea dragon sculptures, Huang Xiaolong could see that each of them was created from each hall master’s own demonic qi, which explained the invisible pressure coming from them.

Average Saint realm experts would not be able to get too close to the nine dragon sculptures.

Huang Xiaolong slowly walked toward the Nine Dragons Temple entrance.

“Stop right there!” Just as the demonic beast experts guarding the main entrance yelled at Huang Xiaolong, trying to stop him, Huang Xiaolong blew a breath at them.

Those guards instantly exploded, wind scattered their blood and flesh over the square.

At his current strength, a breath of air converted from his dantian’s true essence was more terrifying than any destructive lightning’s power.

Not even mid-level Saint realm experts could defend against it, not to mention these guards, who were only high-level Xiantian.

Ao Kun and his brothers were still discussing matters related to Huang Xiaolong when they heard the tragic wails coming from the entrance.

Stunned, all discussions halted abruptly.


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