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Chapter 470: Nine Dragons Temple

“Liege Lord, is what you’ve said, for real!” Swaying between joy and disbelief, Chuck asked for affirmation.

If he defeated the Liege Lord he’d get a hundred pieces Dragon Blood Crystals!

He knew very well that before entering closed-door practice more than two years ago, Liege Lord Beast God was only a Seventh Order Saint realm, but regardless how much one could enhance their strength during closed-door practice, Liege Lord Beast God should, at most, be a mid-Seventh Order Saint realm.

“For real.” Huang Xiaolong replied with a serious face.

Moments later, both appeared above a peak in a mountain range several hundred li outside of Sacred Tiger City.

Two figures stood on opposite sides in silence.

Huang Xiaolong made the first move, both hands formed into claws as he flew toward Chuck.

In that instant, the five elements power— water, fire, earth, wood, and metal erupted like a volcano, violent tremors shook the mountain range below as if the entire mountain was about to crumble into dust under Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

Chuck was genuinely alarmed by Huang Xiaolong’s momentum, quickly countering with a Sacred Tiger Fist.

The tempestuous collision was ear-splitting, scary shockwaves blasted outward onto the boulders and cliffs, pulverizing everything into dust.

After the impact, Huang Xiaolong and Chuck retreated back more than a hundred meters from each other.

In that one exchange, Chuck felt a numbing sensation on both hands, the expression on his face showed his shock.

Amongst the beastmen, other than the previous Lion Tribe Patriarch Andrew, he could confidently claim that he had the strongest physique, but now he was forced back by Huang Xiaolong to the point of feeling numb! Moreover, there was a slight tingling pain!

“Haha, come, let’s continue!” Huang Xiaolong laughed eagerly, waving his fist this time.

The frightening speed caused great friction against space, causing a sharp scratching sound against the wind that traveled several li.

Even before Huang Xiaolong’s fist arrived, Chuck already felt a prickling danger, the overwhelming destructive power enveloped him as his face went pale.

Lacking the confidence to take the hit head-on, he steered to the side with force.

Still, he dodged Huang Xiaolong’s powerful fist.

Chuck looked over and was aghast to discover that in the place he stood in just now, space looked as if it sunk in, imprinted with a giant fist.

Space was something intangible to begin with, how could someone’s fist be imprinted in space What mind-blowing concept was this!

Before Chuck could compose himself, another powerful tide of energy rolled toward him, startling him.

Huang Xiaolong flickered into a blur, launching another attack, aiming a palm at Chuck.

Panicked, Chuck’s palm shot out to block the attack.

Blow for blow, the two exchanged more than a dozen moves.

After a dozen exchanges, Chuck’s shock deepened, and a foreboding fear sprouted in his heart, for he noted that Huang Xiaolong’s physique was sturdier than even his own, probably more terrifying than an ancient mythical beast.

Just now, he landed a full force punch on Huang Xiaolong’s chest, but he merely staggered several steps back, without even a scratch on him.

What depressed Chuck above all was that his own hand actually felt pain down to the bones.

He highly doubted that ancient mythical beasts’ flesh was tougher than this!

In total, Huang Xiaolong had refined eight primordial divine dragons, his True Dragon Physique now surpassed the Dragon Clan’s five-clawed Golden Dragon Emperor during the ancient times.

Despite being a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert and possessing strong physique due to his origins, Chuck still fell short compared to ancient dragons, not to mention against the five-clawed golden dragon.

One hour later, Chuck had resorted to beast transformation.

After the beast transformation, Chuck’s defense rose to another level, adding his advantage as a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm strength with Huang Xiaolong not using any battle skills, he was finally able to slightly suppress Huang Xiaolong.

Every punch and palm strike from Huang Xiaolong jarred his bones so badly that Chuck felt like his bones were falling apart.

Yet Huang Xiaolong’s movements became more fluid and natural as time passed, even growing stronger as he battled…!

“Liege Lord, stop, stop, I’m not fighting anymore, not fighting!” Two hours later, Chuck wailed in dismay, shaking his head and waving his hands.

He frightenedly stared at Huang Xiaolong.

He really dared not continue to fight further, otherwise, his set of tiger skeleton would really be disassembled by Huang Xiaolong.

Hearing Chuck’s pitiful wails begging for mercy, Huang Xiaolong finally stopped, laughing, “It’s gratifying!” It had been quite some time since he last enjoyed a fight this much!

His body sung with joy, feeling comfortable from head to toe.

After refining eight primordial divine dragons, there was some true dragon essence residue that wasn’t fully absorbed into his body, pooling inside different parts of his body.

This fight helped him absorb that essence residue completely.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong agreeing to stop, Chuck heaved a great sigh of relief.

He was exhausted and drained, lying like a dead corpse on the ground, wishing he could just sleep for a few hundred years like this.

Watching Chuck, Huang Xiaolong took out a ten thousand year Purpleblood Human-shaped Ginseng: “Swallow this.”

Chuck looked over numbly, spotting the purple colored ginseng in Huang Xiaolong’ s hand that emitted a fragrant scent.

His senses were instantly stimulated, all his lethargy vanished.

“This is… Purpleblood Human-shaped Ginseng above ten thousand years old!” Chuck asked, his larynx contracted a few times.

“More accurately, close to forty thousand years.” Huang Xiaolong corrected.

Chuck quivered, “Liege Lord, this!”

“It’s fine, swallow it.” Huang Xiaolong more or less guessed what Chuck was about to say.

“Yes, Liege Lord!” Chuck complied, swallowing the purple ginseng down.

Warm energy immediately flowed to every part of his body, warm and comfortable.

“Come on, let’s head back.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Pulling himself out from the warm comfort, Chuck quickly stood up.

It didn’t take long for both of them to reach the manor’s main hall.

Sitting down, Huang Xiaolong asked Chuck about the situation of the beastmen tribes over the last three years.

Chuck reported everything to Huang Xiaolong, and when his report was done, Chuck asked Huang Xiaolong, “I found that Lion Tribe’s Young Patriarch Jesse, he’s currently hiding in the demonic beast clans’ Nine Dragons Temple.

Because the Nine Dragons Temple is not weak, this small one dared not act recklessly.”

That year, during the beastmen tribes’ congregation, the Young Patriarch Jesse at that time did not participate.

Later, he received news of his father’s death and that Huang Xiaolong was the same human he ran into in the Poison Dragon Valley.

Terrified, he fled, taking countless priceless treasures that the Lion Tribe had collected over thousands of years to the Nine Dragons Temple, requesting for their protection.

Receiving many treasures from Jesse, the Nine Dragons Temple promised to ensure his safety.

“Hiding in the Nine Dragons Temple.” Huang Xiaolong nodded, his expression calm that one couldn’t read what he was thinking.

However, this Lion Tribe Young Patriarch was a trouble that had to be uprooted.

“Have you fought with the Nine Dragons Temple Master before” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“I did, Liege Lord.

This small one made a trip to the Nine Dragons Temple two years ago, requesting them to hand Jesse over, but the Temple Master said that Jesse is one of their Hall Masters, and even if Liege Lord went, they wouldn’t hand Jesse over” Chuck reported.

“Oh, is that so” Since they said so, then he would personally make a trip to this Nine Dragons Temple.

The demonic beasts clans on the Ten Directions Continent stood at par with the beastmen tribes, and their strongest forces were the three temples.

The Nine Dragons Temple, Violent Lion Temple, and Ape Deity Temple.

Amongst the three temples, the Nine Dragons Temple ranked above the other two, it was the leader of millions of demonic beasts, thus the arrogant attitude.

“Any movements from the Deities Templar’s side” Huang Xiaolong asked another question.

“There have been no actions from the Deities Templar side in the recent three years.” Chuck added respectfully, “But the Elf Queen suddenly extended an open invitation to all forces’ experts to their elf race’s holy land.”

“Oh, do you know why” His curiosity was aroused.


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