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Chapter 438: Thank You For Your Hospitality

Just as Huang Xiaolong’s group of four entered the elegant courtyard, they heard laughter coming from inside the hall.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised, judging from the sounds of laughter, there were two individuals in the hall.

One of them was probably the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s President.

Did that mean the President was seeing to another guest at the moment Still, someone that was seen to personally by the President, that other person inside must be of high status.

Lead by Zheng Jingfeng, the four of them entered the hall.

Stepping into the hall, Huang Xiaolong’s attention immediately focused on the two middle-aged men sitting in the upper section of the hall, one of the men was clad in an eye-catching red brocade robe with a red ruby pendant hanging down from his waist belt.

The ruby reflected a vibrant and vivid red hue that left no doubt about its value as a rare quality jewel.

This particular middle-aged man was most likely the President of the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce, Zhu Wuji.

The other man was clad in black from head to toe except for the patch of embroidered flowing red clouds on his chest that seemed to glimmer like stardust.

Someone from the Distinct Void Door

When he was making his way to Starcloud Continent, cutting across the Demonic Beasts Forest where Huang Xiaolong rescued Lil’ Tian, he had killed several Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House Elders in the process.

Thus it wasn’t strange that Huang Xiaolong could recognize the Distinct Void Door sect robes in a single glance.

While Huang Xiaolong was studying both men, the same was true in reverse, both men were also observing Huang Xiaolong.

A person that was able to easily take out ten high-grade divine spirit pellets roused Zhu Wuji and the other man’s curiosity.

Both Zhu Wuji and the man searched their own memories, but neither of them had any information about such a black-haired young man.

However, their eyes lit up brightly when their gazes fell on Shi Xiaofei, especially the middle-aged man clad in full black.

His feverish eyes did not move away from Shi Xiaofei’s body.

Detecting the reaction of the man beside him, Zhu Wuji inwardly shook his head with a trace of helplessness, he knew that the black-robed man did not have many interests, his only vice was women.

“President, it is this Young Noble who wishes to see you.”Zhang Jingfeng led the group of four into the hall and reported to Zhu Wuji with deference.

“How should I greet this little brother” Zhu Wuji spoke, directing his words at Huang Xiaolong, “And what matters do you have with me” Despite the seemingly amiable tone, neither Zhu Wuji nor the black-robed man stood up, neither did they invite Huang Xiaolong and his party to sit down.

Huang Xiaolong skipped past Zhu Wuji’s questions and asked a question instead: “I heard from Treasure City’s Qin Family Patriarch that President Zhu bought four stalks of Dragon God Grass from him.”

“Dragon God Grass” Zhu Wuji and the black-robed man sat a little straighter.

Clearly, Huang Xiaolong’s purpose was a little unexpected for both men.

Zhu Wuji shot a quick glance in the black-robed man’s direction before saying to Huang Xiaolong, “Correct, I indeed bought four stalks Dragon God Grass from Treasure City’s Qin Family Patriarch.

But, just moments ago, they were bought by Deputy Sovereign Shao using one hundred pieces of high-grade divine spirit pellets.”

Huang Xiaolong glanced over at the black-robed man, a tiny frown formed on his forehead.

He didn’t imagine such coincidence would occur, the four stalks Dragon God Grass fell into this black-robed man’s hand just one step ahead of him.

“Where were my manners, allow me to make an introduction, this is Distinct Void Door’s Deputy Sovereign Shao Dongjian.” Zhu Wuji smiled widely pointing at the black-robed man next to him.

The Distinct Void Door’s Deputy Sovereign Shao Dongjian!

Huang Xiaolong was slightly stunned hearing that despite knowing that the black-robed man was someone from the Distinct Void Door, the Deputy Sovereign at that.

Hearing Zhu Wuji introduce him as such, Shao Dongjiang couldn’t help feeling proud and complacent, and it showed on his face.

“You want the Dragon God Grass It’s open for negotiation.” Shao Dongjian spoke with a smiling face, “Let’s do it this way, as long as you can take out twenty top grade divine spirit pellets, I’ll reluctantly part with them.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart hearing that. ‘Twenty pieces of top grade divine spirit pellets!’

What a shrewd business acumen!

This Shao Dongjian spent one hundred high-grade divine spirit pellets to buy the four stalks of Dragon God Grass; one hundred high-grade divine spirit pellets was tantamount to a mere five or six top-grade divine spirit pellets at most.

Yet he was asking for twenty of them!

Zhu Wuji was speechless as well, but he did not voice a sound.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong merely looking at him with an aloof expression, an irritation rose within Shao Dongjian.

Not even Zhu Wuji, the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s President dared to look at him in the eye in such a brazen manner.

He let out a cold snort, “What, can’t afford it Oh right, my price of twenty top grade spirit pellets is only in exchange for one stalk of Dragon God Grass, if you want all four, you must take out eighty pieces of top-grade divine spirit pellets!”

Eighty pieces!

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong calmed down, becoming even more detached looking at Shao Dongjian.

Shao Dongjian snickered sounded lewd to the ears, “Of course, if you cannot afford eighty pieces of top-grade divine spirit pellets, there’s is another method.

Give me that woman as a maid, as long as she serves me well, making me happy and satisfied, I might even consider giving you the four Dragon God Grass stalks for free!”

Served him well! Happy and satisfied!

Insinuating Shi Xiaofei to serve him in bed!

Of course, after the deed was done, whether he was ‘satisfied’ enough to give the four stalks Dragon God Grass was another matter.

Shi Xiaofei and her two maids were instantly angered by the vulgar words and prepared to attack.

Huang Xiaolong raised a hand, stopping them.

Then he turned to look at Shao Dongjiang, the frost in his gaze piercingly cold, “I hope the next time we meet, you can still utter these words.” In Huang Xiaolong’s view, this Shao Dongjian was already a dead man.

But, Huang Xiaolong preferred not to act here.

Huang Xiaolong looked over at Zhu Wuji, “President Zhu, many thanks for your hospitality today!”

Although Zhu Wuji merely sat and watched quietly on the side as if holding a neutral stance, in truth, his actions leaned towards Shao Dongjian.

They were in Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce headquarters after all, as the host, he should speak a few words to pacify the situation.

“Let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong turned and left with the three women following closely behind.

“Stop right there!” Shao Dongjian was about to jump to his feet in anger, a young fledgling dared to threaten him.

Zhu Wuji was quicker than him, waving a hand at Shao Dongjian, blocking him: “Wait!”

Shao Dongjian looked at Zhu Wuji with a baffled expression.

Zhu Wuji explained, “Brother Shao, there’s no rush to teach the little guy a lesson.” This was the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce headquarters, if a fight broke out here, it would be a stain on the chamber’s reputation.

Only then did Shao Dongjian calm down, nodding in agreement, “Fine, let’s wait till they’re out of the city.

I’ll let the brat live a little longer.”

Zhu Wuji’s eyes bore ill-will as he watched Huang Xiaolong’s receding figure.

How could he miss the threat laced within Huang Xiaolong’s parting words, hmph, was he, Zhu Wuji, someone so easily intimidated

“However, Brother Shao, it seems that kid’s background is not so simple.” Zhu Wuji said solemnly.

Able to take out ten top-grade divine spirit pellets, the identity of such a person was never simple.

Additionally, even knowing both his and Shao Dongjian’s identities, the fact that he still dared utter such thinly veiled threat made him contemplate deeper.

However, Shao Dongjian laughed instead, “Brother Zhu, when did your guts become so small Would my Distinct Void Door be afraid of a no-name tenderfoot”

Indeed, there weren’t many people that Shao Dongjian would be afraid of.

So what if the other side’s identity was not simple

Furthermore, he had seen the Cosmos God Cult and White Phoenix House’s Young Lords, clearly, the black-haired young man earlier was neither.

Suddenly, all gloom was gone from Zhu Wuji’s face, “Brother Shao, the ten top-grade divine spirit pellets on that kid, could you make a concession and sell them to our Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce”

Huang Xiaolong did not conceal his breath earlier, with these two old foxes’ keen sight, both could determine that Huang Xiaolong was only a Fourth Order Saint realm.

In Zhu Wuji’s opinion, with Shao Dongjian on the offense, that kid wouldn’t be able to escape.

Shao Dongjian laughed heartily, “That, would not be a problem.”


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