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Chapter 36: Luo Tong Royal City


The front of the treasure map was actually a drawing of a monkey!                           

 While Huang Xiaolong pondered about the significance of the drawing on the map, the little violet monkey ran to him and became visibly excited when he saw the map.

Seeing the little monkey’s reaction, Huang Xiaolong became even more baffled.

 Could this treasure map be related to the little violet monkey

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong heard an anguished scream; turning his head in the direction of the scream, he saw Fei Hou in his Silver River martial spirit form throw a powerful punch at Chen Feng’s chest, causing it to collapse.

A heartbeat later, a long sword flew out of the silver-colored river and went straight into Chen Feng’s throat.

Chen Feng looked down and saw that a long sword had pierced through his throat, with red blood dripping to the ground.

He looked up, only to see Fei Hou holding the other end of the sword.

His mouth opened and closed a few times, and suddenly he dashed towards Fei Hou.

But, after two steps his body tumbled and he fell to the ground.

 Fei Hou cast a cold glance at Chen Feng’s body before walking towards Huang Xiaolong.

His expression became weird when he saw the so-called treasure map, and he said in a somber tone, “Sovereign, this treasure map was left behind by a powerful demonic beast cultivator.”

“A Demonic Beast cultivator!” Huang Xiaolong was shocked.


“Yes, Sovereign.

The words on the other side of the treasure map are written in the beast language.” said Fei Hou as he pointed to the back of the map.

Hearing that, Huang Xiaolong turned the over map and saw that a strange mountain resembling an elephant was drawn on the other side of the map.

And at the bottom were several lines of unusual patterns that seemed to be the beast language Fei Hou was talking about.

 Suddenly, the little monkey pointed at the writings and gestured at Huang Xiaolong.

 “Little guy, are you saying that you understand what's written here” Huang Xiaolong asked.

 “Zhi zhi zhi!” The little violet monkey nodded, then it shook its little head.

Huang Xiaolong continued asking the little monkey for a while, but in the end, he still got nothing.

Helpless, he put the map in his ring.

Although he currently didn’t know the location of the strange elephant-like mountain, nor could he yet decipher the writing, he was certain that the treasure map was related to the little Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey who traveled with him.

As Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou began to dispose of the corpses lying around, Huang Xiaolong found a high-grade Mysterious rank exercise law on Chen Feng’s corpse called Black Moon Art.

Other than that, he also found some gold coins and dans on him.

Everything went into Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Ring.

Even though the high-grade Mysterious rank exercise law was useless to him, he could auction it to fetch a good sum, especially for those clans like the Huang Clan Manor that only had low-grade exercise laws of similar same rank.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, and the little violet monkey left the place.


Very quickly another two months had passed.

During these past two months, a man, a child, and a monkey continued to travel even deeper into Silvermoon Forest.

Huang Xiaolong’s level had improved so much that he was already a half-step into Sixth Order and he could breakthrough at any time.

He worked hard at training the Tears of Asura, and its power had gone up by several folds and the only thing left were the meridians required for the Body Metamorphose Scripture’s Fourth Stage – Convert Power of the Stars which had yet to open up.

Reaching higher levels of the Body Metamorphose Scripture got harder with each stage until it reached twelve stage.

However, in his previous life, Huang Xiaolong had gotten to stage nine of the Body Metamorphose Scripture so this time starting all over again was actually easier.

Night came, and moonlight covered the continent.

If you looked up at the moon while staying within the Silvermoon Forest, the moon would appear to be basked in silver, giving the forest its name.

Under the silvery moonlight, Huang Xiaolong had his right hand held high above his head, his left hand behind him on his waist and he continuously breathed according to a particular rhythm.

His internal force circulated within his body and gathered in his dantian.

A few feet away, Fei Hou didn’t know what to think of Huang Xiaolong’s odd postures.

He had never heard of anyone on the Snow Wind Continent who had to twist themselves in order to practice a battle qi exercise law.

Night gradually receded and the bright sun rose in the sky.

Huang Xiaolong stopped his practice and two people and a monkey once again continued their journey, killing demonic beasts along the way while practicing battle skills.


Five days later, Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, and the little monkey finally left the Silvermoon Forest and traveled along a forest trail.

Having spent four months training in Silvermoon Forest, Huang Xiaolong decided to head to the nearest city for a change of scenery.

Following the forest trail down the hill for a few hours, they finally saw a large city.

This city was far bigger than the Canglan County where Huang Clan Manor was situated.

Looking at the city from afar, the city walls were about thirty meters high with a towering entrance and there was a moat of gray water before the city walls.

With the huge city up ahead, Huang Xiaolong was delighted and quickened his pace.

As he got nearer to the gates, he saw written above the gates: Lou Tong Royal City.

 “Luo Tong Royal City!” Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a moment when he saw the words-- this is the Luo Tong Kingdom’s Royal City! He had actually reached the Royal City!

“Sovereign!” Huang Xiaolong came to his senses when Fei Hou called to him.

“Shall we enter into the city now” He asked.

 “Let’s go into the city!” He replied to Fei Hou with excitement.

Just like when he was back on Earth, he felt happy on arriving at the capital city.

 Before they could go in, a guard at the gate pulled the two of them to one side, looked them up and down before he asked: “Admission fees, ten gold coins per person!”

Ten gold coins are enough for a common household one month’s expenses!

At this time, a young man and woman riding a Stage Four Flame Beast mount swaggered into the city.

The guards at the gate didn’t block them but instead bowed deeply as they passed by.

 Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned cold, and pointed at the two people who had just passed by: “Why don’t they have to pay admission fees”

 The Guard Captain sneered, “Them They are members of the Marquis Household’s Miss Lin and Young Master Lin; they are nobles.

Do you know what nobles are Of course, they needn’t pay admission fees when entering and exiting through city gates! How can you lowly outsider common folks from the outside be equivalent to Miss Lin and Young Master Lin!”

It seemed like, these guards judged that he and Fei Hou were common folks by their clothes.

 Huang Xiaolong frowned; outsider common folks entering the city need to pay ten gold coins, whereas nobles are free to enter and exit.

Suddenly, from the distant mountain came the sound of many beasts running as tremors on the ground reached the gates so Huang Xiaolong turned to look.

There were about twelve or more people riding on a Stage Four Horned Rhino racing towards the gates.

Judging from their speed, they would reach the gates very soon, but none of them showed any intention of slowing down.

 Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou were standing before the gates in the middle of the road going into the city, and if they didn’t get out of the way on time, Huang Xiaolong would be sent flying from the impact of the charging beasts.

When the Guard Captain saw the young man in a yellow robe leading the pack, he panicked and immediately hid in a corner. 

“Young Master Meng is back, quickly move aside! Move aside!” It was obvious that he was extremely afraid of this yellow robed young man. 


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