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Chapter 3326: Heavenly King Star, Six Swords Gate

Not a single trace of true qi leaked from Huang Xiaolongs body, but his presence alone was enough to force everyone into submission.

The old ancestors of the two sects looked at Huang Xiaolong in amazement.

He managed to kill several tens of thousands of sea beasts with a single punch! Not to mention the fact that he was still several dozen miles away from the battlefield!

There were beasts who werent weaker than the two of them in the fray, but they were killed all the same!

The power he used had already exceeded the scope of their imaginations.

Looking at the corpses that were stuck in the city walls, the bodies of the beasts were preserved perfectly.

However, there wasnt a single trace of blood on their bodies.

Everything was frozen solid.

Kong Hui and Ma Lin stared at the thick ice on the walls and they could see that the layer of frost stretched for as far as their eyes could see.

Even though it was the middle of summer, chills ran down their bodies when they saw the frozen corpses.

“Who… Who is he!” Kong Huis teeth chattered as he asked.

“He… Hes Lord Huang Xiaolong!” Lin Dongyuan replied.

Huang Xiaolong!

The leader of the grand elders of the Huang Family in the Donglin Province!

Explosions went off in the heads of Kong Hui and Ma Lin.

When in the world did an expert of his level appear in the Huang Family! His strength had far surpassed their expectations.

Thinking about how they ordered Li Dongyuan to shut the city gates, their faces turned deathly pale.

Just a moment ago, they locked Huang Xiaolongs old lover and the students of the universities outside the city, sacrificing them to the horde of beasts!

When everyone was still stuck in a state of shock, Huang Xiaolong started to walk towards them with Yuan Hui following closely behind.

Even Yuan Hui was astounded by the strength Huang Xiaolong displayed with that single punch.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived on the beach.

It was then where Kong Hui and Ma Lin saw Yuan Hui standing respectfully behind Huang Xiaolong.

Their eyeballs dropped in fright.

“Lord… Lord Yuan Hui!”



Zhang Yuhan and Lin Kai jumped in joy when they saw Huang Xiaolong walking towards them.

They felt as though they took a trip down to hell and back after the battle.

Nodding slightly to the both of them, Huang Xiaolong asked, “What went wrong”

“Uncle, its them! They drew all the beasts over before running into the city themselves.

They ordered the gates to be closed before we could return!” Lin Kai pointed at Kong Hui and Ma Lin who were standing on the city gates and raged.

Countless eyes turned to look at the two instantly.

Traces of rage could be seen in the eyes of the students and teachers of the various universities.

With their legs going numb, the two of them fell to their knees.

As for Li Dongyuan, he didnt fare much better.

He might have received orders from the two of them to close the gates, but he was still the supervisor of the city.

The order to close the gates and open the defensive formation came from his mouth.

“Oh.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the two of them.

No one knew how the two of them fell, but the two of them managed to fall off the front of the city walls.

Like a rock, they smashed into the ground outside the gate with a loud thump.

“Who are they” Huang Xiaolong asked Yuan Hui.

“Your Highness, this subordinate exchanged pointers with them in the past, and they are the old ancestors of the Thousand Extermination Sect and the Training Star Sect.

One is called Kong Hui and the other is called Ma Lin.” Next, he introduced them briefly.

When the two of them heard how Yuan Hui addressed himself in front of Huang Xiaolong, they were so frightened that their hearts nearly stopped beating.

“Senior… The situation was dire, and we were thinking of the safety of the people in the city! That was the only reason we ordered for the gates to be closed! We didnt know that Senior Huangs friends and family were outside!” Kong Hui tried to explain himself.

“Yes, yes, yes! Senior Huang, if we knew that your relatives were outside, we would never order them to close the gates!” Ma Lin hastily followed up.

Looking at them with an expressionless face, Huang Xiaolong turned to Li Dongyuan.


Tell me what happened.”

Falling to his knees, Li Dongyuan slammed his head into the ground in a massive kowtow.

“Senior Huang, I had nothing to do with this! I told them that Teacher Zhang Yuhan and Lin Kai were outside.

They didnt care about it, and they ordered me to close the gates! They said that you were a mere grand elder in the Huang Family and only the Ying Family was worth something in the Huaxia Alliance!”

The faces of Kong Hui and Ma Lin changed instantly.

They roared in anger as they tried to slap Li Dongyuan, “How dare you frame us!”

Before their palm could land, they were sent smashing into the wall like the beasts.

Just like that, two cultivators at the Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm died!

Even their nascent souls failed to escape from their bodies.

Staring at the bodies in shock, Li Dongyuan slammed his head into the ground again.

“Are you a disciple of the Li Family” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, yes… I…” Li Dongyuan couldnt even form a complete sentence when Huang Xiaolong sent him flying with a single tap.

Blood sprayed from his lips as Huang Xiaolongs voice boomed in his ears, “Ill allow you to live seeing as youre honest.

However, Ill cripple your qi veins as punishment.”

Thanking Huang Xiaolong profusely for sparing his life, Li Dongyuan bowed again and again.

It didnt take long for the news of the two old ancestors death to travel across the world.

The world was thrown into chaos again as the news of the Japanese Alliances submission hadnt even died down.

Soon after, the video of Huang Xiaolong killing the sea beasts with a single punch started to spread.

Satellite videos of the entire process were broadcasted to the entire world.

When everyone saw the bodies of the beasts stacked together on the city walls, the experts of the various factions had no idea how to react.

Even though it was only a short video, the horrifying power of the ice dragon that Huang Xiaolong summoned shocked everyone to their core.

Ignoring everything else that went on, Huang Xiaolong brought Zhang Yuhan and Lin Kai back to the Eastern University.

As they made their way back, the topic of discussion shifted to Eminent Elder Wang Zheng of the Six Swords Gate.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong said that Wang Zheng was to kneel in front of the Zhang Family as an apology before crippling both his hands.

Otherwise, he would trample on Wang Zhengs corpse in the Six Swords Gate.

Everyone thought that he was crazy, but that was no longer the case.

“Old ancestor, do you think that Wang Zheng will kneel before the Zhang Family Manor before crippling his arms” Ying Zhi asked Ying Tian.

“If theyre not stupid, they will definitely do it.

After all, keeping his life is more important than anything else.”

When everyone thought that Wang Zheng was about to do whatever Huang Xiaolong said, another piece of news rocked the world.

“The Six Swords Gate of the Heavenly King Star sent several experts over to Earth! Hes said to be old ancestor Fu Wus martial uncle, and hes an expert who has already surpassed the Enlightenment Realm! Fu Wus martial uncle should be a high-level Spirit Severing Realm expert!”

The Six Swords Gates headquarters was located on the Heavenly King Star, and Fu Wu was a mere grand elder who was sent over to Earth.

When the experts on Earth heard the news, they broke out into another round of discussion.

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