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Chapter 3287: Expelled from the Lin Family

Lin Chengtians enthusiasm caused Lin Xiaotians head to swell.

Lin Chengtian wasnt just an elder of the Lin Family, he was a Ninth Level Golden Core Realm cultivator, and he was the direct disciple of the Lin Family Patriarch himself! His status in the Lin Family was extremely high, and his authority was only slightly less than the grand elders! When Lin Xiaotian met Lin Chengtian in the past, the latter wouldnt even look him in the eye! Now, he was acting so cordially towards Lin Xiaotian and the difference was huge!

“Elder Lin Chengtian, this…” Lin Xiaotian couldnt understand the treatment he was getting and he decided to make a small probe.

“Why are you congratulating me”

Roaring with laughter, Lin Chengtian slapped Lin Xiaotians shoulders.

“Your brother-in-law is here! Hahaha! With his help, you will definitely succeed in life! You should be taking care of me in the future!”

“My brother-in-law” Lin Xiaotian was stunned.

Zou Xueqing gasped in shock.

“Is my big brother here”

“This…” Lin Chengtian looked at Zou Xueqing and asked.

Could that really be Huang Wen If that was the case…

There were many elders in the Lin Family, and Lin Xiaotian wasnt even one of the more outstanding ones.

Lin Chengtian had no idea what was going on in his life.

Lin Xiaotian hastily responded, “Elder Lin Chengtian, this is my wife, Zou Xueqing!”

After chasing Huang Wen away, he very quickly announced the matter of Zou Xueqing becoming his main wife.

“Wife Zou Xueqing” Lin Chengtian couldnt help but frown.

“Elder Lin Xiaotian, isnt your wife Huang Wen” Did Grand Elder Huang Xiaolong of the Huang Family mix things up

“Huang Wen!” Lin Xiaotian yelped in shock.

Lin Shuang who was standing at the side snapped when she heard Huang Wens name.

“Humph! That b*tch was expelled from the Lin Family by my father half a day ago! My mother is Lin Xiaotians wife no!”

“What! What did you just say!” Lin Chengtian felt his body freezing up in fear.

Pointing at Lin Xiaotian, he roared, “You… What the f*ck did you do!”

That was Huang Wen they were talking about, the sister of Grand Elder Huang Xiaolong of the Huang Family! She was expelled from the family by this dumb*ss of a elder! If Huang Xiaolong ever found out…

Lin Chengtian felt his heart pounding in fear at the consequences.

When Lin Xiaotian saw Lin Chengtians reaction, he frowned.

Why was someone else going crazy because of a wife he discarded

“Elder Lin Chengtian this…”

“Explain yourself right now! Why did you expel her from the family!” Lin Chengtian roared in anger.

He couldnt understand why Lin Xiaotian would actually do something so stupid.

“That sl*ts son stole my mothers spiritual hairpin and my spiritual fruit! My father crippled his arms and kicked them out of the Lin Family half a day ago!” Lin Shuang snapped haughtily.

Crippled Huang Wens sons arms…

Kicked them out of the Lin Family…

Lin Chengtian felt the world spinning around him.

Wasnt Huang Wens son Huang Xiaolongs nephew!

A terrifying wave of killing intent rused out form Lin Chengtians body and he glared at Lin Xiaotian.

“You… You id*ot! Get them back right now! Bring Huang Wen and her son over to me!”

Lin Xiaotian was stunned by Lin Chengtians sudden outburst, and he couldnt help but ask.

“Elder Lin Chengtian, whats going on”

Zou Xueqing, Lin Shuang, and his other wives stared at Lin Chengtian in confusion.

An urge to send Lin Xiaotian flying with a single slap surged through Lin Chengtians mind, and he roared in anger, “Thats because her older brother is here!”

“Huang Wens older brother” Lin Xiaotian knew that she only had a young brother called Huang Chenfei.

Where did her older brother come from!

“Elder Lin Chengtian, did you get something wrong Huang Wen doesnt have an older brother.

She only has a younger brother called Huang Chenfei, and hes nothing but a cripple!”

“As for her parents, they are on the verge of death!”

Lin Chengtian sneered angrily, “Mistaken Youre really dumber than I thought.

You have no idea what went on in the Huang Family do you Let me tell you right now! Huang Wens older brother returned eight days ago, and hes called Huang Xiaolong! He ascended to the position of a grand elder the moment he returned, and do you know which Huang Family Im talking about right now!”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Lin Xiaotian stared at him in shock.

“The newly ascended leader of the grand elders of the Huang Family! You… You… Huang Wens older brother…”

Huang Xiaolongs name flashed through his mind all of a sudden.

He heard of that name several days ago, and he didnt really care about it.

However, it seemed as though he had gotten himself into a whole lot of trouble.

Lin Xiaotians wives stared at him in shock.

It was especially so for Zou Xueqing and Lin Shuang.

They didnt expect that she would be the younger sister of a grand elder of the Huang Family! The supreme grand elders no less!

“Thats right!” Lin Chengtians eyes were cold as he glared at Lin Xiaotian.

“They are in the main hall of our Lin Family right now! My master and the grand elders appeared personally to greet him.

If you fail to locate Huang Wen right now, youll be in deep trouble!”

Lin Xiaotian finally realized how serious the situation was and panic set in his heart.

He wasnt the only one.

Zou Xueqing was equally as nervous.

If he learned that she was the one who forced his sister to…

“Elder Lin Chengtian, she has already left for half a day! How am I supposed to locate her!” Lin Xiaotian cried out in panic.

Forcing himself to calm down, Lin Chengtian knew that there was no other choice.

He suppressed his anger and growled.

“Ill bring you over to the main hall right now.

When you meet Huang Xiaolong and the others, do not mention anything about how you expelled her from the Lin Family! Say that they left several days ago.”

“The universities would start their lessons in two days, and you can say that Huang Wen sent her son, Lin Kai, over to school! Alright.

That settles it!” Lin Chengtian sighed.

“Hide this from Huang Xiaolong now.

When we launch an actual search for Huang Wen several days later, you better beg for her forgiveness.

Do you understand me!”

Lin Xiaotian wanted to say something, but he nodded eventually.

As such, the two of them made their way towards the main hall of the Lin Family.

After Lin Chengtian left, Lin Shuang snapped.

“How dare he ask my father to apologize to that sl*t! Hes just a grand elder of the Huang Family.


My father is an elder of the Lin Family! Even if he learns of what we did, they wouldnt dare to move against my father!”

Zou Xueqing, who was leagues ahead of her silly daughter, realized the seriousness of the situation and she warned, “Shuanger, you can say anything you wish now, but when Huang Wen actually returns, we have to apologize to them.

We have to appear sincere no matter what.

We need to ensure the two of them doesnt pursue the situation.

If Huang Wen actually complains about us, things will get ugly.”

Zou Xueqing was no fool.

The only thing she wanted now was for Huang Wen to return and for the entire thing to blow over with a simple apology.

When they were speaking to each other, Lin Chengtian and Lin Xiaotian had already returned to the main hall.

Lin Xiaotian saw the members of the Huang Family sitting comfortably in the main hall.

Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilans transformation was too huge, and he didnt recognize them.

The only one he managed to identify was Huang Chengfei, but even so, he knew that Huang Chenfei looked many years younger than he once was.

He was no longer the cripple, and Lin Xiaotian gasped in shock.

“Wheres my sister” Huang Xiaolongs expression fell when he saw that the only person to arrive was Lin Xiaotian.

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