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Chapter 3269: Dare to Betray Me!

“How come they are listed as Huang Familys wanted criminals” Zhang Rui couldnt help asking.

Sun Youwei looked deeply at Zhang Rui, speaking in a teasing tone, “Why, are you worried about your ex-husband”

The person Sun Youwei was referring to was, of course, Huang Chenfei.

Zhang Rui leaned into Sun Youweis back and started massaging his shoulders as she spoke in a coquettish manner, “Master, you know whos in my heart.

Im too lazy to be concerned about Huang Chenfeis life and death.

I heard that he cant even get off the bed right now.

For me, he couldnt die fast enough!”

Sun Youwei smiled and nodded, “Dont be nervous, I was merely saying.” He then explained, “The cause seems to be Huang Chenfeis elder brother.”

“Huang Chenfeis elder brother” Zhang Rui repeated with a bewildered expression.

Sun Youwei continued, “Ive only heard rumors, but it is said that Huang Jiyuan has another son that suddenly went missing about a hundred years back, and he has returned recently.

His name seems to be Huang Xiaolong.

The moment he came back, he broke Huang Bos arms and legs and even dug out his eyes.

He also broke Huang Baoguis spine!”

Zhang Rui was taken aback, “That Huang Xiaolong is so brutal, is he”

“Brutal” Sun Youwei mocked, “Thats courting death.

That old man Huang Jiyuan does not have long to live anymore, and the returning prodigal son caused this catastrophic disaster.

Hes probably dead by now!”

Sun Youwei still didnt know that Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and Huang Chenfei were rejuvenated and could move without a problem.

It had only been three days since Huang Xiaolong had returned, at the same time, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and Huang Chenfei had long been labeled as insignificant people.

No one paid them any attention, hence, not many people were aware of the recent changes in Huang Jiyuans family.

In truth, Sun Youwei did not know much about Huang Xiaolongs matter, except that Huang Xiaolong was Huang Jiyuans eldest son, who had gone missing for a hundred years, and he had returned a few days ago.

Zhang Rui giggled, “I really want to see how Huang Jiyuan that old man will be angered to his death.”

Sun Youwei chuckled, “Dont worry, therell a be a chance for that.

Wait for a couple of days.

Ill take you back to Huazhou City, so we can take a look.”

“Youre going to Huazhou City” Zhang Rui had not expected that.

Sun Youwei nodded.

“There is a batch of Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit Tree seeds for auction at Huazhou Citys market, so I plan to go and take a look.

If possible, I will buy ten seeds!”

“Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit Tree seeds!” Zhang Rui was delighted as the Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit was one of the highest grade spiritual fruits available on Earth, and it was expensive.

One fruit cost ten spiritual low-grade spirit stones.

Sun Youwei grinned.

“Thats right.

Seeds of Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit Tree.

After we buy them, well hire specialists to help us grow them.

Even if one of them is successfully grown, we can enjoy Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit a decade later!”

“That would be wonderful!” Zhang Ruis eyes turned crescents as she smiled.


Inside the Golden River Residences villa number One…

Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu were reporting to Huang Xiaolong the process of capturing Huang Ruxing, Huang Anquan, and their families.

They specifically mentioned their resistance during capture.

“You all did well.” Huang Xiaolong nodded, and flicked a spatial bag to each of them as he went on, “Inside each spatial bag are one hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones.

Consider it as your reward.”

Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu took the spatial bag in front of them with flattered expressions.

“Your Highness, serving Your Highness is something we should do.

We dont dare to accept Your Highness reward.”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, “Take it when I give it to you.”

Only then the three of them accepted the spatial bag and thanked Huang Xiaolong.

“Oh right, Your Highness.” Huang Shengan remembered something and said to Huang Xiaolong, “Ive heard one news that the Sun Family plans to grab a piece of Huang Familys industries while the family is in chaos.”

He then reported the detailed information he had obtained to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong seemed calm listening to the report, and asked, “Sun Youwei is the Sun Familys elder”

Sun Youwei Huang Shengan and the others blanked for a moment before it hit them what Huang Xiaolong was asking about.

Huang Chenfeis ex-wife… Didnt she marry the Sun Familys elder, Sun Youwei

It was said that her days were very good.

“It is so, Your Highness.

Sun Youwei is the Sun Familys elder,” Huang Qi promptly answered.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, saying, “The Sun Family wants to encroach on the Huang Familys industries.

Let them do it.

There is no need to waste time on them.”

The three grand elders were stunned, unable to figure out Huang Xiaolongs intention.

But they could see that Huang Xiaolong was planning to take over the Huang Family, and if the Sun Family really captured some of the Huang Familys industries, it would be damaging to Huang Xiaolong.

“In these two days, focus on calming the Huang Familys disciples, and gathering support.” Huang Xiaolong went on, “Also, help me find out which top-level market in Donglin Province has high-grade spiritual fruit and spiritual herbs seeds for sale.”

Huang Feiwu immediately thought of something, thus said, “Your Highness, Ive heard that the Longxing Commerce in our Huazhou Citys trading market would be selling a batch of Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit seeds in a couple of days.”

The Longxing Commerce was one of the biggest trading companies in Donglin Province.

“Oh, Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit seeds.” Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Alright, Ive noted it, but continue to follow up for me.”

The three complied respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong had a few more tasks for the three grand elders before sending them away.

While Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu stood respectfully as they listened to Huang Xiaolongs extortion, inside a luxurious palace belonging to the Huaxia Alliance in the capital, Huang Houdes face was sullen and gloomy as he watched the video playing before him, and his face came very close to being twisted.

One could imagine how enraged he was by his face.

He received several videos that were recorded during Huang Ruxing and Huang Anquans capture, and these videos were sent to him by a Huang Familys elder.

Although Huang Xiaolong had ordered Huang Shengan to clean up Huang Houdes line, there were many of the remaining Huang Familys elders who were loyal to Huang Houde.

After watching these videos, Huang Houde could no longer constrain his anger, and he suddenly struck out with his palm, shattering the medium playing the video, and a heart-palpitating killing intent roiled in his eyes.

“Huang Shengan, you three old things, how dare you betray me!” Huang Houdes chilling voice cut across the air.

The four Huang Familys grand elders watching this were frightened by Huang Houdes burst of temper.

The Huang Family has a total of thirteen grand elders, and six of them were left to guard the main residence in Datong City, four grand elders followed Huang Houde to the capital, and the remaining three went out on tasks.

“Patriarch, Huang Shengan, and the two have always been loyal, their sudden revolt is too strange.” Huang Familys grand elder, Huang Xin, stated solemnly.

Huang Xin was the second most powerful expert of Huang Family, an early First Level Nascent Soul, and only he, amongst the people present, dared to speak when Huang Houde was in this state.

Seeing it was Huang Xin who said these words, Huang Houdes ugly expression eased slightly, and his eyes flickered.

“Third Granduncle, you mean” Huang Houde asked.

Huang Xin was the Old Ancestor Huang Mings third son, and in terms of seniority, Huang Xin was Huang Houdes third granduncle.

“Huang Xiaolong has just returned after he went missing for a hundred years, yet he has already crippled Huang Bo and Huang Baoqui, and now, Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu suddenly revolted.

This is too much of a coincidence.

Also, where is Grand Elder Huang Chengyi, and Grand Elder Huang Maosheng My second brother is also missing!” Huang Xin listed out.

Huang Xins second brother was none other than Huang Bingquan who had exploded to his death.

At this time, Huang Xin and the others still did not know Huang Bingquan had died.

“This is impossible, right Grand Elder Huang Xin, are you saying that the three grand elders have submitted to Huang Xiaolong” Another Huang Familys grand elder Huang Wendan shook his head.

“Impossible! Even if Huang Xiaolong possesses sky-high abilities, he couldnt have made the three grand elders turn to him in a short few days.”

To make a Nascent Soul Realm expert submit to someone was not something easy, and even an Enlightenment Realm expert would have a hard time convincing a Nascent Soul Realm expert to his side.

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