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Chapter 3257: The Future Will Only Get Better

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled as he listened to his nephews admiring tone as he told him about Earths most amazing pill refiner, the Purple Flames Sects old ancestor who had reached the Enlightenment Realm.

After getting no response from Huang Xiaolong Huang Datou quickly clarified as he didnt want Huang Xiaolong to misunderstand.

“Uncle, I dont mean that!”

“I know,” Huang Xiaolong responded nonchalantly, not taking it to heart.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong inquired about the Eastern University from Huang Datou.

Huang Datous tensed nerves relaxed at Huang Xiaolongs nonchalance, and he started talking to Huang Xiaolong about the time he had spent at the Eastern University.

The two chatted as they drove home, and soon, they reached the small house.

In the open space in front of the house, Huang Jiyuan and Huang Chenfei were sparring, while Wang Meilan stood watching on the side.

Noticing there was one blue and one yellow expensive off-road vehicle driving towards their house, the two men stopped sparring, and all three people watched and waited with curiosity.

Although they had no idea these were the latest models, Huang Chenfei had a better understanding of modern cars compared to Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan.

Thus, the other two could hear him exclaiming, “These are BMW off-roads.

Just by looking at their appearance, one can tell that one car probably costs forty to fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones!”

“Forty to fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones” Wang Meilans beautiful eyes widened.

“Just for one of these cars”

Their previous main residence was sold for merely fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones, and a car like this cost as much as the main residence.

This was something beyond her scope of understanding.

Huang Jiyuan was just as dumbfounded.

Huang Chenfei grinned.

“Mom, if this is the latest model, it would cost more than that.” At the same time, he was baffled.

“They seem to be coming to our house, but we dont seem to have such rich relatives, right”

Even when his elder sister Huang Wen came back to visit, she did not drive such a luxurious car.

As the three waited in confusion, one blue and one yellow off-road BMW stopped a few meters from them.

Then, the car doors opened, and Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou stepped out from their respective cars.

Upon seeing that it was Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou who stepped out of the two latest models of BMW off-roads, the three people were caught off guard, and their eyes widened in disbelief.



Just a moment ago, they were still wondering which rich familys kid had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

“Dad, Mom,” Huang Xiaolong greeted as he approached.

“Xiaolong, these cars, who did you borrow them from” Huang Jiyuan finally reacted and blurted a question without having to think.

Wang Meilan and Huang Chenfei too stared at Huang Xiaolong, waiting for him to answer.

Huang Xiaolong blanked for a second, and then smiled, “What do you mean borrowed I bought them.

Five of them actually, one for each of us.” With a wave of his hand, the remaining three majestic off-roads appeared on the empty space.

Staring dumbly at the three cars that appeared out of nowhere, Huang Jiyuan, Huang Chenfei, and Wang Meilan were agape in shock.

“Brother, you, these cars, you bought them All of them” Huang Chenfei was shaking, and only he knew whether he was shaking from excitement or fright.

Huang Xiaolong grinned and nodded, “All of them.

I heard from Datou that you like the color red, so I chose a red one for you!”

Under the sunlight, the red BMW off-road stood out like fire.

Huang Xiaolong had chosen black color for the remaining cars he had bought for his parents.

Huang Chenfei looked at the red car in disbelief.

“Its, its for me!”

He cautiously reached out to caress the red BMW off-road, and his hand trembled as if he was afraid to hurt his beloved woman.

Huang Xiaolong smiled watching his action, and then he turned to Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan.

“Dad, Mom, these two cars are yours.

Someone said both of you like black color.”

Huang Jiyuan was as obsessed as Huang Chenfei, touching the cars body.

It was Wang Meilan who reacted, “Xiaolong, didnt you say you were going out to buy a house You kid, why did you throw all your money into buying cars! What about your house I really dont know what to say to you.

Hurry up, and return all these cars! These five cars probably cost two hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones.

Thats enough for us to buy several lots of sea view bungalows!”

“Grandma, Uncle has already bought a house in the city center!” Huang Datou couldnt help interjecting.

Wang Meilan lit up immediately, “Really”

Huang Jiyuan and Huang Chenfei stopped caressing their cars after hearing that and turned around.

“Brother, you bought a house Which area” Huang Chenfei asked happily.

Before Huang Xiaolong could speak, Huang Datou chimed in excitedly, “Dad, its in the Golden River Residence!”

“What The Golden River Residence!” Huang Jiyuans reaction was bigger than expected.

“Is it the newly built area close to our Huazhou Citys Golden River”

Even though he hadnt gone out much in recent years, he had heard of the Golden Rivers residential area, so imagine how famous it was.

Huang Datou nodded with a big grin, “Yes, its that Golden River Residence!”

Huang Cenfei was thrilled, “Ive heard that a hundred meters square feet lot in the Golden River Residence needs at least one hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones!”

Wang Meilan also asked happily, “Xiaolong, how big is the house you bought How many square feet How many rooms Which floor”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Over a thousand square meters.

Its not an apartment, but a villa!”

“Over, over one thousand square meters!” Huang Jiyuan nearly tumbled.

Wang Meilan and Huang Chenfei were dazed in shock.

“Xiaolong, you, really” Wang Meilan didnt dare to believe Huang Xiaolongs words, and her eyes suddenly became red-rimmed.

“Mom, its true, everythings ready inside the villa, even the furniture.

You just need to pack up your things, and well move in today.

Well live there from now on.” Huang Xiaolong reassured her.

Wang Meilan suddenly sobbed.

“Mom!” Huang Xiaolong called out softly.

Huang Jiyuan quickly said, “Its alright, your Moms crying tears of joy!” A melancholic sigh sounded as he said, “Weve been poor for too long and felt insecure.

The days have been bitter for a long time, but now, it has finally come to an end!”

Finally come to an end!

Huang Chenfeis eyes were also a little red.

He had already given up, and the despair that had dragged him down like a quagmire had made him give up on living.

And now, thinking about those dark times, his heart palpitated.

“Xiaolong, all these things you mentioned are true, right” a while later, Wang Meilan wiped the tears off her face and asked Huang Xiaolong.

Until now, she was afraid she would wake up from a dream and everything would return to what it used to be.

“Mom, its all true.” Huang Xiaolong held his mothers hand, and said sincerely, “The future will only get better.”

Wang Meilan nodded heavily with her tear-streaked face.

A while later, Wang Meilan, Huang Jiyuan, and Huang Chenfei packed up some of their things, and the five of them moved on the same day itself, driving the five brand new BMW off-road vehicles to the Golden River Residence.

Although Earth had entered a cultivation era, almost everyone knew how to drive.

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and Huang Chenfei, each of them drove one car, and the sight of five majestic off-road vehicles in a line became an attraction on Huazhou Citys streets.

Eyes were glued on them wherever they passed.

Everyone went wild trying to guess which Huazhou Citys rich man had bought these cars.

Reaching the Golden River Residence, the five drove directly to villa number one.

The villa Huang Xiaolong had bought had the biggest land surface in this residential area, and it was also the most expensive unit.

Wang Meilan, Huang Jiyuan, and Huang Chenfei parked their cars and received another wave of astonishment when they got down and saw the place.

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