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Chapter 3254: Are You Afraid Ill Dirty Your Car

Tan Jian, Xu Kaiqiang, and everyone in the lobby was astonished.

Those golden cores were all ninth-level and above!

Moreover, five of them were at peak late-ninth level! Ten of them were late-ninth level!

There was literally no supply of Nascent Soul Realm beast cores in the market.

The highest grade available was peak late-Ninth Level Golden Core beasts golden cores, and even so, one could hardly get his hands on a peak late-Ninth Level Golden Core beasts golden core.

But there were five such golden cores in front of them!

Tan Jins gaze turned slightly complicated.

He was a Seventh Level Nascent Soul expert, but until now, he had never killed a peak late-Ninth Level Golden Core beast.

It was mainly because Golden Core Realm beasts were intelligent and extremely cunning, and they generally lived deep in primordial forests.

The environment made it easy for them to escape and it was almost impossible for a Nascent Soul expert to hunt these beasts.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Ellis.

“Since youve verified the items, then calculated how many low-grade spirit stones these are worth.

I want to exchange all of them.”

Ellis quickly reacted and flashed a brilliant smile.


Huang, please wait for a moment.

I will have people calculate it immediately, and give you a number, and also a price list.”

The result came out shortly, and it came up to 26.53 million low-grade spirit stones!

Huang Xiaolong took the calculation sheet from Elliss hands and took a casual look at it, and then nodded.

“Fine, well go with this amount.”

This price was considered fair.

In truth, a little more or a little less did not matter to Huang Xiaolong.

Ellis was delighted and smiled, “Mr.

Huang, please wait a while.

Ill have them pack and send the spirit stones.”

It took more than a dozen spatial bags to fit all 26.53 million worth of low-grade spirit stones.


Huang, please check it.” After everything was packed, Ellis placed more than a dozen spatial bags in front of Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong didnt bother to check them at all.

He threw them into the Sun Moon Furnace and left with Huang Datou.

When Huang Xiaolong was passing by the Zou Familys disciple, the Zou Family disciple spat at Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, dont get c*cky and think youre so great just because you have some money!”

Everyone could hear the jealousy seeping out from this Zou Familys disciple.

Huang Xiaolong looked at him and retorted, “Do you mean to say that a mere Third Level Foundation Building Realm like you is great”

The Zou Familys disciple was stunned that Huang Xiaolong could see his cultivation realm, but he soon sneered, “Listening to your tone, its as if you got those golden cores yourself Punk, even the Huang Familys Patriarch Huang Houde cant possibly kill so many fierce beasts, much less you.

These golden cores of unknown sources probably came from robbing other families I will request the alliances police department to investigate this matter clearly!”

“Just wait, as youll be squatting in prison for a long time!”

The Zou Family had many disciples in the alliance police department.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong was unconcerned as he left with Huang Datou.

Complicated gazes were directed at Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou.

Ellis and Tan Jian both returned to the office with complicated expressions on their faces.

“Grand Elder Tan Jian, what is your opinion of that young man What is his background” Ellis couldnt help asking.

Tan Jians brows subconsciously furrowed as he answered seriously, “There is no energy fluctuation whatsoever on that young mans body, and he looks no different than any mortal.

I guess this batch of golden cores is not obtained by him.

Moreover, I recognise all of Huaxias Nascent Soul Realm experts, and hes not one of them, and its even more impossible for him to be an Enlightenment Realm expert.”

Ellis nodded in agreement “I think so too, but he could be related to Donglin Provinces Huang Family.” She recalled Huang Xiaolong had mentioned that he was someone from the Donglin Provinces Huang Family.

“Donglins Huang Family.” But that only made Tan Jian more baffled.

Even Donglins Huang Family Patriarch, Huang Houde, couldnt take out so many ninth-level golden cores.

If that young man is really a member of Huang Family, where did his golden cores come from

After coming out from the bank, Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou inquired about the citys BMW dealership and headed to the address.

As they headed to the dealership, Huang Xiaolong looked at his excited nephew and suddenly asked, “Datou, wheres your mother”

The big grin on Huang Datous face froze as if someone had poured cold water over his head, there was anger, resentment, and sadness.

He answered Huang Xiaolongs question in a low voice, “My mother remarried when I was thirteen!”

Remarried Huang Xiaolong had not expected that.

“Because of Huang Houdes deliberate suppression, our lines living gets worse by the day.

Sometime later, she hooked up with an elder from the Sun Family, and became that Sun Familys elders concubine!”

Huang Datou continued in a pained and angry snarl, “Ever since she became the Sun Family elders concubine, her life has been going very well.

Shes beautiful and a few years back, she gave birth to a talented son for that elder, so shes doted on even more!”

Huang Datou smiled dismissively.

“She never came back to see me or father, even though father had been bedridden for the last two years.

Perhaps, in her heart, me and my father are the stains of her life!”

The Sun Family was one of the well-known immortal cultivating families in Donglin Province, not as influential as Huang Family, but comparable to the Tan Family.

“She would regret it soon enough,” Huang Xiaolong merely responded with one sentence.

A few minutes later, both of them stepped into the BMW dealership.

Noting their plain attire, the dealership sales staffs attitude wasnt very enthusiastic.

They had seen too many disciples like Huang Xiaolong who only came in to look around.

A hundred years ago, BMW was a luxury brand, and now, a hundred years later, BMW remained at the top for luxury brand vehicles.

Those who werent at the top rungs of society couldnt afford it.

This was so clearly portrayed by the fact that none of the ten or so sales staff approached Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou.

At a single look, Huang Xiaolongs gaze was locked on the yellow-colored off-road BMW that was similar to the one driven by the Zou Familys disciple earlier that was right at the center of the dealership lobby.

He walked straight up to the vehicle.

Just as Huang Xiaolong reached the yellow off-road vehicle, a female salesperson stepped up and reminded, “Mister, our dealerships cars can only be seen, not touched.”

In truth, there was no such rule in any car dealerships, and these so-called rules were made up by some salesperson targeting a certain category of customers.

For example, customers like Huang Xiaolong, who could only afford to window shop, were only allowed to see but not touch the vehicles.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the saleswoman.

“Youre afraid I will dirty your car”

The saleswoman had not expected Huang Xiaolong to actually talk back to her.

Generally, these kinds of people who only looked around without any intention of purchasing anything would wisely withdraw after beingkindly reminded by them, and then leave in embarrassment shortly after.

A salesman approached them at this time with a haughty expression on his face.

“Youre right, were really worried that you would dirty our car by touching it.

Country bumpkins like you can only afford to look from the side for your entire life.

Since you cant afford to buy, dont stand here and disturb us from attending to other customers and affecting their mood!”

Several small groups of impeccably dressed young men and young women looked over because of the commotion.

“Oh, this young man is so good-looking!” A young woman exclaimed with sparkles in her eyes.

“Whats the use of good looks as hes still a pauper!” A young man beside her sneered mockingly.

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