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Chapter 3232: Entering the God of Creation Realm!

When Huang Xiaolong returned to the World of Departed Souls, he was like a fish in water as he quickly arrived at the Land of Origin.

It was the most suitable place for him to devour the universe origin energy contained in the world origin.

Before entering seclusion, Huang Xiaolong went to take a look at the dao souls of Huang Shengdao and the others.

“Huang Xiaolong, you better stop gloating! Our old ancestor will definitely figure out that youre the one behind this! When that happens, you will die a horrible death!” Huang Shengdao screamed in anger.

“Your old ancestor” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“Huang Sheng doesnt care about your survival.

Hes been in seclusion all this while.

He didnt even order to search for any of you! You look too highly upon yourself.

Your life doesnt matter to him.”

Huang Shengdao roared with rage, “Huang Xiaolong, youre lying! Thats not possible!”

“Hehe,” Huang Xiaolongs lips curled upwards slightly.

Ever since Huang Shengdaos disappearance, Huang Dinghai went over to make a report to Huang Sheng.

After all, the disappearance of the Son of Creation was something that could shake the foundations of the celestial empire.

However, Huang Sheng continued to remain in seclusion and he didnt bother ordering the investigation of the incident.

One could see how much Huang Sheng cared about his descendants compared to surpassing the God of Creation Realm.

After visiting them, Huang Xiaolong returned to the core of the World of Departed Souls.

Sitting down cross-legged, he started to circulate the Soaring Dragon Art and the Blazing Dragon Grand Art.

A boundless amount of universe origin energy poured into him.

With the devouring power of both creation level secret arts, the universe origin energy was like a waterfall that threatened to drown Huang Xiaolong.

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If he were to speak of his experience, no one would ever believe that there would be so much universe origin energy in the world! However, that was indeed the truth!

He was surrounded by a sea of universe origin energy, and Huang Xiaolong felt as though he was suspended in a sea of stars.

The heavenly river of universe origin energy swept about as it roared thunderously around him.

Grand cosmos energy started to form in two of the three small worlds in him.

When Huang Xiaolong left seclusion in the Blazing Dragon World, he accumulated more than forty million units of grand cosmos energy.

Now, that number is skyrocketing.

When experts cultivated, they would experience an increase of a single unit in a month if they were lucky! However, Huang Xiaolong managed to increase it by nearly two hundred units a day!

His strength was increasing at an unbelievable rate!

After three hundred thousand years, the amount of grand cosmos energy in his body reached a whooping 99,999,999 units!

Only a single unit was left for him to reach the grand hallmark of a hundred million!

However, the grand cosmos energy in his body froze before the final unit could form and no matter how hard he tried, the final unit wouldnt condense in him! It was as though the worlds in him had absorbed enough energy and wouldnt be able to accept more!

In actual fact, anyone who reached the same stage as Huang Xiaolong would feel the same phenomenon.

It was like how Primal Ancestors were unable to take the final step into the Dao Venerable Realm!

There were some people who would only be able to condense the final unit to break through to a hundred million units after several tens of millions of years! Everything depended on ones talent!

The Blazing Dragon of the past took several hundred thousand years to break through to the one hundred million units mark!

Huang Xiaolong wasnt hasty in the slightest as he started to compress the grand cosmos energy in him.

Even though the grand cosmos energy in him was a liquid like substance, they started to crystallise after Huang Xiaolong compressed them to a terrifying degree!

Every single crystal of grand cosmos energy was like a gem that emitted resplendent rays of light.

After compressing them for two hundred years, the final strand of grand cosmos energy formoned, pushing him into the one hundred million range!

Another hundred thousand years later, Huang Xiaolong reached another bottle neck at 199,999,999 units.

Again, he started to compress them.

Four hundred years later, Huang Xiaolong formed his second hundred million!

After eleven million years, Huang Xiaolong formed his 1,200,000,000 units of grand cosmos energy!

Moreover, both worlds broke through at the same time!

Experts like Huang Dinghai would only possess 1,199,999,999 units of grand cosmos energy at best.

However, like the monster Huang Xiaolong was, he managed to accumulate twice the amount with two small worlds in him!

The difference between someone with 2,400,000,000 units of grand cosmos energy wasnt a mere two times stronger than someone who had 1,199,999,999 units of grand cosmos energy.

Without exaggeration, even ten Huang Dinghai wouldnt be able to fight Huang Xiaolong to a draw!

A supreme expert who entered the God of Creation Realm would possess two billion units of grand cosmos energy after several years of training.

However, Huang Xiaolong had already surpassed that level!

When both small worlds broke through at once, Huang Xiaolong could feel that the universe origin energy contained in the World of Departed Souls thinning by quite a bit.

Even though the world accumulated a lot of universe origin energy, Huang Xiaolongs speed of refinement was too damn fast!

Another million years flashed by.

Eventually, the grand cosmos energy contained in a single small world reached the absolute limit of 1,299,999,999 units!

There was no longer a way for him to go further as that was as far as anyone under the God of Creation Realm could go!

The moment he reached the 1.3 billion mark, he would break through to the God of Creation Realm!

Naturally, the moment he entered the God of Creation Realm, he would possess 2.6 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

Since the start of time, not a single expert at the grand perfection level could break past the 1.3 billion mark! Now, Huang Xiaolong not only did that, he condensed nearly twice the amount!

“Its time for me to return…” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

That was the longest he had ever been in seclusion for, and Huang Xiaolong finally realized what time meant for a God of Creation.

Even a hundred million years was nothing to an expert at their level.

Entering seclusion for tens of billions of years was something God of Creation Realm experts would find easy!

As soon as Huang Xiaolong emerged from the World of Departed Souls, he received several messages from his master.

A smile formed on his face after he read them, and he knew that his master was definitely worried now that he had disappeared for more than twelve million years.

With a single step, Huang Xiaolong crossed several fields of stars.

He couldnt help but gasp in shock.

His speed had long since reached an unmatched level in the universe!

In the past, he used several dozen years to return to the Blazing Dragon World.

Now, he wouldnt even take half an hour to return!

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