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Chapter 3227: The Restrictions Were Restored

This time, he brought along the Dragon Soul Circlet along with him in order to locate the Soul Burying Orb.

The Dragon Soul Circlet was a pseudo creation artifact that could feel the presence of other treasures in a certain radius.

Huang Shengdao was pretty confident he could locate the orb with the item he brought.

“As long as I locate the Soul Burying Orb and open the final restriction, I will be able to enter the God of Creation Realm in ten billion years!” Huang Shengdao muttered to himself.

“When Your Highness enters the God of Creation Realm, you will be able to kill Huang Xiaolong with a tiny squeeze of your fingers!”

“Thats right! When Your Highness enters the God of Creation Realm, our True Dragon Celestial Empire will be a celestial empire with two Gods of Creation! When the Old Ancestor emerges from seclusion, he will sweep through the universe with Your Highness! The Blazing Dragon will have to lower his head to us in the future!”

One of the experts behind Huang Shengdao snickered.

It seemed as though Huang Shengdao had a special way of locating the experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire.

“Huang Xiaolong is nothing but a walking disaster.” Killing intent raged in Huang Shengdaos eyes.

“If I manage to find him now, it would be for the best if I can get rid of him.

No one knows how strong he will be in ten billion years…”

After all, Huang Xiaolongs talent was too terrifying.

“However, the old freak is standing right outside.

If we kill Huang Xiaolong in the World of Departed Souls, he might…” Someone exclaimed in terror.

Huang Shengdao sneered.

“Even the Blazing Dragon wont be able to know what happens in the World of Departed Souls.

Who will ever know that we are the ones behind his death He cant kill everyone in his rage…”

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“Should we pass down the order to hunt him down right now” Someone else asked.

“Contact Fu Luosen and the other Sons of Creation.

I refuse to believe that he will be able to fight off all five of us at the same time!”

Huang Shengdaos voice rang through the void.

Two years passed quickly…

“The Son of Creation from the Grand Myriad Celestial Empire managed to find a creation level spirit stone!”

“The celestial emperor of the Extreme Bliss Celestial Empire found a Golden Striped Elephant egg! It was supposed to be located at the edges of the universe, but its egg appeared in the World of Departed Souls!”

Every time a treasure was found, the entire would would be thrown into an uproar.

“His Highness Huang Shengdao, found a universe source spiritual vein!”

“What! Universe source spiritual vein! Hes too lucky!”

The news of Huang Shengdaos find caused the experts in the World of Departed Souls to break into another uproar.

A universe source spiritual vein was something that was extremely rarely seen.

Since the start of time, less than ten veins have been discovered!

Now, Huang Shengdao managed to obtain one of them!

Huang Xiaolong was stunned when he heard the news.

The universe source spiritual vein was formed from condensed universe origin energy.

One could easily increase the amount of grand cosmos energy in their bodies by devouring it, and they could even use it to temper their dao bodies! It could easily improve someones cultivation speed by a thousand times!

Of course, there were other uses of the universe source spiritual vein.

Refining pills and artifacts were some of its other uses.

Whatever the case, Huang Xiaolong wasnt envious of Huang Shengdaos discovery at all.

Even if Huang Shengdao obtained the universe source spiritual vein, his cultivation speed wouldnt be able to catch up to Huang Xiaolong!

“I should be able to arrive soon…” Huang Xiaolong stared at the void before him.

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In the past two years, Huang Xiaolong didnt stop for a single second as he headed straight for the Land of Origin.

No one knew how far he had traveled.

A vague premonition formed in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

He felt that in at most half a year, he would be able to locate the Land of Origin!

Along his way, he discovered countless treasures that were at the creation level.

However, Huang Xiaolong didnt bother collecting them at all.

After all, there would be layers upon layers of restrictions protecting them.

Breaking the restrictions would cost him precious time.

Huang Xiaolongs goal was simple.

All he wanted was to refine the world origin of the World of Departed Souls!

Half a year later…

Huang Xiaolong entered one of the holy worlds contained in the World of Departed Souls.

“Im finally here!” A trace of excitement formed in Huang Xaiolongs heart when he looked at the space before him.

Locating the Land of Origin already won him half the battle.

Without any hesitation, Huang Xiaolong circulated the grand cosmos energy in his body and started to seal up the space around the Land of Origin before summoning the four Origin Divine Fires.

As the four divine fires spirits emerged from his body, the entire holy world was filled with rays of resplendent light.

The Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise went over to sit in the four corners of the world as they opened their mouths to release balls of origin divine fire.

The four godly fires started to fill the holy world they were in.

Rushing to the center of the holy world, Huang Xiaolong sat down as he concentrated on controlling the fires.

If he were to compare the World of Departed Souls to a peak-grade creation artifact, the holy worlds it contained would be like giant formations contained within it.

The Land of Origin where Huang Xiaolong sealed off was the heart of all the formations! As long as he managed to refine it, refining the world origin of the World of Departed Souls would grow a lot easier.

Under Huang Xiaolongs constant circulation, the four Origin Divine Fires started to wrap around every single structure they came across!

When Huang Xiaolong was refining the Land of Origin, Huang Shengdao and several experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire ran across a giant silver tree and visible joy sprouted on their faces.

“Your Highness, this… This is the Soul Burying Silver Tree! Its the tree of legends!” One of the marshals yelled in joy.

Soul Burying Silver Tree!

It was the number one divine tree in the World of Departed Souls!

Huang Shengdao failed to contain the joy in his heart and he roared with laughter, “My luck is too damn good! Hahaha! First, I obtained the universe source spiritual vein.

Now, the Soul Burying Silver Tree is mine for the taking! The heavens are definitely looking out for me!”

The experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire were equally as excited.

“Quick, seal off the entire area and stand guard outside! I will refine the Soul Burying Silver Tree right now!” Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Huang Shengdao knew what he had to do.

As such, he started to refine the giant silver tree.

Even though the members of the True Dragon Celestial Empire sealed off the surrounding area, the news of the tree soon shook the experts located in the World of Departed Souls.

Swarming over, the number of experts who arrived increased by the second.

Even though they were afraid of the True Dragon Celestial Empire, no one could resist the temptation of obtaining the Soul Burying Silver Tree! Eventually, they started to move against Huang Shengdaos subordinates.

Killing intent soared through the skies as the killing began.

Several dozen years passed, and one fine day, the space around the World of Departed Souls started to shake.

As the shaking got ever more intense, the experts scouring the lands couldnt help but stare at the skies in shock.

“Whats going on! Are the restrictions around the world starting to recover” Someone yelled in shock.

“Theres no way! It has only been forty years since the World of Departed Souls opened! Ordinarily, the world will stay open for sixty years!”

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