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Chapter 3213: Huang Longs Whereabouts!


Huang Xiaolong spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Your Highness!” Yuan Tianyi, He Zhen, and Li Shuo yelled as they rushed over.

When the three of them approached, Fu Luosen sneered, “Youre just three dogs who served the wrong master.

Ill send you to hell to meet him!” As soon as he spoke, his palm came crashing down.

The three of them were sent flying instantly.

Even with Yuan Tianyis comprehension of the thirteen elements with nine of them at perfection level, he couldnt do a thing to stop Fu Luosen.

As for the other two, they exploded on the spot.

“He Zhen! Li Shuo!” Huang Xiaolong screamed in anger.

The two of them might be his subordinates, but they had followed him for a long time.

He would be lying to himself if he said that he didnt care about their lives.

Now that the two of them had their bodies shattered by Fu Luosen, Huang Xiaolong was beyond enraged.

“Fu Luosen, Ill kill you one day and exterminate your entire celestial empire!” Huang Xiaolong growled.

Roaring with laughter, Fu Luosen mocked, “Kill me Exterminate my Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire Youre dreaming if you think you can do anything like that! You have one foot in the grave, and you wont be living to see the sun rise tomorrow!”

“Its the end of the line for you!”

Fu Luosen took a step and appeared right in front of Huang Xiaolong.

He raised his creation artifact and slammed downwards.

Seeing as Fu Luosen was making the final attack, Huang Shengdaos dragon spear shot towards Huang Xiaolongs glabella.

As the two attacks shot towards the helpless Huang Xiaolong, a ray of light emerged from the void and it blinded everyone present.

Even Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao were blinded by the light! By the time they regained their sight, Huang Xiaolong was gone!

Huang Xiaolong wasnt the only one.

Even his three subordinates had disappeared!

Everyone looked at each other in shock, and Lei Qinghai was the first to break the silence.

“Whats going on!”

Everyone released their dao souls to search for any traces, but they lost Huang Xiaolong completely.

Even Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao couldnt find traces of Huang Xiaolong.

“Damn it!”

Fu Luosens expression sank and anger crept up his heart.

“Look for him! Even if you turn the Dao Emperor World upside down, locate Huang Xiaolong!

The experts of the Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire kneeled in fright and hastily accepted the order.

Huang Shengdaos expression wasnt any better.

He was planning to kill Huang Xiaolong, but he didnt think that he would have come all the way for nothing.

There was no doubt about it.

Someone saved Huang Xiaolong!

Moreover, the person had to be a supreme expert!

Who else could it be!

“Pass down my order.

Anyone who locates him will be rewarded a hundred trillion dao coins!” Huang Shengdao spoke to Huang Rong and the others.

Receiving the order, the entire world was thrown into chaos.

As the two of them frantically passed down their orders to locate Huang Xiaolong, the man himself was lying in an unknown space as he entered deep slumber.

He felt as though he experienced a dream that lasted an eternity, and he seemed to have turned into a part of the universe itself.

However, a part of him was still the same Huang Xiaolong as before as he transformed into the golden dragon that swam unhindered through the starry skies.

He felt wrapped up in a ball of radiance energy, and his dao souls, dao physique, and even the three small worlds in him felt like they were set on fire.

Even though he wanted to scream in pain, he couldnt do so.

FInally, he lost consciousness and the dream faded.

No one knew how long had passed when his eyes finally snapped open.

Sitting up, Huang Xiaolong looked all around him only to discover that the space around him was completely empty.

The space around him was visibly moving, and he could see the flow of time!

Huang Xiaolong was terrified to discover that the space and time around him was like a river that pulsed with its own flow!

How in the world was that possible!

“You can achieve anything when you set your mind to it...” A bearded old man appeared before Huang Xiaolong.

“In the future, you will be able to achieve this too.”

Snapping back to reality, Huang Xiaolong turned to stare at the old man.

He realized that he couldnt detect any traces of life coming from the old man, but that was also what terrified him the most.

“Did senior save my life/” Huang Xiaolong got to his feet and cupped his fists at the old man.

“Many thanks to senior for the life saving grace!”

The old man nodded slightly and smiled, “Its nothing.

Even though I saved you, you dont have to thank me.

After all, I have my own reasons for saving you.”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

The old man was actually planning something when he saved his life!

Could it be for the Huang Long Armor Set

However, he quickly realized otherwise.

If the old man really wanted the armor set, he could have taken it without saving his life.

The old man chuckled at Huang Xiaolongs response.

“Ive noticed you since a long time ago.

During the auction in the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire, I had my eyes on you.”

Huang Xiaolong felt question marks popping up in his mind.

“In fact, Ive been looking for a successor for the past one million years.”

Huang Xiaolong finally felt something clicking in his brain.

“Senior, do you mean to take me as your disciple” However, an apologetic smile formed on his face.

“Im sorry, I do not wish to take anyone as my master right now.

I hope you understand…”

The old man wasnt surprised at Huang Xiaolongs rejection at all.

He waved his arm and laughed, “Theres no need to reject me so quickly.

Its not too late to reject after hearing me out.

Ive traveled through countless worlds in the universe, and your talent is the best out of anyone Ive seen.

Entering the God of Creation Realm is a matter of time, but what happens then”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

“No matter how talented you are, you will definitely need a billion years to enter the God of Creation Realm.

Do you really think you can take that long” The old man laughed.

“Even if youre able to, your father might not.”

Huang Xiaolongs expression changed.

“Does senior know something about my father”

“I know a little.

Your father should be in the hands of Huang Sheng, the old ancestor of the True Dragon Celestial Empire.” The old man nodded and sighed.

“Huang Sheng!” Huang Xiaolongs heart sank.

It seemed as though his fathers disappearance had something to do with Huang Sheng!

“You must be curious as to why Huang Sheng would capture your father.” The old man continued, “I believe that you experienced the might of the Huang Clans bloodline.

Huang Sheng and your father, Huang Long, were born in a separate space somewhere in the universe.

They can be said to have come from the same origin, and your bloodlines are both called the Huang Long Bloodline.

As the only other Golden Dragon in the universe, Huang Sheng planned on capturing your father to absorb his bloodline and origin energy, in order to transform into an existence who surpasses the God of Creation Realm!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at the old man with his mouth wide open.

Was that why…

The old man continued, “In fact, Huang Sheng is merely dreaming if he wishes to break through to a higher realm.

Since the start of time, the God of Creation Realm is the strongest one can ever be! No one has ever been able to surpass that level!”

“According to my estimates, your father will be devoured by Huang Sheng within the next billion years.” The old man sighed.

“In a billion years, not only will you have to enter the God of Creation Realm, you will also have to reach the grand perfection level.

Otherwise, you wont be able to save your father!”

“If you take me as your master, I can ensure that you reach that level within one billion years!”

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