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Chapter 3210: Delusional!

Fu Luosen got to his feet, and he stepped out of the flying ship with a single step.

In an instant, his aura covered the lands and the power of thirteen elements at perfection level came gushing out from his body.

It surrounded him, and everyone felt as though a mountain had descended on their souls.

“Thirteen elements at perfection level!”

When those standing around saw Fu Luosens revelation, they screamed in shock.

The experts who comprehended all thirteen elements to perfection level in the universe were few, and anyone who did had the power to shake a major world!

As long as a God of Creation didnt appear, an existence who had comprehended all thirteen elements was a god!

In an instant, the experts standing around got to their knees as they paid their respects to Fu Luosen.

Even Huang Ji and the Evil Wind Patriarch felt a sense of pressure pressing on their hearts.

The difference between someone who reached perfection level in twelve elements and someone who had reached perfection level in thirteen elements was as large as the heavens and earth!

It was said that even twenty experts who had comprehended twelve elements to perfection level wouldnt be able to stand up to a single existence who had comprehended all thirteen elements to perfection level!

Even though it was a little exaggerated, one could imagine how strong they were!

Fu Luosen was like the ruler of the lands as he stood high above everyone present.

“Father, the Purple Lightning Young Master is basically asking to die!” Lei Qinghai laughed with glee as he addressed his father, Lei Bao.

“With Fu Luosens strength, he can definitely kill the little b*stard!”

With a weird light flashing in his eyes, Lei Bao growled, “His Highness, Fu Luosen, doesnt seem to be at perfection level for all thirteen elements…”

Lei Qinghai stared at him in shock.

Sucking in a cold breath, he whispered, “Could it be… The grand perfection level!”

As there were differences between cultivators who reached perfection level in all thirteen elements, a new term was coined and the strongest among them was said to have reached the grand perfection level in all thirteen elements!

When they comprehended all that there was to the thirteen elements, entering the grand perfection level was a matter of time!

Only then could only be considered one of the strongest existences under the God of Creation Realm!

“Thats right…” Lei Bao nodded solemnly as he looked at Fu Luosen with a gaze full of fear.

An existence at his level had already reached an unbeatable level.

With Lei Qinghais ability, there was no way he would be able to observe Fu Luosens true strength.

However, Lei Bao was different.

He was much stronger than Lei Qinghai.

Lei Bao wasnt the only one as the Extreme East Old Man and the others noticed Fu Luosens true strength.

Rejoicing in his heart, the Extreme East Old Man knew that he was saved!

Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned serious when he looked at Fu Luosen.

“If you get to your knees now and admit your mistakes, Ill spare your life!” Fu Luosens gaze was chilly.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong as Huang Xiaolongs strength was something even he was wary of.

After all, he was the first of his kind in the universe!

Huang Xiaolongs expression sank.

“You only barely entered the grand perfection level! Spare my life Youre not qualified to speak of the matter.”

Fu Luosen roared with laughter.

“Im not qualified!”

“Ill show you my qualifications right now!”

As soon as he spoke, his figure blurred and he appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong.

His speed was unmatched, and no one present saw how he moved.

Of course, Huagn Xiaolong had long since prepared for battle.

Raising his fists, he welcomed Fu Luosens assault.


The two of them were sent flying in an instant, and both parties retreated after a single strike.

The Extreme East Old Man and the rest saw how Fu Luosen used his complete strength, and they were shocked by the power Huang Xiaolong displayed.

Even Fu Luosen couldnt believe it.

“Seems like Ive underestimated you.” Fu Luosen snorted, “However, thats the last time I will do so.” As soon as he spoke, the rays of light surrounding him expanded once again.

The world lost its color and Fu Luosen became the center of all power.

Everyone felt like an ant in front of Fu Luosen, and the skies around them seemed to expand infinitely.

When it reached its limit, everyone felt completely suppressed, and they were nothing more than grains of cosmic dust in the face of invincible power!

“The power of a great world!” The Evil Wind Patriarch cried out in shock.

The power of a great world!

When someone reached the grand perfection level in all thirteen elements, the small world in them would experience a transformation and they would be able to wield the power of a great world! In other words, they could use grand cosmos energy!

It was the same type of energy wielded by Gods of Creation!

That was also why experts at the perfection stage were so scary!

According to the legends, God of Creation Realm experts were unable to kill experts who had reached perfection level in all thirteen elements.

However, that only applied to experts who had reached the grand perfection level!

In order to kill experts at their level, it would take the God of Creation a little more effort due to their ability to wield grand cosmos energy!

Just a moment ago, Fu Luosen used his grand cosmos energy to push the power of thirteen elements he wielded to the next level!

With the power of grand cosmos energy at his disposal, Fu Luosen was able to suppress everyone present!

Indeed, everyone felt like little tiny specks of dust when standing before Fu Luosen, and it was also why he said that anyone who had failed to reach perfection level in thirteen elements were nothing but ants!

Raising his fists, he started to walk towards Huang Xiaolong.

“I gave you a chance earlier.

Its too bad you chose not to treasure it.

Right now, youll die even if you beg for mercy!” Killing intent was laced in his voice as it rang through the air.

Since he decided to kill Huang Xiaolong, he knew that he had to go all the way.

No matter how mysterious Huang Xiaolongs identity was, regardless if he had a God of Creation backing him up, Fu Luosen could no longer be bothered.

After all, the Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire was behind him!

They would be able to take on any consequences if they killed him!

When he grabbed Huang Xiaolongs dao soul after he killed the brat, he might even be able to learn the secret of forming two small worlds!

With the power of two worlds, Fu Luosen knew that he wouldnt be afraid of God of Creation Realm experts even if he ran into them in the future!

Huang Xiaolong didnt move as he remained where he stood.

It was as though he lost all ability to protect himself after Fu Luosen revealed his strength.

When Fu Luosen arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong, he sent a punch flying towards the mans chest.

As grand cosmos energy backed him up, the power of thirteen elements were pushed to the extreme.

However, Huang Xiaolongs right fist flew towards Fu Luosens strike right before it could land on him.

When Fu Luosen saw Huang Xiaolongsdesperate attempt, he sneered loudly, “Youre delusional if you think an ant like you can shake a tree…”

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