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Chapter 3209: Two Types of Cosmos Energy!

Huang Xiaolong wasnt angered in the slightest when he heard what the Extreme East Old Man said.

Instead, a chuckle left his lips.

“All three of you should come at me at once.”

Three on one!

The Extreme East Old Man, You Ming, and Lei Bao were stunned for a solid second.

By the time the three of them realized the meaning behind his words, anger burned in their eyes.

The three of them had been cultivators who stood at the peak of the universe for such a long time, yet, the brat in front of them was asking them to join hands against him! It was a blatant attempt at humiliating them!

They felt as though Huang Xiaolong was doing it on purpose now that he had nowhere to run.

“Youre asking for death!” You Ming rored in anger and he released his aura completely.

Twelve different elements swarmed around him as he punched towards Huang Xiaolong.

When the various experts standing around noticed his strength, they were shocked.

“Twelve elements at perfection level!”

“He broke through so quickly! Its no wonder the Nether Spirit Palace dared to bring their full strength over… It seems like theyre a new player on the board!”

The members from the Blazing Dragon World felt a sense of fear gripping their hearts.

When everyone was gasping in shock at You Mings strength, his fist had already appeared before Huang Xiaolong.

A mocking smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face as he returned the punch with one of his own.

When his fist shot out, it was as though thirteen mini suns formed around him.


No one managed to react when the two fists slammed into each other.

There was no suspense as You Mings arm was blown apart as Huang Xiaolongs punch landed on his chest.


Everyone saw Huang Xiaolongs fist landing on You Mings chest, and it blew a hole directly through it! They werent mistaken! A giant hole was formed in You Mings chest, and even the armor he had on his body was shattered into a million pieces! As for You Ming himself, he was sent flying and when he slammed into the Nether Spirit Flying Ship, the palaces located on the ship broke into tiny little pieces.

The Nether Spirit Flying Ship was stained with blood, and it came from none other than the Palace Master himself!

“What!” Di Xiaolong, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil, and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor gasped in shock.

You Wuyi and the various experts of the Nether Spirit Palace stared at their place master in shock.

As for the Extreme East Old Man and Lei Bao, they didnt dare to believe their eyes.

Even Huang Ji and the Evil Wind Patriarch couldnt help but stare at Huang Xiaolong in amazement.

Fu Luosens pupils shrank when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Thirteen elements with twelve of them at perfection level!” Someone stuttered.

Moreover, his power of time was infinitely close to the major completion stage!

Silence descended on the lands, and Huang Xiaolong remained completely impassive.

“You… Two… Two types of cosmos energy!” Someone yelled in shock.

When Huang Xiaolong unleashed his strike earlier, many people were shocked by his achievements, and they failed to notice that he used the power of two small worlds! Of course, there were those who were sharp enough to capture the face, and they were shocked to their core.

How could something like that be possible!

Wasnt possessing two small worlds only the stuff of the legends!

It was a miracle that someone could produce two small worlds themselves!

“What! The cosmos energy from two small words!” Several experts who werent paying attention to the battle snapped back to reality and they stared at Huang Xiaolong as though they were looking at a monster.

“How can anyone create two small worlds! Not even the five strongest Sons of Creation managed to form two small worlds of their own! No, not even the Gods of Creation managed to achieve such a feat!”

“But he definitely used the power of two small worlds!”

They were right.

When Huang Xiaolong unleashed his power earlier, he used the power of two small worlds.

That was also the reason he managed to send You Ming flying with a single punch!

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the Extreme East Old Man and Lei Bao, “Are you two planning to come at me together Or are you going to remain stubborn and rely on yourself”

Their expressions were unsightly, and panic started to set in their hearts.

Even though the brat before them hadnt reached perfection level in all thirteen elements, his strength when he used the cosmos energy of two small words, had far surpassed someone who had.

“Since youre not planning to move, Ill do it myself.” Huang Xiaolong charged towards the Extreme East Old Man as soon as he spoke.

Previously, there were many people who laughed when Huang Xiaolong wanted to kill the Extreme East Old Man.

However, none of them were laughing now.

When the Extreme East Old Man saw Huang Xiaolong heading for him, he quickly escaped in the direction of the Excessive Darkness Flying Ship.

“Brother Chen Tingwei, please save me!”

“Chen Tingwei! Isnt he a marshal working under Fu Luosen!” Someone gasped in shock.

Chen Tingwei was someone who remained extremely low key, and he managed to obtain Fu Luosens trust.

As such, he was one of the three great marshals of the Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire.

Turning to look at Chen Tingwei, Fu Luosen raised a single eyebrow.

“The Extreme East Old Man helped me in the past, and its something Im eternally grateful for!”

Nodding slightly, Fu Luosen passed down the order.

“Allow him to board the ship.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Chen Tingwei bowed before opening the formation around the ship.

When the Extreme East Old Man saw that they were willing to save him, he was overjoyed.

It was too bad Huang Xiaolongs body appeared before him and a punch was sent straight into his chest.

With an expression of extreme fear, the Extreme East Old Man stared at the incoming fist.

However, a snort left Fu Luosens lips when he saw Huang Xiaolongs actions.

Sending out a punch into the void, it slammed into Huang Xiaolongs strike.


The heavens trembled as the sea of flames erupted from the shockwaves.

Many experts standing around were sent flying from the shockwave of the blast, and even the Emperor Dragon Flying Ship, the Nether Spirit Flying Ship, and the others failed to keep their footing.

Huang Xiaolong was also sent retreating several thousand miles before he came to a stop.


Brat, you had better f*ck off from where you came from.

How dare you set your sights on someone Im ready to protect If you dare to approach my flying ship, Ill kill you!”

Fu Luosens voice rocked through the entire sea of flames.

By the time the dust settled, the Extreme East Old Man boarded the ship and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Extreme East thanks Your Highness for the act of grace!”

Muttering softly, Fu Luosen sighed, “You can relax.

As long as youre here, no one will dare to touch you!”

As soon as the words left his lips, Huang Xiaolong changed at the flying ship with fire spewing from his eyes.

Those standing around couldnt help but roar in shock.

“Is the brat crazy! How dare he challenge His Highness!”

Huang Xiaolong might possess the cosmos energy of two small worlds and was the first existence in the history of the universe to do so, but Fu Luosen was one of the five strongest Sons of Creation! If the two of them fought, it would be the battle of the century!

Even Huang Ji and the Evil Wind Patriarch eagerly awaited the battle between them.

Of course, many people felt that Huang Xiaolong bit off more than he could chew.

Even though he was a marvel of the universe, but Fu Luosen had reached perfection level in all thirteen elements countless years ago! His strength was unfathomable, and there was no way he would lose to a nameless brat!

A sneer left Fu Luosens lips when he saw Huang Xiaolong approach.

“Brat, do you really think I wont be able to do anything to you with your two small worlds! Ill show you right now that everyone who hasnt reached perfection level in all thirteen elements are nothing but ants!”

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