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Chapter 3202: Towards the Dao Emperor World!

One step into the God of Creation Realm!

Huang Xiaolong could easily understand what level the Mysterious Magician was at.

He might have reached perfection level in twelve elements, but he knew that he was still at an extremely far distance from entering the God of Creation Realm.

One could only imagine how strong the Mysterious Magician was!

Zeng Ying wasnt surprised when she saw their reactions.

No one would be able to remain calm after hearing about the Mysterious Magicians immortal cave.

After all, that was where the Mysterious Magicians treasury was!

Experts who had comprehended all thirteen elements to perfection level were invincible under the God of Creation Realm.

However, they were also split into stronger and weaker experts! The Mysterious Magician was someone at the very top of the power bracket, and he was a super expert!

One could say that the treasury of the Mysterious Magician was extremely tempting, even to someone who comprehended all thirteen elements to perfection level.

There was no need to mention Huang Xiaolong and those present, who hadnt even reached that level!

Zeng Ying continued, “The treasury is surrounded by fifth rank universe level formations.

We need five experts who are adept at the art of formations to open them.

Moreover, they have to be experts who have reached the peak of the art of formations!”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

Hao Yi was a super expert at the level of the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor, and his achievements in the art of formations was known throughout the Blazing Dragon World.

Wouldnt that mean the other two…

Wait, there was another person in the room, and Huang Xiaolong looked towards Zeng Ying.

Could it be…

Zeng Ying chuckled in amusement and explained, “Thats right.

All three of them are experts who have reached the peak level in the art of formations.

The Purple Lightning Young Master might not have reached the peak of the art of formations, but your subordinate has.

With me in the picture, we will have five experts at that level!”

Indeed, his guess was right! Zeng Ying was also an expert who had reached the peak level in the art of formations!

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

In terms of strength, Zeng Ying was already stronger than Xue Jian of the celestial empire! With her accomplishments in the art of formations, her strength would be unfathomable!

However, it seemed as though the news of Zeng Yings accomplishments in the art of formations hadn\'t spread through the lands.

There was no doubt she was keeping it a secret.

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother clarifying the fact that he was also someone who had reached the peak level in the art of formations.

After all, they probably only knew about He Zhen.

After so many years of comprehension, Huang Xiaolongs understand of the art of formations was no weaker than the Myriad Formation Devil himself! Moreover, he had already reached perfection level in the power of space!

Whatever the case, he didnt bother the four of them as they spoke about the details of entering the treasury.

The Mysterious Magicians treasury might have been located by Zeng Ying, but she allowed them to take anything they were capable of obtaining when they entered the treasury.

Of course, there was a demand she had to state upfront, and it ensured that everyone had to assist her in the event where she ran into danger.

Other than that, she wanted to obtain the All-Magic Flying Ship and she was willing to pay anyone who obtains it one hundred trillion dao coins.

Looking at each other, none of them had any objections.

As such, Zeng Ying decided to leave in three days, and all of them quickly found a place to stay in the palace.

In the manor Huang Xiaolong was allocated, Yuan Tianyi whispered to Huang Xiaolong, “Do you want me to beat the herbs out from Xue Jian”

After five hundred thousand years of seclusion, Huang Xiaolong managed to reach perfection level in twelve elements.

However, he wasnt the only one who improved.

Yuan Tianyi comprehended his ninth element to perfection level, and his strength took a huge leap forward.

For someone like Yuan Tianyi who had comprehended all thirteen elements with nine of them at perfection level, he would be more than capable of dealing with Xue Jian after he transformed.

“Lets not bother about that now.” Huang Xiaolong shook his hand and he snorted casually.

All the herbs Xue Jian had his men plunder were nothing to Huang Xiaolong, and that was the reason he was letting Xue Jian get away with it.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wasnt a saint.

He didnt plan to deal with Xue Jian as it wasnt along his way!

When he got back, it wouldnt be too late to take care of the man.

In the next three days, Huang Xiaolong cultivated peacefully in the manor assigned to him.

He would study the pill dao, or the art of formations.

Zeng Ying came over to visit him once in the three days, but she didnt bother him as she left after a short while.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye and the entire group left for the Dao Emperor World.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had the Purple Lightning Peak, he chose to remain on the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship with Hao Yi and the others.

The Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire had three pseudo-creation level flying ships, and Zeng Yings Nine Phoenix Flying Ship was one of them.

With ancient flames surrounding the ship, not a single creature dared to venture close.

Even extremely powerful fierce souls wouldnt dare to do so.

After all, the flames that covered the ship were phoenix flames.

It was the natural counter to anything evil under the heavens.

Huang Xiaolong sent all the fierce souls into the Sun Moon Furnace, and with the protection of the furnace, the spirits werent affected by the flames.

As the matter of them searching for the Mysterious Magician Treasury was a grand affair, Zeng Ying brought a whole legion of experts along with her.

The Silver Haired Old Men were present, and more than a dozen other experts were present.

A good half of them were female cultivators, and all of them were experts in their own right.

Looking at them, none of them were weaker than Li Shuo.

There were even four of them comparable to Hao Yi on board.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt the only one who was taken aback by the luxurious lineup of experts.

Even the other three couldnt believe the power Zeng Ying wielded.

As the strongest princess in the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire, it was no wonder she could command so many terrifying presences.

Moreover, they didnt seem to be all the experts under her command…

As the flying ship soared through the skies, Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised to realize that it was a tad bit quicker than his Purple Lightning Peak!

However, it wasnt something he didnt expect.

The Purple Lightning Peak might have been born during the formation of the world, but the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship was also crafted from the material obtained from an Ancient Nine-Headed Phoenix.

After the tempering from countless experts, it wasnt weird for the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship to be faster than his Purple Lightning Peak.

Huang Xiaolong might have used countless treasures to refine the Purple Lightning Peak, but the amount of time he spent on it couldnt be compared to the time the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire spent on it.

After experiencing the speed of the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong set his mind to refining the Purple Lightning Peak after they got back.

At the very least, it had to travel as fast as the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship

The Dao Emperor World might be said to be close to the Blazing Dragon World, it would still take them a hundred years in order to arrive!

In the hundred years, Huang Xiaoong, Yuan Tianyi, and the others continued to cultivate under the Tree of Origin.

He would occasionally discuss the dao with Zeng Ying when she came over to visit him.

Her understanding and view of the dao thoroughly astounded Huang Xiaolong.

It was no wonder she was the most talented disciple in the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire.

After many years of interacting with each other, their relationship increased by leaps and bounds.

Before Huang Xiaolong and the others could arrive in the Dao Emperor World, a piece of shocking news reached their ears.

In fact, the news shook the entire Blazing Dragon World.

Someone said that they managed to feel the sword qi of the Dao Emperors Sword!

As soon as the news started to spread, countless experts started to swarm towards the Dao Emperor World.

Zeng Ying frowned when she got the news.

People pouring into the Dao Emperor World wasnt any good news for them.

“Is the Prince of the True Dragon Celestial Empire also planning to head over to the Dao Emperor World” Light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes and he asked Zeng Ying, “I wonder if Sixth Princess knows which prince of the True Dragon Celestial Empire plans on heading over”

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