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Chapter 319: Blood Pact Mandate

Ghost creatures’ souls were no different than a human’s, it was the fundamental block of their existence.

But to find the location the soul inside its body was easier said than done, for the place where a ghost hid its soul was different.

Some concealed their souls in the head, some hid their souls deep in the heart, some around the thigh, some even in the armpit.

Huang Xiaolong swung the Eminent Holiness Halberd time and again as he tried to think of a method to locate the giant ghost’s soul.

Eye of Hell! Suddenly the thought struck Huang Xiaolong’s mind like lightning.

That’s right, the normal method hardly had any possibility of success in finding the soul’s location, but maybe the Eye of Hell could! Immediately, Huang Xiaolong opened the Eye of Hell on his forehead and a red glow enveloped the giant ghost’s body.

What delighted Huang Xiaolong was that the Eye of Hell indeed worked.

Under the red glow, he could see past the layer of snake scales armor to its core.

Right behind its ear!

With the Eye of Hell’s assistance, he clearly saw its soul, that was hidden behind the left ear, it was the size of an eyeball, flickering in a shiny black light.

This was the ghost creature’s soul!

Huang Xiaolong leaped into the air, the long halberd cleaving down on the giant ghost’s left ear.

The giant ghost hastily shifted the three-pronged blood spear to defend, but Huang Xiaolong executed the Space Concealment ability, vanishing from view as he hid inside the space pocket.

Moving swiftly behind it, he stabbed the Eminent Holiness Halberd forward.


The halberd accurately pierced its soul hidden behind the left ear, the woeful scream it issued sounded like cold iron thrown into boiling water.

The three-pronged spear stabbed frenetically towards Huang Xiaolong at its back.

Huang Xiaolong jumped back rapidly.

“HuㅡHuman, I will kill you!!!” The giant ghost spat the words in human language.

Howling in rage, its momentum rose to another level, ghost aura surged around it, condensing into ghostly creatures that wound around the giant ghost.

Ghost cultivators were able to speak the human language after advancing into the Saint realm.

Despite that, what shocked Huang Xiaolong was that this giant ghost wasn’t dead even though the Eminent Holiness Halberd pierced right through its soul!

Huang Xiaolong watched as the numerous ghostly creatures made out of ghost aura shaped into an enormous jaw, looming over him.

A potent suction force wrapped around Huang Xiaolong, causing him to lose his footing, nearly flying into the giant mouth without resistance.

Huang Xiaolong quickly executed Space Concealment to escape being swallowed whole, reappearing above the giant ghost’s head.

Bursting with sacred golden light, his palm slammed down on top of the giant ghost’s head with an Earthen Buddha Palm.

A thunderous boom shook the air.

The Earthen Buddha Palm struck accurately at the top of the giant ghost’s head.

The ghost wailed miserably, the ghost aura surrounding its body rippled, thinning out.

Although the Earthen Buddha Palm did not land on the giant ghost’s soul, it contained abundant Buddhism energy, the bane of all negative Yin creatures.

The Buddhism energy force traveled down from the head, affecting its ghost soul.

Landing a successful attack, Huang Xiaolong twirled to the side.

While the giant ghost was wailing in pain, Huang Xiaolong struck another palm at the crown of its head, once again impacting its ghost soul.

The giant ghost was thrown forward and crashed into a stone pillar in the spacious hall.

The large jaw shaped from thick ghost aura shattered and dissipated.

Black blood spewed uncontrollably from the giant ghost’s mouth.

It didn’t take long for the giant ghost to get back up.

It stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, its scarlet rage-filled eyes finally dimmed slightly, mixed with slight apprehension, its giant silhouette flickered rapidly to the side, wanting to flee.

Catching its intent, Huang Xiaolong pursued, executing Phantom Shadow, blocking right in front of the giant ghost.

The Blades of Asura appeared in his hands, glinting with a cold sharp light.

“Tempest of Hell!”

Howling twisters that sounded as if they came from depths of hell encircled the giant ghost immediately.

Countless wind blades cut across the giant ghost’s flesh, fire sparks shone as noises of hard metal objects clashing rang out and drops of black blood splattered everywhere.

The giant ghost’s body was marred by numerous cuts from the wind blades, the layer of protective snake scales was cracked in many places, with black blood seeping to the surface from underneath.

The Tempest of Hell dissipated, revealing the giant ghost’s badly mutilated body.

During the Tempest of Hell’s attack, sharp wind blades struck its ghost soul as well, multiples times.

Its weakened injured body fell back to the hall center.

“Don’t, don’t kill me, I’m, I’m willing to become your ghost slave!” The giant ghost wobbled unsteadily as it struggled to a stand, despair, and horror evident in its eyes, displaying its submissive intent to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked that the giant ghost was still alive at this point, considering the numbers of all-out attacks he made.

Truly, a ghost creature that had broken through the Saint realm was truly terrifying, to think that it was still alive after everything it experienced.

“Become my ghost slave” Huang Xiaolong looked at the giant ghost before him, tempted, wondering if his Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate could be used to rein in a Saint realm ghost creature.

His spiritual force enhanced greatly when he broke through to peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, he knew there won’t be any problem to brand soul marks into a half-Saint expert, but Huang Xiaolong wasn’t so confident that it would work against a Saint realm.

As if it saw through Huang Xiaolong’s concerns, the giant ghost spoke, “I have a Blood Pact method that would allow you to take me in as your ghost servant.”

“Blood Pact” Huang Xiaolong looked at the giant ghost, waiting for it to explain further.

“That’s right.” The giant ghost creature nodded and then took out a piece of human skin diagram.

“This Blood Pact Mandate is something I found in Lord Ghost King’s cultivation cave.

After practicing this mandate, not only can one refine ghostly creatures’ souls to enhance one’s cultivation, it also allows the person to receive ghost creatures as slaves.”

Blood Pact Mandate!

Left behind by the Ghost King!

Refine ghost creatures’ souls to enhance one’s own strength! Huang Xiaolong was astonished.

A suction force came from his left hand and the piece of human skin diagram flew to his palm.

Holding it, Huang Xiaolong studied it carefully.

Of course Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t take the words of this giant ghost for granted, therefore he had to ensure that this Blood Pact Mandate was foolproof safe before deciding whether to practice it.

Finally, after going through the human skin thrice, Huang Xiaolong determined that what the giant ghost said was not false.

Indeed, after practicing this Blood Pact Mandate, he could refine ghost creatures to enhance his own strength.

Moreover, he could control and have ghost creatures submit to him.

However, there was one detrimental factor in cultivating this mandate skill, if his soul wasn’t strong enough, he would easily suffer a backlash from the evil spirits and turn into a part-human part-ghost existence as a result.

Huang Xiaolong had been practicing the Soul Mandate and the Ancient Puppetry Art, compared to most human warriors his soul was very strong.

Therefore, this little downside was negligible to him.

Looking at the diagram in his hand, Huang Xiaolong was inwardly pleased.

With this Blood Pact Mandate, inside this Ghost King Palace he would be like a fish returning to the sea.

At first he was somewhat worried about the large number of ghost and evil spirits, but now, all of his worries vanished.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong followed the method stated in the Blood Pact Mandate and pricked his finger.

Using nine drops of blood, his hands moved quickly, drawing a Nine Palace Diagram that shrunk and submerged into the giant ghost’s soul through the center of its eyebrows.

Huang Xiaolong’s blood slowly fused with its ghost soul, and a short while later, Huang Xiaolong felt a vague telepathic connection with the giant ghost.

A Saint realm giant ghost was subdued!

Even though the giant ghost had just advanced into the Saint realm not long ago, to Huang Xiaolong, it was still a great force on his side.

Moreover, this giant ghost would most likely be very familiar with the Ghost King Palace, since it had been living in it for many years.

It was definitely a great assistance to Huang Xiaolong in his search for the Ghost King Sutra and the Ghost King Dan.

After subduing the giant ghost, Huang Xiaolong took out a Nine Leaves Purple Grass from the Asura Ring and passed it to the giant ghost so that it could heal its injuries.

The Nine Leaves Purple Grass was indeed a panacea for healing injuries, it didn’t take long for the giant ghost to heal the injuries it suffered, even its ghost soul recovered fully.

“You mentioned that you found the Blood Pact Mandate in one of the Ghost King’s cultivation caves, where is that” When the giant ghost’s injuries have fully healed, Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, Owner.” Giant ghost went on, “But Lord Ghost King’s cultivation cave is set with heavy bans and traps, I only managed to reach the second floor, but according to my knowledge, the Ghost King Sutra and Ghost King Dan are both at the same place, on the fifth floor!”


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