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Chapter 3165: Consecutive Breakthroughs

Two years later, Huang Xiaolongs group finally reached Cangqiong Holy World.

Sensing the familiar, thin spiritual energy, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have found his footing as he was finally back!

From Cangqiong Holy World to Divine Tuo Holy World, and from there to Origin Holy World—these years felt like a lifetime ago.

Xiaoying, are you doing well Huang Xiaolong asked inwardly.

He had intended to bring Lin Xiaoying with him to the Divine Tuo Holy World, but Lin Xiaoying had refused, saying that she didnt want to become a burden by his side.

He felt like memories of long ago had happened just yesterday.

Cangqiong Old Man and Fen Yanzi were excited to be back in Cangqiong Holy World.

“Master, shall we head to the Holy Heavens headquarters” Huang Xiaolong asked Cangqiong Old Man.

Cangqiong Old Man smiled.

“Alright, lets go to the Holy Heavens Headquarters, its been a long time since I last met my four old friends.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he directed the Purple Lightning Peak in the direction of the Holy Heavens headquarters.

The Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and Elder Wu, are you all doing well Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

With the Purple Lightning Peaks speed, a few days later, the Holy Heavens Headquarters outline could be seen in the horizon.

At this time, on one of the snow mountains in the Clear Snow Palace headquarters, sword lights criss-crossed in the air.

Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying were practicing the Clear Snow Palaces sword technique.

A while later, Lin Xiaoying suddenly stopped, looking crestfallen and out of sorts.

Seeing her expression, both Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi also stopped practicing.

“Xiaoying, are you thinking about Xiaolong” Tan Juan asked softly.

Lin Xiaoying nodded mutely.

Ji Xinyi curled her lips and snorted.

“That Huang Xiaolong is really a heartless scumbag.”

“Second Senior Sister, it was me that refused to follow Xiaolong to the Divine Tuo Holy World, so you cannot blame him for this.” Lin Xiaoying shook her head and clarified for Huang Xiaolong.

Ji Xinyi was aware of that, but after seeing Lin Xiaoying feeling down because of Huang Xiaolong, she naturally had some resentment in her heart.

Thus, she complained about Huang Xiaolong.

“I dont know hows Xiaolong doing in the Divine Tuo Holy World” Lin Xiaoying sighed with her gaze lost at the horizon as if trying to see through everything and hoped to see Huang Xiaolong.

“Dao Venerable experts in the Divine Tuo Holy World are as many as the leaves in the forests.

What if Huang Xiaolong ran into trouble.

Hes a little impulsive, straightforward, and unwilling to endure any injustice.”

Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi looked at each other, feeling speechless.

Based on the terrifying strength Huang Xiaolong had shown in the past, he probably wouldnt fall into danger no matter how many Dao Venerables he was up against, right

Tan Juan comforted, “Junior Sister, dont worry too much.

With Xiaolongs strength and talent, maybe, hes already broken through to high-level Dao Venerable Realm.

Not to mention, his battle prowess surpasses even peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.”

Lin Xiaoying shook her head sadly.

“Maybe there are existences that have surpassed the Dao Venerable Realm in the Divine Tuo Holy World”

Neither Tan Juan nor Ji Xinyi knew how to respond to this.

It was at this time, someone flew towards the three ladies, and this person was none other than their master, the Clear Snow Palace Master, Xue Lingyun!

The urgency on their masters face baffled the three ladies.

“Master!” The three ladies saluted.

“Xiaoying, Xiaolongs back!”

The three ladies had not even reached her, but Xue Lingyun had already shouted the news to them, and there was obvious joy on her face.

Lin Xiaoying froze, looking thunderstruck.

“Xiao, Xiaolongs back!” She couldnt believe it.

Didnt they say it is very difficult to return to Cangqiong Holy World

Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi too stood dazed, thinking they might have misheard.

“Yes, Xiaolongs back!” Xue Lingyun repeated as she nodded her head with a beaming smile on her face.

It was as if she had expected the three ladies reaction.

“Master, has the news been verified Didnt they say its difficult to return once you cross to the Divine Tuo Holy World Unless they encounter a space crack…” Tan Juan couldnt help asking.

Xue Lingyun answered confidently, “Its been verified! Xiaolongs at the Holy Heavens Headquarters this very moment! His master, Cangqiong Old Man is with him, and Fei Yanzi as well! It seems they flew back directly!”

Flew back! Is that possible

They found it hard to believe.

But when Lin Xiaoying reacted, she shot out like an arrow.

Xue Lingyun chuckled, seeing that and grumbled good-naturedly, “This girl, she threw her master aside after hearing her beloved has returned.”

Then, she, Tan Juan, and Ji Xinyi went after her.

The news of Huang Xiaolongs return to the Cangqiong Holy World soon reached every corner of the world, including the World River.

In a short while, the entire Cangqiong Holy World was boiling as experts rushed to the Holy Heavens Headquarters to pay their respects to Huang Xiaolong.

The Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and Elder Crow laughed heartily for a long time when Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of them.

Less than a week after that, Huang Xiaolong saw the Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun, and her three disciples.

Disregarding others eyes, Lin Xiaoying ran into Huang Xiaolongs embrace like a swallow returning home, leaving an awkward Huang Xiaolong to deal with the teasing glances all around.

In the next couple of years, Huang Xiaolong traveled around Cangqiong Holy World with Lin Xiaoying, and Fei Yanzi, enjoying the many sights and the various facets of life to grind their perception.

A few years later, Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion.

Although Lin Xiaoying was a little sulky after learning that Huang Xiaolong was going to enter a long seclusion, she didnt make too much fuss.

She knew about Huang Xiaolongs battle with Huang Rong and understood that Huang Xiaolong was anxious to improve his strength.

Before entering seclusion, Huang Xiaolong exhorted the various forces of Cangqiong Holy World to pay attention.

If any of the Huang Family members, Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, or Yao Chi ascended, the matter needed to be reported to him immediately even if he was in seclusion.

After dividing large amounts of genesis level pills to Lin Xiaoying, Fei Yanzi, the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, and others, Huang Xiaolong entered the Sun Moon Furnace with Yuan Tianyi, the ten overlords, ten beast kings, Lei Yu, Black Shadow Devil, and the rest to focus on cultivating.

Huang Xiaolong and the rest spread out, sitting cross-legged under the Tree of Origin, Tree of Beginning, and the Parasol Tree, with the blood moon shining down rays of bloodred light that was reflected by the Pure Soil on the ground.

Light waves of absolute energies flowed out from Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Tianyi, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, Lei Yui, and the rest of the twenty-six people, merging with each other and turning into a sea of myriad lights.

Huang Xiaolong and twenty-six others were submerged within the light sea of various absolute energies.

As the lights glistened, there seemed to be a golden dragon swimming around, or king of beasts galloping, behemoths roaring at the heavens, and even lightning beasts roaring.

As time flowed by, several thousand years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Under the continuous tempering from more than twenty peoples absolute energies during these several thousand years, there were obvious changes to the Sun Moon Furnace.

The furnaces space had grown much bigger, and there were signs it was gestating something amazing, even the furnace surface had become brighter.

Huang Xiaolongs major completion power of darkness had reached perfection level, whereas his minor completion power of absolute metal, wood, wind, and earth had reached the major completion stage.

Not only Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Tianyi, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, Lei Yu, and the others strengths had also improved at varying degrees.

When Di Shuang was cultivating at the bottom of Origin Lands Black Frost Abyss, his power of darkness was close to reaching perfection level but it was interrupted by Huang Xiaolong.

During the seclusion this time, Di Shuangs power of darkness finally achieved perfection level!

Thousands of years went by.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong was once again enshrouded by a burst of bright light.

Golden, green, azure, and yellow lights shone bright at the same time like suns of different colors were exploding.

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