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Chapter 3154: Real and Fake Main Mystical Pavilion Master

The Main Mystical Pavilion Master paled when he turned and saw Yuan Tianyis thirteen-colored lights.

He raised his palm and retaliated at full force, and ten colors of light could be seen swirling in his palm.

Although the Main Mystical Pavilion Masters ten elements absolute power shocked many people, it couldnt compare to Yuan Tianyis thirteen elements.


The two opposing powers collided in midair like two mountains of absolute powers.

Heaven and earth shook.

The impact opened an empty space in the flowing lava below where the Main Mystical Pavilion Master crashed.

The Son of Mystic and other Mystical Pavilion experts were knocked back by the colliding forces, coughing up blood from internal injuries.

But the flowing lava recovered immediately, and submerged the Main Mystical Pavilion Master within.


The Son of Mystic and other Mystical Pavilion experts stared at Yuan Tianyi in horror, and couldnt get out more than one word.

Thirteen elements of absolute powers!

Theres actually an expert with thirteen elements powers in the Huang Long World!

Di Shuang, Cang Xun, and the rest were just as frightened after watching Yuan Tianyi easily sending the Main Mystical Pavilion Master, the number one expert on the Extermination List, into the lava flow with one strike!

Moreover, the Main Mystical Pavilion Master wielded ten elements powers, five of them at perfection level, instead of the four perfection level as the rumors outside suggested.

Even so, he was sent flying by Yuan Tianyi with one strike nonetheless.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, and he was not at all surprised by this result.

Even he couldnt claim that he could battle Yuan Tianyi to a draw, even if he used all thirteen elements power, Huang Long Armor, and Huang Long Twin Blades.

Then the Main Mystical Pavilion Master was a nobody compared to him.

A moment later, the lava surface below burst into the air as the Main Mystical Pavilion Master, who was struck down, flew out.

His face was pallid as this was the first time he was injured since coming to the Huang Long World!

And this was the first time he suffered this degree of injuries!

“I didnt expect there to be an expert like you in the Huang Long World!” He looked at Yuan Tianyi, but before he finished his words, he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Yuan Tianyi looked coldly at the Main Mystical Pavilion Master.

“What number one on the Extermination List An ant just the same!”

The Main Mystical Pavilion Masters face reddened with fury.

But he understood what mastering the thirteen elements meant, hence, despite his fury, he did not retort.

Other experts of Mystical Pavilion did not matter to Yuan Tianyi, and therefore he arrived above the blood moon in a flicker, and pushed both his paws down.

Immediately, the blinding blood-red light from the blood moons surface was forced back into the blood moon!

Seeing this, the hearts of Mystical Pavilions experts sank.

They knew very well how hard it was to force the blood-red light back into the blood moon because they had tried various methods in the last one thousand year to no avail.

But Yuan Tianyi merely pressed down lightly, and he succeeded in forcing the blood red light back into the blood moon!

Huang Xiaolong watched Yuan Tianyi take away the blood moon without any interruptions because the blood moon couldnt be taken away so easily.

It was obvious the Mystical Pavilion group had been here for many years, yet they had not succeeded so far.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the Main Mystical Pavilion Master, although his words were directed at Di Shuang, Cang Xun, and the rest.

“Ill deal with the Mystical Pavilion people, so you all lockdown the immediate space and make sure the Son of Mystic does not escape!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Cang Xun, Di Shuang, Lei Yu, and the others complied respectfully, and then each withdrew to the distance, blocking all paths of escape.

The Main Mystical Pavilion experts were outraged as Huang Xiaolong planned to deal with all of them alone, and killing intent boiled in their chests.

“All of you back down.

I will deal with Huang Xiaolong!” The Main Mystical Pavilion Master raised his arm to prevent others from taking action, and then looked frostily at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, I know that youre strong enough to battle nine beast kings alone, but do you think you can be my opponent because I am injured In my eyes, youre childs play.”

With that said, his figure blurred and appeared right before Huang Xiaolong with his palms striking out.

As his palms struck out, ten elements of absolute powers surged forth, giving everyone the feeling that the lands and rivers were being separated, and not even ten thousand great mountains could stop this force.

Looking at the Main Mystical Pavilion Masters full force attack as if the fury in his heart could only be vented if he blasted Huang Xiaolong till nothing was left, Huang Xiaolong struck out with a single palm, similar to Yuan Tianyis action.

Palm-shaped space holes appeared in the blood moon space as if a playful child was splattering paint all over.

The Son of Mystic had just retreated to the distance when they saw the Main Mystical Pavilion Master sent flying once again.

This time around, the distance was greater.

Earlier, Yuan Tianyi had not used his full force, but Huang Xiaolong did not hold back at all as he exerted the full force of his thirteen elements!

Watching the thirteen kinds of energies surging in Huang Xiaolongs palm, the Son of Mystic and experts from Mystical Pavilion were stupefied.

Again, thirteen elements!

When Huang Xiaolong had battled the nine beast kings, didnt he merely wield seven absolute powers Now, Huang Xiaolong actually mastered the remaining six elements

He had comprehended the power of time and space!

An hour later.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the half-dying Main Mystical Pavilion Master, and summoned the dragon of creation to brand the creation mark.

But to his astonishment, the branding failed!

Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a moment.

The Main Mystical Pavilion Master chuckled, “Huang Xiaolong, you are very surprised, arent you”

“Youre not from the Huang Long World,” Huang Xiaolong concluded in a bland tone because his Huang Long Bloodlines creation mark was only effective on natives of Huang Long World.

“Thats right.” the Main Mystical Pavilion Masters mocking gaze circled around Huang Xiaolongs face, “At least youre not stupid, so youd better release us.

If anything happens to us, the entire Huang Long World will be buried with us!”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent and cold.

Although the creation mark failed, Huang Xiaolong had other ways to search his soul.

It would only be a little more troublesome.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong had read through the Main Mystical Pavilion Master and Son of Mystics memories, and there were some surprising findings.

The Main Mystical Pavilion Master was not the real one!

Hes actually the Vice Main Mystical Pavilion Master!

All these years, the real Main Mystica! Pavilion Master had been scheming and plotting everything from the dark, while this fake Main Mystical Pavilion Master handled everything on the surface.

The Son of Mystic was the real one, and he was Huang Shuais cousin!

No wonder they have so many similarities in features.

As for this fake Main Mystical Pavilion Master, he was the Son of Mystics second uncle, and the four of them hailed from another worlds super clan!

Their family stood at the top in another world, and it was not an exaggeration to say that they were the first clan in the universe!

The real Main Mystical Pavilion Masters strength was unfathomable, even so, amongst the younger generation of this clan, he could only be counted in the top twenty!

As for this fake Main Mystical Pavilion Master, he ranked in the top thirty in the family.

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