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Chapter 3153: Scram As Far As the Sky Is

The Son of Mystic and the others watched with gloomy faces as Yuan Tianyi declared his sovereignty over the blood moon to Huang Xiaolong the moment he came while ignoring them, who had arrived there before him.

“The blood moon is yours” the scar-faced expert chuckled maliciously.

“Relying on your peak major completion absolute blaze power, and perfection-level absolute earth power Ill cripple you with one strike!”

Yuan Tianyi glanced over at the scar-faced middle-aged man as if he was looking at an ant.

“I can hit ants like you half to death with a flip of my paw.

Ill give you a warning.

Scram now, scram far away, or none of you will be able to escape later!”

Killing intent burst out from the eyes of the Mystical Pavilions experts.

No one dared to threaten them like this

The scar-faced, middle-aged expert let out a maniacal laughter.

“Then, this ant wants to see how youre going to hit me half to death!” With that said, a large blade appeared in his hand and slashed towards Yuan Tianyi.

There were no blinding rays of blade light accompanying this slash, but the absolute powers of wind, metal, radiance, and lightning at major completion level were capable of destroying all living creatures below the sun, and it was overwhelmingly powerful.

Yuan Tianyi merely took a glance at the arriving blade, then raised his paw and clipped the blade between two claws, pinning the blade in midair.

The absolute powers of wind, metal, radiance, and lightning brewing on the blade were extinguished like the fickle flames on a candle!

The Son of Mystic and the others were flabbergasted by the result.

“Watch out!” The Main Mystical Pavilion Master, the old man enshrouded in darkness, suddenly yelled, and he was about to make a move but was still a second too late.

Yuan Tianyis two fingers slightly turned, and the blade between his claws shattered into pieces.

He lightly waved his claws, and a ray of blade light flashed and drew an arch across the scar-faced, middle-aged mans neck.

Time and space seemed to still for a moment, and before the others reacted, the scar-faced, middle-aged mans head rolled off his shoulders, falling into the hot lava below.

Blood spurted into the air, splattering everywhere like a whimsical fountain of golden blood.

Faces of other Mystical Pavilions experts immediately became solemn and wary.

Although the scar-faced, middle-aged man was not considered strong among them, he was no weakling.

How could someone who had mastered four elements at major completion level be considered as weak Yet he was killed by Yuan Tianyis nonchalant wave!

Even the Main Mystical Pavilion Master, enshrouded in darkness, narrowed his eyes in solemnity.

Perhaps Yuan Tianyis show of strength deterred them as none of them made any reckless action or said a word.

“Who are you” The Main Mystical Pavilion Master asked solemnly.

Yuan Tianyi looked at the old man and said, “Youre that person, ranked number one on the so-called Extermination List, Main Mystical Pavilion Master Before I lose my patience, Im giving you a last warning to scram as far as the sky is!”

Scram as far as the sky is!

The solemn faces of everyone on the Mystical Pavilion side turned ugly.


Another Mystical Pavilions experts anger flared as his momentum soared, and in a single step forward, he went straight at Yuan Tianyi with an overwhelming killing intent.

“Kneel, and you will be spared!”

The power of darkness, frost, and wind surged out from his palms.

Three absolute powers, and all three had reached perfection level!

Such strength was more than qualified to enter the Extermination Lists top ten, but this Mystical Pavilion experts name was not on the Extermination List.

Yuan Tianyi watched the Mystical Pavilions expert with three elements perfection shout at him to kneel to have his life spared, and a derisive sneer escaped Yuan Tianyis mouth.

He raised his paw and met with the Mystical Pavilion experts attack.


In the next second, they saw the Mystical Pavilions expert being shot into the distance like a meteor.

His arms had turned into tiny specks of light, scattering in the space.

“Eminent Elder San Ji!”

The rest of Mystical Pavilion experts cried out in shock and horror as they scrambled to catch the falling expert.

The Main Mystical Pavilion Master stared fixedly at Yuan Tianyi, and there was finally a crack in his calm demeanor, “Radiance, darkness, poison, and lightning… Four elements perfection!”

This nameless and unfamiliarperson that suddenly appeared possessed strength surpassing the Origin Holy World Master!

Yuan Tianyi did not bother with others, and he looked indifferent as he faced the Main Mystical Pavilion Master.

“Make your move.”

The Main Mystical Pavilion Master and the others stiffened for a moment as they were taken aback, and just as the Main Mystical Pavilion Master opened his mouth to respond, a group of people on the horizon flew towards them.

When the Main Mystical Pavilion Master saw the several familiar faces amongst the group, his expression worsened.

“Cang Xun, Di Shuang!”

Among the two at the front of the group, one of them was the leader of the death beast Di Shuang, and the other person was the leader of Origin Lands ten overlords, Cang Xun!

Moreover, behind these two people were the remaining nine beast kings and overlords!

All these years, they had been cultivating secretly inside this space, trying to refine the blood moon because they were worried their plans would be discovered by the Origin Lands ten overlords, but who wouldve thought that not only the Origin Lands ten overlords would come there, but also ten beast kings led by Di Shuang!

The Son of Mystic and the others, too, got a fright when they heard Cang Xun and Di Shuangs name, and panic flashed across their faces.

“Its the Destiny Races Li Shuo!” one of the Mystical Pavilions experts exclaimed when he spotted Li Shuo being one of the people behind Cang Xun and Di Shuang.

The Mystical Pavilion group did not expect this.

The Destiny Race

The Death Beasts Peril Lands ten beast kings, and Origin Lands ten overlords arriving together was strange enough.

How come even the Destiny Race seems to have joined hands with the other two parties But why is there only Li Shuo representing the Destiny Race

Before the Mystical Pavilion experts surprised and astonished faces, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, and twenty-plus experts accompanying them actually flew towards the young man!

Whats going on

This large groups action was baffling to the Mystical Pavilions experts.

But what happened next was even more mind-boggling.

Cang Xun, Di Shuang, and the others stood respectfully behind the youngster, just like subordinates waiting for orders!

The Mystical Pavilion experts exchanged wary glances.

Yuan Tianyi looked at the Main Mystical Pavilion Master.

“Can you start now If you arent going to make a move, dont blame me for bullying juniors for not giving them a chance!”

Bullying juniors

The Main Mystical Pavilion Masters face was ugly to the extreme as never had he thought that there would be a day someone would talk down to him in this tone.

On top of that, from this persons tone, if he didnt take the initiative to attack, he wouldnt get a chance later.

He looked at Di Shuang and Cang Xun.

“Dont worry, when you two are battling, Di Shuang, Cang Xun, and the others wont interfere.” Huang Xiaolong could see the wariness in the old mans eyes, and he gave his word without any burden.

Other Mystical Pavilion experts looked at Huang Xiaolong in surprise.

“You are the Son of Creation, Huang Xiaolong” the Son of Mystic suddenly said as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

When he saw that Di Shuang, Cang Xun, and the others were treating the young man as master, he half-guessed Huang Xiaolongs identity.

When the rest of the Mystical Pavilion experts heard this, their faces changed.

“Correct,” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

He wasnt afraid of the Son of Mystic fleeing from this space.

Seeing that the Main Mystical Pavilion Master kept on delaying the battle, Yuan Tianyi ran out of patience, and his paw slapped toward the old man, all thirteen elements energies circulated at the same time.

Thirteen different lights lit up the entire space!

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