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Chapter 3139: Do You Think You Can Hide Forever

Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain two stalks of the Flower of Time, much to his surprise.

He was in a great mood, but Hao Zhen and the others weren\'t.

Their expressions were ugly when they looked at Huang Xiaolongs group who emerged from the restrictions.

When he insulted the people who laid down the formation, he didnt expect it to be the human on board the Heaven Piercer!

He didnt hate Huang Xiaolong that much to begin with, but when Huang Xiaolong showed his face once again, anger started to boil in Hao Zhens heart.

Killing intent swirled about in his eyes.

“Hehe, Its you!” He barred his teeth at Huang Xiaolong.

When Lei Qianqian saw that it was Huang Xiaolong, an expression of shock flashed through her eyes.

She didnt expect that the human would possess such a high level of luck.

In the past, he managed to avoid Man Yihuis hunt, and now, he managed to find the treasure before them!

As soon as Huang Xiaolong emerged, the experts of the two races locked their auras on to them.

Huang Xiaolong was a little stunned to see them appear before him.

When his gaze turned to the treasure in Hao Zhens hand, he seemed to have realized something.

As it turned out, the two of them came all the way there to locate the Flower of Time!

“Hand the treasure over right now.” Hao Zhen reached out and sneered, “If you do, I\'ll spare your life.”

Huang Xiaolong snickered in amusement.

“Are you talking about this treasure” Two pretty little flowers appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hand after he spoke.

They emitted a mysterious color, and they possessed a strange beauty.

The space around the flowers twisted in a weird way.

The Flower of Time wouldnt wither even after a quadrillion years.

Even if the heavens were to crumble and the earths were to shatter, there was no way the Flower of Time would die.

That was what everyone present felt.

“Flower of Time!” Lei Qianqian and the others screamed in joy.

There were two of them!

Hao Zhens eyes flashed with greed, and even Lei Qianqian felt the blood rushing to her face.

No one would be able to keep calm after seeing the Flower of Time, not even Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, cultivators at the level of the God of Creation were exceptions.

“Hurry up and hand it over!” Hao Zhen roared happily, and he rushed over towards them.

However, he failed to recall that there were restrictions set up all around him and he was flung backwards.

“Do you really think you can hide in there forever” Hao Zhens face turned purple in anger.

“Well be able to shatter your formations in a few days, and youll be dead!”

“Hide” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

“Why would I need to hide from you clowns” After he spoke, all of them left the formation.

Hao Zhen couldnt help but look at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

Lei Qianqian and the others couldnt understand Huang Xiaolongs actions either.

They looked at Huang Xiaolongs confident face, and the experts of the two races looked at each other in shock.

A cold sneer from Hao Zhen broke the silence.

“Brat, I dont care who you are.

Hand it over right now and kneel before me.

If Im feeling good, Ill spare your life!”

The Myriad Formation Devil, the Black Shadow Devil, and the ten beast kings looked at Hao Zhen like they were looking at a dead man walking.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt angered in the slightest as he commanded, “Slap him.”

Before the experts of the two races could respond, a figure appeared in front of Hao Zhen and a slap landed on his face.

He spun several rounds before finally slamming into the ground, and one could only imagine how hard the slap was.

When Hao Zhen finally stopped, he held his face only to realize that it had swelled up to more than five times its original size! Blood sprayed from his nose and blood was leaking from every hole it could find.

The slap made him unable to discern which direction he was looking at!

His brain started to buzz incessantly.

The experts of the two races were shocked.

Hao Zhen was the strongest and most talented expert of the younger generation of the Origin Lands! If he entered the Extermination List of the Origin Holy World, he would definitely be as strong as Li Tianyao of the Destiny Race! However, he was slapped so badly his mother wouldnt recognize him!

Lei Qianqian was shocked and she looked at the Black Shadow Devil standing beside Huang Xiaolong.

“Who are you!” They could see that Huang Xiaolong didnt move at all.

Instead, it was the black robed expert who slapped Hao Zhen.

With his strength, he would definitely be an existence who ranked in the top fifties of the Extermination List.

“Black Shadow Devil!” His voice was a little raspy as he introduced himself.

Black Shadow Devil That was the first time they were hearing his title.

Right before Lei Qianqian could speak, another group of people appeared on the horizon.

More than thirty of them could be seen, and He Zhen, the Myriad Formation Devil, muttered, “Destiny Race.”

The members of the Lightning Phoenix Race and Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race felt their expressions changing the moment they heard what He Zhen said.

Even Lei Qianqian turned a little serious.

The Destiny Race was the strongest race in the Origin Holy World! Based on that alone, the members of the two races raised their guards to the highest level.

Compared to the serious expressions on the faces of those from the Origin Lands, Huang Xiaolong watched the newcomers with an amused expression.

He didnt think that he would run into the members of the Destiny Race too.

Originally, he was planning to take a trip down to their headquarters after he located the Tree of Origin.

Were the members of the Destiny Race here for the Flower of Time too

Indeed, the newcomers were Li Tianyao and the members of the Destiny Race.

They headed straight towards Huang Xiaolong and the others as they felt the aura of the Flower of Time.

However, they were a little shocked to discover so many people.

“Young master, thats the Flower of Time!” An eminent elder of the Destiny Race screamed when he looked at the two flowers Huang Xiaolong was holding.

Li Tianyao nodded his head and he looked at it.

By the time they arrived, Hao Zhen, who was slapped so hard he couldnt breathe right, returned to his senses.

Killing intent rose in his heart and he roared, “Youre asking for death!”

That was the most humiliated he had ever been.

He was slapped in front of the experts of his race, and Lei Qianqian was there to witness the sorry sight!


Turning into a black tiger that was as large as a mountain, he leaped towards Huang Xiaolongs party.

“No!” The eminent elders of the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race screamed in terror, but they were too late.The Black Shadow Devil raised his ringer and a terrifying amount of energy swallowed Hao Zhen.

He started to shrink as the space around him started to constrict.

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