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Chapter 3129: Ancient Era City

The gates of his cabin soon opened up.

Countless experts from the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce streamed into the main hall.

When they saw Huang Xiaolong and thirteen other experts sitting in the hall, they were stunned.

They couldnt understand what those fourteen people in front of them were talking about.

From what it seemed, the fourteen of them were comparing notes and looking into something.

“What do you want” Huang Xiaolong asked.

One of the experts from the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce sneered and tilted his head upwards when he spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “Your actions disturbed His Highness, Hao Zhen, of the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race.

His Highness ordered us to inform you that if you try anything like it again, well kick all of you off the ship!”

The person who spoke was one of the custodians of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong asked.

When everyone saw that Huang Xiaolong was completely fearless, they couldnt help but feel a tinge of rage rising in their hearts.

However, Lei Yu released his aura all of a sudden and a horrifying pressure descended on the experts of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Under the suppression, all of them fell back and they retreated to the entrance of the cabin.

They found it hard to breathe and they felt as though their lives were no longer under their control.

A trace of fear appeared in the eyes of those from the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce.

“This!” They stared at Lei Yu.

They immediately realized that he was someone who was ranked on the Extermination List of the Origin Holy World.

Moreover, he was definitely ranked in the top thirty! The custodians of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce met their vice director in the past, and they knew that he was strong enough to rank in the top fifties of the Extermination List! However, the aura they felt was even stronger than that of their vice director!

They didnt expect that the person they were threatening would be someone who ranked that high up on the Extermination List!

“Repeat whatever you said, but slowly.” Lei Yu glared at them and growled.

All of them felt the words getting stuck in their throats, and none of them dared to make a peep.

Raising his hand, Huang Xiaolong stopped Lei Yu from going any further.

Only then did he retrieve his aura.

“Leave.” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

“Dont speak of the matter.” After speaking, a ray of light shot out from his fingertips and drilled into their bodies.

“This is a restriction that will ensure that you will never speak of what just happened.

As long as you remain silent, no harm will befall you.”

Of course, that was an ordinary restriction laid down by Huang Xiaolong.

It couldnt come close to the mark Huang Xiaolong left on the dao souls of others, but it was enough.

Only existences at the level of the World Master of the Origin Holy World would be able to undo a restriction laid down by Huang Xiaolong, and if the experts of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce would need one of the chiefs of the Origin Lands to make a move if they wanted it removed.

None of them dared to continue with the threats and they quickly made their escape.

After they left, they didnt speak of the matter and they merely reported that they spoke to Huang Xiaolong and the others.

“Lets continue.” Huang Xiaolong ignored them, and he continued to exchange pointers with He Zhen and the others.

In the past, the nine beast kings worked together to unleash the Death Beast Era and Huang Xiaolong was greatly inspired by the power of their ultimate move.

When the nine beast kings joined hands, their collective strength would rise by a considerable amount.

An idea popped into Huang Xiaolongs mind and he felt that if all thirteen of them displayed their powers and fused them altogether, he might be able to gain even more understanding of the powers he lacked.

The principle behind it was similar to the dual cultivation practiced by couples.

Of course, that was merely an example.

When Huang Xiaolong fused his power with theirs, he felt the difference between their understanding over the different elements.

When Huang Xiaolong was learning from the others, the experts from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race reported back to Hao Zhen, “The Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce completed their warning.”

“However, we are unable to obtain any information on their background.”

Even though the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race was one of the ten strongest races in the Origin Lands, they werent knowledgeable on the matters in the Origin Holy World.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong and the others even transformed their appearances a little when they entered the Origin Lands.

The reason they did it was because Huang Xiaolong didnt want to scare Son of Mystic away.

“”Theres no need to pay attention to their identities.” Lei Qianqian snorted all of a sudden.

“Its not like they dare to foil our plans.”

The reason they were heading towards the Boundless City was because of the Origin Sea.

Both races received news that the Flower of Time and the Void Reincarnation Thistle would appear in the Origin Sea soon.

One hour later…

The Heaven Piercer finally departed, and it turned into a streak of light that tore through the void.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the departure of the Heaven Piercer, and he continued to deepen his understanding in the various elements.

The Heaven Piercer might be fast, but they had to pass through practically the entire Origin Lands if they wanted to reach the Boundless City.

They would need at least half a year in order to arrive.

If they were on an ordinary cosmos artifact, the journey would take them several dozen years…

Very quickly, a month passed.

The Heaven Piercer finally slowed down, and an announcement played out across the cabins.

“Everyone, we have arrived in the Ancient Era City.

We shall remain here for three days, and there are plenty of organizations here with lots of treasures for sale.

Feel free to disembark and we shall continue our journey in three days!”

“Oh Were here…” Huang Xiaolong was brought back to reality by the sudden announcement.

Getting to his feet, Huang Xiaolong left his cabin.

As soon as he did, he saw countless experts emerging from their cabins.

Lei Qianqian and Hao Zhen also walked out with various experts surrounding them.

When everyone saw the two of them, they bowed respectfully.

There were even some who got to their knees.

As they passed by Huang Xiaolongs party, they noticed that none of them bowed.

A frown formed on Lei Qianqians face, but she didnt say anything.

Instead, Hao Zhen glared at Huang Xiaolong and the others and from his gaze, it felt as though he was looking down on ants from the mortal world.

That wasnt intentional as he was used to looking at others with the exact same gaze in his eyes.

When the two of them disembarked, Huang Xiaolong and the others left the ship and entered the Ancient Era City.

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