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Chapter 3122: For Lord Creation

“We greet Your Highness, the Son of Creation!” Xiao Tianqi, the World Master of the Origin Holy World, fell to his knees after a short moment of hesitation.

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuan Kong, and the others were shocked.

However, they fell to their knees the next instant.

After all, the World Master was who they served, and the Son of Creation was who the World Master served!

After some time, the only ones left standing were those from the Death Beast Army.

The nine beast kings stared at Huang Xiaolong, and complicated emotions filled their faces.

They were shocked and terrified, and greed flashed through their eyes.

Reluctance filled their hearts, and they couldnt decide what to do.

“As it turns out, Lord Huang Xiaolong is the Son of Creation.” one of the beast kings growled.

“Since youre the Son of Creation, well let you off on behalf of your father.

If you hand the ring over, well leave immediately.”

When Huang Xiaolong heard that they would retreat because of his identity, he couldnt help but sneer.

“What if I refuse”

A frown formed on the faces of the beast kings.

“Your Highness power might shock the world, but all nine of us can still suppress you.

Is it really worth it to make an enemy of our Death Beasts Peril Land because of a mere ring!”

Huang Xiaolong roared with laughter.

“Im the one making an enemy of your Death Beasts Peril Land!”

“Your Highness, please hand over the ring.

Otherwise, you cannot blame us for being unreasonable.”

A frosty light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Make your move.”

Looking at each other in silence, they decided to go all out again.

Once again, they unleashed the Death Beast Era.

This time, the light was even more powerful than before.

The entire Origin Creed started to tremble under its power.

It was as though a terrifying death beast was about to crush the entire Origin Creed, and the death beasts that emerged from the river of light swarmed towards Huang Xiaolong.

The power of the Death Beast Era was like a sun blazing in the skies as it threatened to incinerate everything in the Origin Creed.

A snort left Huang Xiaolongs lips, and he fully activated his Huang Long Bloodline.

As a golden light covered his body, he transformed into a giant golden dragon.

Raising his head to release a heaven-shaking roar, rays of golden light shattered the light produced by the Death Beast Era.

Huang Xiaolongs tail that spanned god knows how many miles swept outwards, and he shattered the river of light.

As the river of light exploded into a million pieces, the nine beast kings coughed out mouthfuls of blood.

Huang Xiaolongs tail didnt stop there as it swept towards the nine of them.

Before the tail could arrive, a horrifying wave of energy caused a massive explosion to ring through the air.

The nine beast kings were shocked, and they roared in unison.

They pushed themselves to the limit as they unleashed whatever they could to stop Huang Xiaolongs tail.

“Devouring Death Beast!”

A giant death beast appeared behind them, and it was even larger than the river of light created by the Death Beast Era.

By opening its mouth, it seemed to be able to swallow the heavens and earth.

A terrifying suction force struck Huang Xiaolong.

Despite its power, it was useless.

The giant golden tail shattered everything in its path.

The beast was smashed beyond belief, and the tail appeared before the nine beast kings in the next second.

The nine of them screamed in shock, and they wanted to dodge.

However, it was too late.

As they were struck, they turned into nine streams of light that were sent flying into the distance.

Crashing through countless sacred lands, the nine of them vomited mouthfuls of golden blood.

In the distance, Xiao Tianqi and the Black and White Dao Venerable gasped in shock.

The nine beast kings could be said to be unbeatable existences! However, from the looks of things, they were defeated by Huang Xiaolong with a single attack!

Anyone present could feel the terrifying power contained in the tail strike.

Even if the nine beast kings werent dead, they were getting pretty close.

When they finally stabilized themselves, someone grabbed his chest in pain and yelled, “Retreat, now!”

Two words were all it took.

As the nine of them soared through the skies, they disappeared from the sights of everyone present.

It was clear that the power of the God of Creation had exceeded their expectation.

They probably wanted to retreat before thinking of another way to retrieve their treasure.

However, a layer of darkness stopped them from leaving the Origin Creed.

“The Myriad Formation Devil had long since laid down the formation.

If you wish to leave, you will have to defeat him!” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The reason he didnt take them all out the instant they attacked was because he wanted to drag on the battle.

Once they were confident that they could retrieve their treasure, they wouldnt care if the Myriad Formation Devil tried anything else.

The Darkness Formation might not be able to stop them for long, but it was long enough to stall them for a minute or two! That was more than enough time for Huang Xiaolong!

“He Zhen, youre asking for death!” one of the beast kings roared.

First, the old devil had stolen their treasure.

Now, he messed up their plans once again!

“Die!” As their figures flashed, they charged towards the old devil.

They might have been fast, but Huang Xiaolong was even faster.

With a shake of his body, he appeared before He Zhen.

His tail swept out once again, but this time, his claws shot out towards the nine beast kings.

They were sent flying in an instant!

Fear filled their hearts as they shot through the skies.

Huang Xiaolongs strength had long since surpassed whatever they thought was possible.

When Huang Xiaolong made his move, they felt as though the entire Huang Long World was turning against them.

They couldnt defend themselves in the slightest, and no matter how strong they were, they knew that they werent stronger than the entire Huang Long World!

The only way they could stop Huang Xiaolongs attack was if they had reached the God of Creation Realm!

“Huang Xiaolong, what do you want!” an injured beast king roared in anger.

A sneer left Huang Xiaolongs lips as he appeared before the beast king who spoke.

With his claws slamming downwards, he sent the beast king crashing deep into one of the sacred lands.

He could see that the beast king he had just struck was the strongest among the nine.

As long as he took down the beast king, the rest were sure to follow.

Several hours later…

The nine beast kings, along with the Black and White Dao Venerable, kneeled before Huang Xiaolong.

He was able to learn of the Black and White Dao Venerables identity after he branded the souls of the nine beast kings.

When Xiao Tianqi and the others saw how the ten of them submitted to Huang Xiaolong, fear filled their hearts.

With his legs trembling, Xiao Tianqi brought Huang Xiaolong back to the World Masters Manor.

There, he gestured for Huang Xiaolong to take the main seat in the hall.

Huang Xiaolong didnt refuse either as he sat on the throne in the World Masters Manor.

Soon after, Xiao Yuncheng, and the other experts of the World Masters Manor kneeled before Huang Xiaolong and pledged their alliance.

As for the Death Beast Army, they received the order from the nine beast kings and they left the Origin Creed.

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