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Chapter 3079: Mysterious Highness

Feng Yuxuans delicate willow brows creased slightly, as she couldnt see anything extraordinary about the youngster at all, other than being a little bit more good looking and possessing a better bearing.

In her opinion, all creeds young patriarchs or heavenly caves young masters had similar qualities, and at first impression, the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng would throw Huang Xiaolong in the dust.

The Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng would be accompanied by a genesis beast wherever he went, enshrouded by heaven and earth manifestation, and auspicious halos.

Moreover, some time back, Xiao Yuncheng had managed to comprehend the power of absolute blaze in the Golden Flame Sandy Land.

In short, Xiao Yuncheng now wielded three kinds of energies such as the power of absolute wind, earth, and blaze.

Inwardly, Feng Yuxuan highly doubted this young man in front of her had the same level of talent or higher.

“Wind Cloud brings the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce experts to welcome Your Highness.

Your Highness arrival makes me feel honored, and shines glory to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce!” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable took a few quick steps forward, and bowed in salute as he spoke.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable bowed at a straight ninety degrees angle.

Whereas those experts, who were with Wind Cloud Dao Venerable at the Heavens Burial Land, were all on their knees as they saluted Huang Xiaolong.

These series of actions dumbfounded Feng Yuxuan and other Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce experts.

Her father and the others wouldnt behave in this manner even if the person they were welcoming was Xiao Yuncheng!

But Feng Yuxuan really could not figure out which young man in the Origin Holy World could make her father lower himself to this extent.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce experts and stopped on Feng Yuxuans face.

As he saw her charming features, he guessed that she was Feng Yuxuan, Wind Cloud Dao Venerables daughter, without any introduction.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable noticed Huang Xiaolongs gaze and saw that not only his daughter was not kneeling in salute, but she was also glaring eye to eye with Huang Xiaolong.

Thus, he snapped, “On your knees and pay your respects to His Highness!”

Feng Yuxuan was taken aback by her fathers sharp tone and gaze.

She had never received such a gaze from her father, and a feeling of being wronged rose in her heart.

Still, she lowered her head and curtsied to Huang Xiaolong, “Yuxuan greets His Highness.” She was adamant not to kneel.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable was about to chide Feng Yuxuan again, but was stopped by Huang Xiaolong, “Its fine.”

Only then did Wind Cloud Dao Venerable let the matter slide.

Other Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce experts didnt dare to disrespect Huang Xiaolong after that little episode.

Although they still had not figured out Huang Xiaolongs identity, how dare they act anything but respectful when their President bowed ninety-degrees to this young man.

After Huang Xiaolong had Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and the others stand up, the group proceeded to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce Headquarters.

“Your Highness must be tired from the long journey here, so subordinate this has already ordered people to prepare a light feast,” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable said respectfully as he followed one step behind Huang Xiaolong, “Does Your Highness feel like…”

“Alright!” Huang Xiaolong smiled as he agreed, “This is an opportunity for me to recognize some of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces faces.”

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable smiled and said, “They would be honored,” before leading the way to the feast.

As they moved to the hall where the feast was prepared, Huang Xiaolong looked at the numerous gemstones hung in the space above the headquarters.

“Actually, you didnt need to do this.

Its too dazzling.”

“Yes, Your Highness.

Subordinate will have people withdraw these things immediately!” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable swiftly replied, and then made a quick order to withdraw all the gemstones in high air.

These gemstones were hung up with several days of effort with one word from Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, and now, with a word from Huang Xiaolong, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable did not hesitate to have them withdrawn.

This rendered many Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces experts exchanging speechless glances.

It was especially so for Feng Yuxuan.

To top it off, her father referring to himself assubordinate stung her nerves every time he used the word.

She really couldnt understand why her father would submit to this young man, and her father had not mentioned this at all.

Watching her fathers humble demeanor in front of the young man, Feng Yuxuan even doubted if this person was really her father.

At the same time, inside the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce Headquarters.

Zhou Shu was listening to reports from his subordinate about important events that had taken place recently in the Origin Holy World.

“Lord, there is one strange thing that subordinate isnt sure if it should be reported,” such a sentence came from the subordinate, Wang Yuanhai, suddenly.

Zhou Shu stated casually, “Tell me.”

“Subordinate received news that the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable used many genesis level treasures inside their treasuries to decorate the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce, seemingly to welcome an unknown Highness,” said Wang Yuanhao.

“Oh, theres something like this” Zhou Shu showed a hint of surprise when he heard that.

“Highness Is the Prince of Origin, His Highness Xiao Yuncheng, visiting the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce”

“Probably not.” Wang Yuanhao went on, “According to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce experts, when Wind Cloud Dao Venerable learned that His Highness is coming, he was ecstatic.

He wasn\'t the only one being so, as his subordinate Chen Yueqin and many others looked just as excited.

Moreover, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable ordered for a feast of the highest etiquette to welcome this Highness.”

“Ive also heard about this, and Ive heard that this so-called Highness reached the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce today.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable is probably hosting a feast in his honor right now,” another Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce expert, Wen Zeming, chimed in.

Wang Yuanhai and Wen Zeming were Zhou Shus right-hand men.

“If it isnt His Highness Xiao Yuncheng, who is worth this degree of grand welcoming from Wind Cloud Dao Venerable” Zhou Shu was genuinely piqued, “Send the people below to inquire who that person is and report back to me as soon as possible.”

The Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce were competitors in the Origin Holy World.

Thus Zhou Shu was very curious and slightly baffled about this mysteriousHighness who was so valued by the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

Zhou Shu wasnt the only one curious, and in truth, many experts had gotten the same news, and all of them were equally curious and had sent people to investigate Huang Xiaolongs identity.

Before long, Wang Yuanhai reported the result of the investigation to Zhou Shu, and Zhou Shu was stunned when he heard it was an unknown youngster.

“Lord, is there a possibility that Wind Cloud Dao Venerable is putting on an act” Wen Zeming voiced his suspicion, indicating that Huang Xiaolong was someone Wind Cloud Dao Venerable had hired to put on a show.

Zhou Shu shook his head.

“No! Is Wind Cloud Dao Venerable someone who plays that kind of joke” He thought for a moment, and then said, “Put this matter aside for now.

Have you found out where the Myriad Formation Devil is”

“Were still looking,” Wang Yuanhai said, shaking his head.

“We can only determine that the Myriad Formation Devil is in the Origin Heavenly Cave, but his exact location is difficult to pinpoint!”

“Lord, did Myriad Formation Devil really steal the supreme treasure from the Death Beasts Peril Land” Wen Zeming couldnt help asking.

Zhou Shu looked at the two and nodded, “Yes, but what treasure it is remains to be determined.

So, the human race experts are all looking for Myriad Formation Devil high and low, and even the death beasts are searching for him.”

“At this moment, the death beasts arent aware that the Myriad Formation Devil is hiding in the Origin Heavenly Cave, but if they hear of it, perhaps, the beast kings would descend personally to attack the Origin Heavenly Cave!” Zhou Shu sighed.

“The Origin Heavenly Cave is only safe for now!”

It wont be long before the death beasts kings find out that Myriad Formation Devil is hiding in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

Wang Yuanhai and Wen Zemings faces ashen.

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