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Chapter 3074: Peak Late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm

Seeing Lei Yus action, Old Monster Flame and others also stepped out from the Leiyu Grand Formation, rushing into the death beasts tide.

Another ten days of killings passed.

Then, everyone noticed the endless death beasts tide had slowed down and were retreating, just like the receding tide at sunset, till not a death beast in tide.

Lei Yu did not chase after the receded death beasts tide, but looked solemnly at the far horizon for some time before going back into the Leiyu Grand Formation with Old Monster Flame and the rest.

But news soon spread from the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave that the Immemorial Heavenly Cave, and Luosheng Heavenly Cave had fallen into the hands of the death beasts army!

Even the Immemorial Heavenly Caves and Luosheng Heavenly Caves Lord Manors were reduced into ruins, both heavenly caves several hundred million army became food in the mouth of death beasts.

Immemorial Dao Venerable and Luosheng Dao Venerable survived and fled from this catastrophe with merely several hundred experts.


Another decade went by.

It was a clear day in the Leiyu Creed today, a sign of a good day.

Suddenly, the entire Lei Yu Creed space quaked momentarily, alarming Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame and the others.

“The death beasts are back!”

In the hall, Zhou Hong\'s voice could be heard.

In the last few decades, the death beasts army had attacked the Leiyu Creed on and off more than a dozen times.

When everyone spread their dao souls to check out the situation, they did not find any clues of death beasts armys attack, yet the Leiyu Creed space quaked again, even stronger this time.

Each used their own method to find out what was happening but none of them could detect the source that caused these quakes.

“Everyone, dont fret, its His Highness.” While everyone was feeling slightly flustered because of the unknown, Lei Yu informed loudly.

Lei Yu barely finished his words, everyone saw a figure flew out from the depths of Leiyu Creeds forbidden land, who could this be but Huang Xiaolong

Everyone was overjoyed, and hurried forward in salute, “Your Highness!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded at everyone and smiled, “Stand up.”

When everyone got up on their feet, Huang Xiaolong looked at everyone and asked, “What happened” it was hard not to notice everyones tensed expressions, and the fact that the entire Leiyu Creeds grand formations were fully activated.

Lei Yu stepped forward and explained with a serious expression, “Your Highness, in the years you were in seclusion, the Death Beasts Peril Lands death beasts army had invaded the Origin Holy World, now, they have dominated one-fifth of the Origin Holy Worlds heavenly caves.

The Luosheng Heavenly Cave and Immemorial Heavenly Cave were completely taken by the death beasts, these two heavenly caves lord manors stepped to the ground!”

Lei Yu then recounted the things that happened during Huang Xiaolongs seclusion.

After listening to Lei Yus report, even Huang Xiaolong was shocked and looked extremely solemn.

Merely in a hundred year, one-fifth of the Origin Holy World had fallen into the death beasts hand!

Even the dozen of heavenly caves bordering the Heavens Burial Lands had lost half of their territories to the death beasts army.

This matter, probably even the Destiny Race, and main Mystical Pavilion couldnt do

Although the Mystical Pavilion was hailed as the most powerful force in the whole Huang Long World, its strength was scattered in various holy worlds, merely based on the number of its experts in the Origin Holy World, they were incapable of the same feat as the death beasts army.

How much manpower and resources does it take to occupy one-fifth of the Origin Holy World How many experts

Yet the death beasts did it.

“However, the death beasts have stopped expanding outwards in recent years,” Lei Yu went on, “Instead, they had been strengthening their control of the territories they are occupying in the last few years, using the resources they found to strengthen and build new death beasts armies, as well as sending back resources they obtained from various heavenly caves back to the Death Beasts Peril Land.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

It seems the death beasts had stopped expanding outwards because of manpower restraints.

But Huang Xiaolong was baffled about one thing, did the death beasts army invade the Origin Holy World merely for these so-called resources

“Any idea whats the reason these death beasts suddenly invade the Origin Holy World” Huang Xiaolong asked Lei Yu.

“According to Wind Cloud Old Man and Jin Hongyuan that brat, the death beasts ten death beast kings suddenly allied and made such an order.” Lei Yu answered.

At the Golden Flame Sandy Land, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, Jin Hongyuan, and both forces experts had all been branded by Huang Xiaolongs soul mark, therefore, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and Jin Hongyuan were also Huang Xiaolongs subordinates.

“Ten death beast kings” Huang Xiaolong had not expected something like that.

Lei Yu nodded and went on, “Yes, the Death Beast Peril Lands ten beast kings! The Death Beasts Peril Lands ten beast kings each possess terrifying strength.

It is said, when the Destiny Races patriarch entered the depths of Death Beasts Peril Land, he battled with one of the beast kings, and that beast kings strength is comparable to the Origin Holy Worlds World Master.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed solemnly.

“There are many different theories why these ten beast kings suddenly ordered to invade the Origin Holy Worlds various heavenly caves.

Some claim the death beasts have always been multiplying, laying dormant, accumulating strength, and now, they have enough strength to take over the Origin Holy World.

They are no longer willing to squat within the Death Beasts Peril Land!” Lei Yu said.

“Some said the Myriad Formation Devil stole an important treasure from the Death Beasts Peril Land, and killed one of the beast kings grandchild, provoking the ten beast kings wrath, which brought about their invasion into the Origin Holy World!”

“But there is another theory that claims there would be a heaven-defying treasure being born in our Origin Holy World, hence the ten beast kings rushed in and invaded several heavenly caves because the leader of the ten beasts kings is on the edge of advancing, and requires a huge amount of resources.” Lei Yu shook his head, “Even Wind Cloud Old Man and Jin Hongyuan that brat cant determine which is true.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered as he fell into contemplation.

Myriad Formation Devil was an expert ranked fourth on the Extermination List, wields perfection level absolute darkness power and absolute wind power.

On top of that, his absolute earth power had reached the major completion level long ago.

He was also entitled as the ancestor of formations, his knowledge and skills in formation was widely acknowledged by the whole Origin Holy World, he was undoubtedly the strongest expert in formation.

Therefore, there was a high chance Myriad Formation Devil snuck into the Death Beasts Peril Land, and stole the death beasts treasure.

However, this was merely one of the reasons the death beasts invaded the Origin Holy World.

If the leader of the ten beast kings needs a huge amount of resources to break through, then this would definitely be a big magnitude breakthrough.

“Whats the reaction from the Origin Holy World Master and Mystical Pavilion” Huang Xiaolong asked after some time.

Lei Yu answered, “The World Manors Origin Army had battled no less than ten times, each side has casualties.

The World Manor has reached an understanding with various heavenly caves lords.

The Origin Alliance is the result of that, and had managed to gain a foothold quickly.

Probably, the Origin Alliance if one of the death beasts army has stopped expanding their territories in recent years.

“As for the Mystical Pavilion, there hasnt been any movement from them.

The death beasts army did not besiege the various Mystical Pavilions branches.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, it seems even the death beasts do not want to collide with a hegemon like the Mystical Pavilion.

“Your Highness, how is the harvest of your seclusion” Lei Yu suddenly asked.

Others also looked at Huang Xiaolong with expectation.

Huang Xiaolong smiled with ease, “Not bad.”

In truth, the harvest was more thannot bad. After refining the Rebirth Purple Crystals, peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals, and Nine Flames Pills under the Parasol Tree, his power of nirvana has finally advanced to perfection level!

Not only that, his power of radiance that he barely touched the threshold of had achieved minor completion, his absolute lightning power had reached the peak of major completion, and power of blaze finally entered major completion.

And his cultivation realm had entered the peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

The three small worlds inside him had grown bigger than the norm of the ultimate stage.

Due to the purification benefits from the pure soil, his three dao souls had become clearer, he could grasp the essence of things that he had not understood in the past.

Naturally, his perfection level Dao Body of Heaven and Earth had been tempered further.

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