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Chapter 3067: Running Into Jin Xiaoxiao

Huang Xiaolong smiled when he heard that, “I found peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystal, but theres no Rebirth Crystal, or Extreme Flame Crystal.” Lei Yu had not expected that.

“Although I didnt find any Rebirth Crystal or Absolute Flame Crystal, there are Rebirth Purple Crystals, and Qilin Flame Crystals!” Huang Xiaolong added playfully.

Lei Yu was amazed, “Re-Rebirth Purple Crystal! Qilin Flame Stone!”

Huang Xiaolong erupted into laughter after looking at Lei Yus astonished reaction.

One could rarely see this kind of expression on Lei Yus face.

Then again, it wasnt strange, Rebirth Crystals were one of the few scarce innate treasures that contained the power of nirvana.

Not to mention, Rebirth Crystals were better than any Phoenix Fire Crystals.

On top of that, Rebirth Purple Crystals were the highest grade of Rebirth Crystals, and it was as rare as the Flower of Time.

But during this time, Huang Xiaolong had found six Rebirth Purple Crystals inside the Immortal Nine Flames treasury!


Huang Xiaolong was simply overjoyed.

Moreover, there were also twenty-plus pieces of peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals, and more than Qilin Flame Crystals.

In the beginning, Huang Xiaolong had gained his absolute blaze comprehension from an Immemorial Fire Qilins body, and the Qilin Flame Stones contained absolute blaze power that was many times better than Extreme Flame Crystal.

Of course, there were many other treasures inside the Nine Flames Immortals treasury, such as the Nine Flames Armor, Nine Flames Pill, and many spiritual herbs, jade stones, and spiritual veins.

The Nine Flames Pill was a genesis-level pill, and the Nine Flames Armor was a top-grade cosmos artifact, but all these were secondary in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

The most important harvest he had gained inside the treasury were the six Rebirth Purple Crystals and more than twenty peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals, as well as a dozen of Qilin Flame Stones.

Huang Xiaolong had planned that once he returned after this trip, he would enter seclusion.

If possible, he wanted to reach perfection in nirvana power with these six Rebirth Purple Crystals, more than twenty peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals, and the Wutong Tree he had obtained earlier.

If he failed to advance, he wouldnt come out of seclusion.

There was also the pure soil he had obtained earlier that could help him improve his absolute light power.

But, before leaving, Huang Xiaolong directly moved the Nine Flames Immortals volcano and the palace built out of fire crystals into the Sun Mon Furnace.

The volcano and fire crystal palace were both good things, and were helpful in raising his mastery in the power of absolute blaze.

Huang Xiaolongs group left the underground shortly after, and came out from the sea of flames.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong came to the shore, a huge and shiny golden flying ship entered their line of sight.

This was Jin Hongyuans Golden Fox Flying Ship.

At the bow of the Golden Fox Flying Ship stood the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves deputy lord, and a group of experts from both the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

There were also Jin Xiaoxiao and several of Wind Cloud Dao Venerables several personal disciples.

Interestingly, Jin Hongyuan and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable were not on the flying ship.

Half an hour earlier, both had temporarily left the flying ship for an urgent matter.

Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow when he spotted the Golden Fox Flying Ship.

Lei Yu grinned, revealing his sharp fangs.

“What a coincidence.”

When Jin Xiaoxiao, Golden Fox Heavenly Caves Senior Commander Li Xu, and other experts saw Huang Xiaolongs group, their faces changed.

“Junior Sister Xiaoxiao, whats the matter” From the side, Wind Cloud Dao Venerables eldest disciple, Xu Zheng, asked with concern when he noticed Jin Xiaoxiaos pale complexion.

He followed Jin Xiaoxiaos line of sight and saw Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the rest of the group.

“They are the ones who annihilated an entire battalion of my fathers Golden Fox Army, and killed Senior Commander Liu!” Jin Xiaoxiao answered, gritting her teeth with hatred and resentment.

“Its them!” Xu Zheng was surprised.

However, his reaction was swift.

He waved his hand, ordering the expert at the helm of the Golden Fox Flying Ship, “Head over there!”

Jin Xiaoxiao blanked for a second, but soon understood Xu Zhengs intention.

“Senior Brother Xu Zheng, forget it,” Jin Xiaoxiao dissuaded, “Although there are more people on our side, and each of them are experts, that persons subordinates are no weaklings, one of them killed Dao Jianchou with one finger!” She pointed to Old Monster Flame with obvious apprehension on her face.

She remembered that day as if it was replaying in front of her.

“We should wait for my father and godfather to return,” Jin Xiaoxiao added.

Xu Zheng merely smiled.

“Just an insignificant flea.” His expression was nonchalant.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerables other disciples smirked and grinned, displaying their confidence.

“Junior Sister Xiaoxiao, how does Dao Jianchou fare compared to your Golden Fox Heavenly Caves Fan Luo” Wind Cloud Dao Venerables second disciple, Chen Yi, asked smilingly.

Jin Xiaoxiao answered promptly, “Of course Elder Brother Luo Fan is stronger! How can Dao Jianchou compare with Elder Brother Fan Luo as Elder Brother Fan Luo is the most talented disciple amongst the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves younger generation!”

Chen Yi grinned.

“Junior Sister Xiaoxiao, you probably dont know Senior Brother Xu Zhengs real strength, your Elder Brother Fan Luo is far from sufficient to be counted as an opponent against Senior Brother Xu Zheng.”

“Senior Brother Xu Zheng is stronger than Elder Brother Fan Luo!” Jin Xiaoxiaos eyes widened in shock as she really didnt know about this.

The Wind Cloud Dao Venerables third disciple, Hong Yi, chimed in, “Senior Brother Xu Zheng usually keeps a low profile that hes not very well known.

My master said that Senior Brother Xu Zhengs strength is more than enough to rank within the top ten on Mystical List! As long as its not against experts on the Extermination List, there are only a handful of people that are worthy of being Senior Brother Xu Zhengs opponents!”

Although Fan Luo was the first person amongst the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves younger generation, how many heavenly caves were there in the entire Origin Holy World

This was also the reason why Fan Luo had not made it into the Mystical List despite his reputation.

Whereas, Xu Zheng had the strength to enter the top ten ranks of Mystical List! One could imagine how strong Xu Zheng was!

Jin Xiaoxiao was clearly surprised.

Chen Yi grinned as he went on, “Therefore, Junior Sister Xiaoxiao, theres nothing to be worried about.

Maybe that kids subordinate is not weak, but he is far from being the eldest senior brothers opponent.

Senior Brother Xu Zhengs cultivation is at a good level now, and our master also wanted to use this trip to the Heavens Burial Lands to raise his reputation, and also the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces reputation!”

Xu Zheng raised a finger, and there was a wisp of azure wind power circling his finger.

Jin Xiaoxiao gasped in surprise when she saw this, “Absolute wind power! Senior Brother Xu Zheng, you, youve comprehended the power of absolute wind!”

Xu Zheng smiled.

“Thats right.”

Although he had only touched the threshold, it was enough for him to feel proud and raise his head higher than his peers.

Jin Xiaoxiao completely let go of her worries, and a bright smile blossomed over her face.

“So, Senior Brother Xu Zheng has comprehended the power of absolute wind.

No wonder godfather says he could enter the Mystical Lists top ten!”

With her confidence renewed, Jin Xiaoxiao immediately ordered the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves expert to maneuver the flying ship towards Huang Xiaolongs group at the fastest speed, “Dont let them escape!”

Li Xu and other Golden Fox Heavenly Caves experts were just as excited.

Although their lord and the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable were not here, with Xu Zheng who had comprehended the power of absolute wind and the strength to rank within the Mystical Lists top ten, it was the same.

Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the others did not change their expression even though they noticed the Golden Fox Flying Ship had accelerated towards them.

Lei Yu grinned.

“It looks like that brat and Wind Cloud Old Man arent around in Hongyuan.

What a pity.”

“Well, the big ones will show up after weve beaten the small ones,” Huang Xiaolong grinned.

Since they had run into each other there, it wasnt necessary to wait until they returned to the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave to settle the matter.

In a matter of moments, the Golden Fox Flying Ship broke through the layers of flames and arrived before Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the others, blocking their paths.

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