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Chapter 3060: This Is Impossible


Xue Yong’s vigilance rose to the highest as he watched Huang Xiaolong and his group approach.

Even the Absolute Dao Lord and Su Hong were respectful towards this young man

But Xue Yong was certain that this young man’s cultivation was only at the early of Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

Not to mention, he recognized most of the young patriarchs with strong backgrounds in the Origin Holy World but he could not place Huang Xiaolong’s face with any of the relevant forces.

Therefore, there was a chance that this young man did not have any noteworthy backing. 

He looked at the expert in the crowd who recognized Huang Xiaolong, suspecting if this expert was placed by Huang Xiaolong to elevate Huang Xiaolong’s status and mysteriousness. 

“Please stop there!” Xue Yong warned Huang Xiaolong, “Maybe my eyesight is not very good, so pray tell me which creed’s or family’s young patriarch are you”

“Brat, you’re still not qualified to know the identity of His Highness,” Lei Yu chided, his voice rumbling like thunder. 

Xue Yong was dumbfounded for a moment.

“Lord Xue Yong, that’s Leiyu Creed’s Chen Ming at the back,” one of the Mystical Pavilion’s experts informed Xue Yong as he pointed at Chen Ming who was walking beside Lei Yu.

“Chen Ming Leiyu Creed” Xue Yong had never heard of them before.

The expert explained, “Leiyu Creed is merely a creed ranked eighteenth in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, the creed is undeserving to be mentioned in the Origin Holy World’s overall forces.

It’s only normal that Lord Xue Yong does not remember them given how small of a creed they are.”

The Leiyu Creed ranked towards the mid-bottom amongst the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave’s creeds.

It might have been a giant to some sacred lands, but in the entire Origin Holy World’s picture, it was merely an insignificant small force.

This level of almost bottom rung existences were not something Xue Yong would pay attention to.

Xue Yong understood something from the expert’s explanation.

“So, it’s merely a creed ranked eighteenth in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.” Xue Yong’s gaze once again fell on Huang Xiaolong, and this time, there was ridicule in his eyes, “What’s your connection with Leiyu Creed”

He had been suspicious of Huang Xiaolong’s identity in the beginning, and his suspicions only deepened after listening to the Mystical Pavilion expert’s explanation.

“You can save yourself if you scram now,” Huang Xiaolong stated tepidly, looking at Xue Yong who was blocking the entrance. 

The Mystical Pavilion’s experts and other forces’ experts were stupefied by Huang Xiaolong’s attitude.

Xue Yong’s face darkened as his lips curled into a mocking sneer, “Did you make a mistake You want me to scram”

“Yes,” Huang Xiaolong responded with a calm and short word.

“Fine, let’s see how are you going to make me scram,” Xue Yong laughed sonorously, yet he raised the great blade in his hands suddenly, ready to attack Huang Xiaolong.

But just as his blade shifted, Old Monster Flame behind Huang Xiaolong also moved.

No one managed to capture Old Monster Flame’s movement at all, except for a blurry shadow when Old Monster Flame closed in on Xue Yong, and in the next second, Xue Yong and his blade drew an arch across the sky.

Not only Xue Yong, the other Mystical Pavilion experts blocking the entrance were all blasted into the air.

The result rendered other forces’ experts aghast.

Huang Xiaolong reached out with one hand and dragged Xue Yong to the ground, and right up to him.

After searching through Xue Yong’s soul, he threw Xue Yong to the side, and entered through the entrance with Lei yu, Old Monster Flame, and the rest.

Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan followed up hurriedly.

A long time after Huang Xiaolong’s group entered, did others react.

They looked at the entrance, then at each other, and for a moment, none of them dared to enter. 

“Who is that young man Even Xue Yong couldn’t deal with his subordinate’s one move” a certain creed patriarch asked in bewilderment.

The expert, who was at the Sea of Skulls, generously answered, “Previously, we had guessed that he might be the Destiny Race’s young patriarch!”

Destiny Race!

The world seemed to fall into a heavy silence.

Before long, the news of a mysterious young patriarch’s subordinate sending Xue Yong flying in one move, then entering Immortal Nine Flames’ immortal cave spread like wildfire. 

The news sent great waves of shock in the hearts of various forces’ experts.

Jin Hongyuan who was also rushing towards the Immortal Nine Flames’ treasury entrance naturally heard the news. 

“Mysterious young patriarch, three-headed beast, together with Leiyu Creed’s Chen Ming.”

A golden light flickered in the depths of his pupils.

“I didn’t expect that kid would also be here.”

Noticing Jin Hongyuan’s expression, Cloud Wind Dao Venerable thought it was weird.

Hence he asked, “Hongyuan, do you know them”

Jin Hongyuan had yet to tell Cloud Wind Venerable about his battle challenge with Huang Xiaolong, thus Cloud Wind Venerable was still unaware of the matter.

“They wiped out several million experts of my Golden Fox Army!” Jin Hongyuan said through gritted teeth. 

Cloud Wind Venerable was visibly startled.

“There was such a thing!”

Jin Hongyuan nodded, then briefly told Cloud Wind Venerable about Huang Xiaolong, which ended up with the battle challenge being canceled.

“I see,” Cloud Wind Venerable fell into contemplation after hearing the story.

 “You said his mount is a three-headed beast” a while later, Cloud Wind Venerable suddenly asked.

Jin Hongyuan froze for a second, and then chuckled, “Brother Cloud Wind, I know what you want to say, but that is impossible.”

Cloud Wind Dao Venerable nodded his head. Indeed, if it was really that person, who in this world could tame him, let him be a mount The Origin Holy World Master couldn’t do it, neither could the Mystical Pavilion Master.

An hour later, Jin Hongyuan, Cloud Wind Dao Venerable, Jin Xiaoxiao, and the rest reached one of the entrances.

Since Xue Yong and other Mystical Pavilion's experts who guarded this entrance were injured and nowhere to be seen, this particular entrance had become open for all.

Jin Hongyuan's group entered without any hindrance.

"Where could that punk be at" Jin Hongyuan wondered out loud as his eyes swept around.

Needless to say, the Immortal Nine Flames' cultivation cave was huge, and everywhere were flowing flames.

“We have more important matters,” Cloud Wind Dao Venerable reminded.

“We should find the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, Yang Sandao, and the others first.

Since they knew beforehand the Immortal Nine Flames’ immortal cave would appear, they might know the actual location of the treasury.”

Jin Hongyuan nodded.

Although he was anxious to resolve Huang Xiaolong, he understood that locating the treasury came first.

The Immortal Nine Flames’s treasury must have unusual supreme treasures.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong, who had entered the Immortal Nine Flames’ immortal cave was searching for the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor’s group with his dao souls.

Despite having searched Xue Yong’s dao soul, there wasn’t much information that could be garnered.

Xue Yong did not know the whereabouts of the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor’s group.

But there was a frown between Huang Xiaolong’s brows at the moment because he had been searching for over an hour, but had not discovered any clues at all.

It was as if the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor and the other three people had vanished into thin air. 

Then, there were violent energy fluctuations coming from a certain direction up ahead. 

Huang Xiaolong was immediately alerted, and his dao souls extended out.

“It’s the World Manor’s people,” Huang Xiaolong stated with a hint of surprise.

Under the coverage of his dao souls, the World Manor’s experts were besieging a few creed’s disciples.

Seemingly, they had robbed something from them and were cutting loose ends.

Might these World Manor’s experts know something Thinking of this, Huang Xiaolong reached out and grabbed the several World Manor’s experts from across space to his side.

These experts were busy cutting loose ends when their sights suddenly darkened, and in the next second, the view changed, giving them a fright. 

Huang Xiaolong didn’t wait for them to speak a word, and crudely searched their souls.

Ei! Huang Xiaolong discovered a secret when he was searching through one of the experts’ dao souls.


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