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Chapter 3040: Origin Qi!

When Jin Xiaoxiao snapped, even the auctioneer didnt know what to do.

After all, something like that hardly happened.

In fact, this was the first time someone decided not to sell their item after putting it up for auction!

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had kicked the Golden Fox Army away when they were blocking the traffic for her, and he had bought the Lightning Flame Pills she had her eye on.

She was trying to get back at him by refusing to sell her crystal away.

However, the auctioneer stopped her from doing so.

“Princess, even though this was something you commissioned, according to the rules of our Mystical Pavilion, you have no right to reject the sale.

Anyone is allowed to bid for the item.”

If the Mystical Pavilion allowed her to do as she wished, their reputation would be dragged through the mud.

No one would dare to turn up at their auction in the future if owners of the items could reject the sale!

Jin Xiaoxiao was shocked, and her expression fell once again.

“What if I insist on taking the item out of the auction now”

Shaking her head, the pretty auctioneer continued, “If thats the case, you will no longer be able to sell anything in our auctions.

We will also no longer allow you to join any auctions in the future.”

Jin Xiaoxiaos expression became unsightly.

In the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, no one dared to go against her wishes! However, the owner of the auction house was the Mystical Pavilion, and they had the power to destroy the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave a million times over if they wished.

Eventually, she gave up and shot Huang Xiaolong a cold glare.

With the price Huang Xiaolong threw out, it was obvious no one would dare to bid against him.

After all, how many people would be willing to throw money away for the sake of showing off He obtained the crystal easily.

After paying up, the Phoenix Fire Crystal appeared in his hand.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that he kept it for himself.

If he gave it to Peng Fei and Jia Zhen, everyone present would die from a heart attack.

Li Dongjuns looked at Jin Xiaoxiao, and he growled, “Princess, this might be a good thing.

He probably doesnt have enough to bid for the origin qi after spending nine billion! If Your Highness goes all in on the origin qi, you will definitely be able to obtain it!”

Jin Xiaoxiao finally calmed down when she heard his analysis.

“Have you found out who he is” Jin Xiaoxiao turned and asked the others.

Shaking their heads, everyone didnt dare to look her in the eyes.

“We only know that he arrived at the Leiyu Creed several months ago, and even Zhou Hong addresses him asHis Highness.

They call the three-headed beast hes riding, their lord, and we didnt manage to discover anything else,” Li Dongjun replied.

“His Highness!” Jin Xiaoxiao sank into thoughts after hearing what they said.

“Its easy if we wish to find out his identity.

Princess, you can just order Zhou Hong, Tan Hua, and Sui Hengyi over and question them.

They wouldnt dare to hide anything.” Yu Dong continued, “This person definitely has some sort of connection to the Leiyu Creed, and the Leiyu Creed has to take responsibility for their actions.

After Zhou Hong and the others reveal his identity, Your Highness should throw them into the Golden Fox Prison!”

Jin Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Once the auction ends, pass down my order.

Zhou Hong, Tan Hua, and Sui Hengyi shall be brought before me!”

Li Dongjun and Yu Dong nodded and they nearly jumped in joy to celebrate the downfall of the Leiyu Creed.

The flying ship was bought by Ren Fengyuan, and the sword received even more attention.

The Sword Venerable Dragon Emperor and the mysterious man were interested in the item, and there were three other Dao Venerables who vied for the item.

The sword was eventually sold to the black clothed mysterious man for nine billion dao coins.

It was clear that Huang Xiaolong had no interest in the items.

He had several hundred high-grade cosmos artifacts on him, and even the knife he had used to slice the Whale Beast previously was a peak-grade cosmos artifact! If he really wanted to, he could have bought out the entire auction.

“The strand of origin qi shall be next!” the auctioneer continued.

As soon as the words left her lips, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the Stone Ancestor and Fan Luo sat up straight.

Jin Xiaoxiao stared at the auction stage, and so did Ren Fengyuan.

A spatial ring made from an unknown artifact was placed on the table, and as soon as the restriction was open, everyone saw that there was a weird object the size of a forearm sitting in the ring.

It was like a teeny tiny dragon that was swimming around as it emitted origin power.

“An esteemed guest of our Mystical Pavilion placed this up for sale, and all of you can see that its perfectly intact.

It was nourished by all sorts of spiritual artifacts, and its a strand of high-grade origin qi.” The auctioneer explained.

As she continued to introduce the strand of qi, she praised it to the high heavens.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong could see that she was exaggerating quite a bit when it came to the effects of the qi.

“The starting price shall be ten billion dao coins!”

Even though everyone had their guesses in mind, they gasped in shock when they heard the opening price.

A strand of origin qi was worth ten billion at most, but it seemed that was only the starting bid for the strand of origin qi in the auction!

Of course, it wasnt every day they could see a strand of high-grade origin qi.

“Ten billion and one hundred million!” Jin Xiaoxiao made the first call.

“Eleven billion!”

The mysterious black-clothed man followed up instantly.

Everyone turned to stare at him as they didnt understand how rich the man actually was.

He had spent nine billion previously to buy the flying ship, but he could still call out a bid for eleven billion!

“Twelve billion!” Fan Luo chuckled.

Twelve billion! Fan Luo brought up the price by a billion the moment he made the bid!

“Fourteen billion,” the Stone Ancestor muttered.

The hearts of Li Dongjun and the others pounded in their chest.

When Ren Fengyuan heard that the Stone Ancestor made a bid of fourteen billion, he shook his head with a bitter smile.

Even he couldnt move an amount like that as he wished.

The black clothed man gave up too.

Only Fan Luo contemplated if he should raise the bid.

He was able to take out fourteen billion, but it wasnt really worth it for a strand of origin qi.

“Fourteen billion and one hundred million!” Jin Xiaoxiaos voice rang through the hall once again.

She turned to the Stone Ancestor and smiled, “Senior Stone Ancestor, it is extremely important that I manage to obtain the strand of origin qi.

I hope Senior Stone Ancestor would be willing to allow me to have it.”

“Little lass, as long as you manage to overbid me, you can have it.” The Stone Ancestor chuckled.

“Fourteen billion two hundred million.”

A sweet smile formed on Jin Xiaoxiaos face and their battle for the origin qi reached a price of fifteen billion dao coins.

They increased the price a hundred million at a time, afraid that they would overpay for the strand of qi.

After all, a price of fifteen billion wasnt a small number.

The Stone Ancestor chuckled lightly when the price reached fifteen billion.


Since youre so adamant about having it, this old man wont fight with you for it.”

Jin Xiaoxiao smiled and thanked the Stone Ancestor.

After all, she felt that no one else would be able to outbid her the moment the Stone Ancestor acquiesced.

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