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Chapter 3025: Is that Them!

Zhou Hong widened his eyes in shock, but he quickly followed up.

“Why dont I follow you around”

As soon as the words left his lips, Lei Yus palm came slapping downwards.

“You dumb*ss! Are you getting stupider the longer you live If you follow behind us, wont our identities be revealed! How are we supposed to stroll around for fun!”

Zhou Hong held his head, and he felt like dropping to the floor in pain.

However, he could only swallow his grumbling as the person who hit him was a nigh unbeatable existence! He didnt dare to spew anymore crap, and he hastily arranged for two disciples to follow behind Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

Looking at the two of them leave, Zhou Hong felt a weird feeling spouting in his heart.

He didnt know what Huang Xiaolongs identity was, but he knew that his master turning into someones mount was something he had never expected to happen.

As soon as they left the headquarters, two disciples followed behind them.

They had special orders from Zhou Hong, and they were extremely respectful to the two before them.

When Huang Xiaolong asked them a question, they would reply respectfully.

When Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu were taking a stroll in the city, a group of experts from the Scarlet Blood Clan was escorting a disheveled young man around.

No, he was more like a prisoner to them, and if Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu were present, they would immediately recognize Lin Tong.

“Lin Tong, you better be speaking the truth.

If they arent disciples of the Leiyu Creed, you know the consequences!” An expert from the Scarlet Blood Clan sneered at Lin Tong.

With his expression changing several times in a second, Lin Tong shook his hand hastily.

“I am absolutely sure! Enforcer Chen Yang, the young man and the three-headed beast are definitely disciples of the Leiyu Creed! They said that the grandson of my senior brother is pretty talented, and they even invited him to join the Leiyu Creed!”

The expert he called Chen Yang snorted, “Lets hope youre right.”

“Even if theyre disciples of the Leiyu Creed, they will have to pay the price of killing so many disciples of our clan!” Someone else sneered.

“Black-haired man with yellow robes, riding on a three headed beast.

We will definitely be able to smoke them out instantly!” Another expert from the Scarlet Blood Clan growled as killing intent emerged from his eyes.

If ordinary disciples of the Scarlet Blood Clan had died, they wouldnt have pursued the matter.

However, those disciples Huang Xiaolong had killed were more than ordinary disciples.

As one of the strongest powers in the Leiyu Creed, they had never experienced such humiliation before!

Very quickly, the group arrived at a luxurious manor.

After entering the gates, they went straight towards the main hall.

A middle-aged man with a scar on his forehead sat in the main seat, and his sturdy figure exuded a sense of pressure just by sitting in the room.

The experts from the Scarlet Blood Clan got to their knees as soon as they saw the man.

“We greet Lord Chen Shuanghe!”

Lin Tong fell face-first onto the ground with everyone else.

Chen Shuanghe was a member of the Scarlet Blood Clan who managed to enter the Leiyu Creed.

He managed to impress an Eminent Elder of the creed, and he had managed to become a grand elder in the Enforcement Hall.

Staring at those before him, Chen Shuanghe muttered, “Members of the Scarlet Blood Clan, you can get up.”

The only person left on the ground was Lin Tong, and his body trembled violently.

“I know what happened.

I have already sent members out to look for them.

We will be able to ascertain their location soon.” Ignoring Lin Tong, Chen Shuanghe spoke to the others.

Chen Yang felt a sense of excitement spreading in his heart and he bowed respectfully, “Many thanks to Lord Shuanghe!”

“Its nothing.”

All of a sudden, a disciple, who wore the clothes of a Leiyu Creeds core disciple, charged into the hall.

“Master, we found him! The two of them arent disciples of our Leiyu Creed!”

The young man who entered was Chen Shuanghes direct disciple, Lin Baoyuan, and he was also a core disciple of the Creed.

“What! How can that be possible!” Lin Tong felt endless despair as the blood drained from his face.

The members of the Scarlet Blood Clan were bewildered.

“Thats right.

They arent recorded in the Creed.” Lin Baoyuan continued, “They might not be our disciples, but they seem to be close to Peng Fei and Jia Zhen!”

The two of them were the ones who received Zhou Hongs order to bring Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu around.

“Oh Why would you say so” Chen Shuanghe was slightly taken aback.

“I managed to discover that the four of them are currently out strolling along the streets of Lei Yu City!”

Everyone was shocked.

However, a cold snort formed on Chen Shuanghes face.

“How dare they impersonate disciples of the Leiyu Creed to kill members of the Scarlet Blood Clan Preposterous!”

Lin Baoyuan hesitated for a moment and he continued, “Master, should we dig up their identities They might not be disciples of our creed, but they might be experts of other factions.”

“I dont care about that.

As long as they arent our men, well be able to sentence them to death!” Chen Shuanghe chuckled.

“Even if they are from other factions, do you think anyone will save them if we choose to punish them Impersonating a disciple of our Leiyu Creed isnt a small crime! If anyone dares to protect them, well exterminate their faction!”

“Should I head over to take them down now” Lin Baoyuan asked.

Shaking his head slowly, Chen Shuanghe growled, “Since Peng Fei and Jia Zhen are there, I shall head over to deal with this.”

The members of the Scarlet Blood Clan were ecstatic.

If Chen Shuanghe personally dealt with the matter, nothing would go wrong!

After walking through half the city, Huang Xiaolong decided to head back to the manor.

However, Chen Shuanghe and his party sauntered over without hiding their auras.

As a grand elder of the Enforcement Hall, Chen Shuanghes authority wasnt low.

He brought a whole bunch of disciples with him, and there were several thousand of them.

Peng Fei and Jia Zhen might be core disciples of the creed, but this was the first time they were dealing with matters like this! Their expressions changed once they saw Grand Elder Chen Shuanghe.

“Seems like this bunch of brats are here for us.” Lei Yu chuckled in his mind.

Huang Xiaolong remained expressionless as per usual.

Very quickly, the entire army arrived before them.

Bringing Lin Tong to the front, Chen Shuanghe pointed at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

“Is that them”

Nodding hastily, Lin Tong nearly poised his pants.

“Yes, yes! Thats them! They killed the members of the Scarlet Blood Clan while pretending to be members of the Leiyu Creed!”

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