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Chapter 3009: Comprehending the Power of Darkness!

“His Highness… His Highness actually won!” When they heard the news, Bi Cheng and the others felt their expressions changing as all sorts of color lit up on their faces.

“Those experts who disappeared in the Blue Lotus Pond fell into the hands of His Highness! He managed to subdue all of them!” Wu Kun, the Divination Dao Venerable, gasped in shock.

That was more than five hundred Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables they were talking about!

Moreover, there were lots of peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables among them!

Huang Xiaolong had no idea what went on in the outside world, and he focused his attention on the power of darkness and lightning as explained by the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

He submerged himself in the two elements, and he started to comprehend their power.

Throughout his journey, Huang Xiaolongs speed of cultivation was one that shocked the world.

However, his foundations werent as solid as he thought it was.

After his discussion with the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor, he found a lot of flaws in his dao foundations.

As the strongest expert in the Divine Tuo Holy World, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was naturally one of the most knowledgeable when it came to the dao.

Huang Xiaolong was like a dry sponge sucking up water in the lake of knowledge filled by the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

As time passed seamlessly, several dozen years passed.

They were so absorbed in their discussion that several dozen years felt like a mere day.

When they finally stopped, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor saw the fluctuations in darkness energy around Huang Xiaolongs body and he gasped in shock.

“Your Highness talent defies all logic…”

During their discussion, Huang Xiaolong had been strengthening his foundation all the time.

He even managed to comprehend the power of absolute darkness, and the lightning energy he controlled took a huge leap forward.

He reached the small completion state in the laws of lightning, and it was a lot more than he expected.

“I only managed to comprehend the power of darkness so quickly because of your patience guidance…” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

He wasnt lying.

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor spent more than half the time explaining the laws of darkness and lightning to Huang Xiaolong.

Several days later, Huang Xiaolong tore through the skies and left.

He was thinking of punishing Ao He and the others, but after his interaction with the old ancestor, he decided against it.

Now, he needed to look for a place to take a look at the treasures in the Blood Dragon Stele.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didnt forget about the treasuries of the Radiant Winged Dragon Race and the other races he exterminated.

He went over to collect their treasuries, and nothing eventful happened while he was at it.

He might have exterminated their races several dozen years ago, but no one dared to touch the treasures they left behind.

After pocketing their treasuries, Huang Xiaolong left the Holy Dragon World.

He welt towards the headquarters of the Heavenly Phoenix Race.

He searched through Feng Mings dao soul a long time ago, and he knew that there was a creation-level Parasol Tree in the headquarters of the Heavenly Phoenix Race.

That was also where Feng Ming was born.

The Parasol Tree was something comparable to the Tree of Beginning.

If he managed to obtain the Parasol Tree, he would be able to increase his understanding of his power of absolute flames and the nirvana flame.

There were also tons of treasures in the Heavenly Phoenix Treasury, and he would be able to obtain countless Phoenix Fire Crystals and genesis-grade Heavenly Phoenix Pills.

Riding on the Tortoise Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong took out several Radiant Jade he obtained from the treasury of the Radiant Winged Dragon Race and he started to absorb the energy stored within.

He took the opportunity to deepen his understanding of radiant energy.

The radiant energy stored in the Radiant Jade was something Ao Ji managed to obtain through a stroke of luck.

There were sixteen pieces in total, and they were how he managed to comprehend the power of radiance.

In the Holy Dragon Headquarters, Huang Xiaolong understood the power of absolute darkness, and he controlled a total of six types of absolute energies.

If he managed to understand the power of radiance, he would be able to wield seven absolute energies!

His combat abilities would increase to a terrifying level!

Several days later, he finally arrived at the headquarters of the Heavenly Phoenix Race.

Like the Holy Dragon World, the Heavenly Phoenix Race created a world called the Heavenly Phoenix World!

There were countless dragon races in the Holy Dragon World, and similarly, there were countless phoenix races present in the Heavenly Phoenix World!

Huang Xiaolong didnt waste time as he quickly changed towards the headquarters of the Heavenly Phoenix Race.

He went straight towards the forbidden region of the Heavenly Phoenix Race in order to look for the Parasol Tree.

Even though he was obstructed by several grand ancestors, Huang Xiaolong suppressed them all with the shake of a finger.

By the time he reached the foot of the Parasol Tree, Huang Xiaolong swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

The tree was able to prop up the heavens, and if he compared the Tree of Beginning to the Parasol Tree, it would be slightly bigger than a tree shoot.

The Parasol Tree had a crimson trunk, and the power of fire swirled about on its surface.

The power of fire was extremely pure, and the higher up it went, the purer it became.

Huang Xiaolong felt the power of nirvana in his body resonating with the tree.

Without any shame, Huang Xiaolong moved the entire tree into the Sun Moon Furnace.

The area around it was dug up and Huang Xiaolong transplanted the Parasol Tree beside the Tree of Beginning.

In the future, Huang Xiaolong would be able to deepen his understanding of the power of fire and nirvana when meditating under the Parasol Tree.

He could also absorb thebeginning qi coming off from the Tree of Beginning while he was at it.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the treasury of the Heavenly Phoenix Race and dealt with the grand ancestors guarding the area.

After he was done, Huang Xiaolong located a secluded region in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

He laid down countless restrictions, and he entered the space in the Sun Moon Furnace.

Sitting down under the shade of both trees, Huang Xiaolong was in no rush to open the Blood Dragon Stele.

He retrieved the Holy Dragon Pills and decided to refine them first.

Since the birth of the Holy Dragon Race, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor used the power of the entire race to refine Holy Dragon Pills.

Even so, he only managed to refine a little more than a hundred of them.

The genesis-level pills Zeng Lei crafted was dog sh*t compared to the Holy Dragon Pills, and the resources it took to refine a single Holy Dragon Pill was sufficient for Zeng Lei to refine over twenty furnaces full of his Sky Opening Pills!

Having obtained more than sixty Holy Dragon Pills from the Holy Dragon Race, Huang Xiaolong decided to refine them all to increase his strength!

Initially, he refined them one at a time.

It didn\'t take long for him to pop three to four pills in his mouth at the same time!

When he was refining the Holy Dragon Pills, the power of fire and nirvana poured into his body from the Parasol Tree.

Beginning qi was abundant around him, and they started to temper his body.

The five hundred over Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables didnt remain idle either.

They poured their cosmos energy into the Sun Moon Furnace, and it rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body.

With the assistance of their cosmos energy, Huang Xiaolong refined the Holy Dragon Pills at an astounding speed.

Even peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables at the level of the Old Monster Flame and the others needed several tens of thousands of years to refine a single Holy Dragon Pill! However, Huang Xiaolong refined a pill in less than two years!

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