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Chapter 3003: Lightnings Fury

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong was finally stopping, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor chuckled, “Your Highness grand dao physique might be strong, but youre still too young.

Your Dao Body of Heaven and Earth hasnt reached perfection level, and you are unable to unleash its full might.

Its not possible for Your Highness to defeat me with your physique alone.”

Huang Xiaolong replied placidly, “I know.

I was warming up.”

He didnt plan on winning with his grand dao physique alone, and he knew that it would be a difficult battle.

By activating his Huang Long Bloodline, Huang Xiaolong didnt use the Soaring Dragon Art to push his power to the extreme.

He wanted to see how far the bloodline alone would bring him.

A golden dragon appeared behind him, and it seemed to extend to the ends of the lands.

All three worlds in him started to rotate as cosmos energy rolled out from them.

Three different types of cosmos energy surrounded Huang Xiaolongs body, and a myriad of illusions started to form around him.

A Xuanhuang Dragon trillions of miles long appeared, and countless nefarious creatures materialized in the skies.

Chaos Essence Great Buddhas and creatures of the like started to appear as his twelve high-order Saint Fates appeared behind him.

As rays of light started to rain down on the lands, the Dragon Cloud Sea shone like a brilliant sun in the midday sky.

The sacred lands around the Dragon Cloud Sea noticed the radiance.

When the three worlds had transformed previously, the power of his twelve high-order Saint Fates had gone up along with them.

The expression on the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors face turned serious when he noticed the power surrounding Huang Xiaolong.

He activated his Holy Dragon Bloodline, and the cosmos energy contained in his small world started to move.

A holy dragon that blocked out the skies appeared behind him, and it looked extremely similar to the golden dragon behind Huang Xiaolong.

Their auras started to expand, and shocking dragon qi emerged from their bodies.

The dragon qi alone managed to sweep up a horrifying wave of energy and tore through the skies.

The flying ships that were unlucky enough to be caught up in the energy storm were turned into shattered fragments that rained down on the lands.

Even cosmos artifact-level flying ships were shattered like broken toys before the majestic power of the two monsters.

The experts of the various races were shocked.

“How… How can Huang Xiaolong be so strong!” The patriarch of the Giant Golden Dragon Race stuttered.

The Giant Golden Dragon Race was one of the five innate dragon races in the Holy Dragon World.

Even though they were ranked dead last among the five, the Giant Golden Dragon Patriarch was a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Even so, he could feel that Huang Xiaolongs strength was at a level he could never compare himself to.

Ao Ji, the Radiant Winged Patriarch, felt their hearts dropping once again.

Feng Ming was no different.

They had tried their hardest to overestimate Huang Xiaolongs strength, but it seemed as though they had still underestimated him.

Initially, Feng Ming had thought that he would be able to take care of Huang Xiaolong alone.

When he finally saw Huang Xiaolongs twelve high-order Saint Fates, cosmos energy born from three small worlds, and the power of the Huang Long Bloodline, he realized that he was nothing in the face of such power.

“Huang Xiaolong might actually be a match for Lord World Master…” The patriarch of the Tuo Dragon Race gasped.

In response, the Coiled Dragon Patriarch glared at Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Youre wrong.

Lord World Master reached perfection level in both the powers of lightning and darkness! Huang Xiaolong is doomed to fall the moment Lord World Master unleashes his might!”

Because of Huang Xiaolong, more than half of the collective strength of his Coiled Dragon Race was exterminated at the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range.

He wanted nothing more than for Huang Xiaolong to die a miserable death!

“Thats right! Lord World Master has been lenient this whole time! If he gets serious, the battle will end in less than ten breaths of time!” A grand ancestor of the Radiant Winged Dragon Race sighed.


As the discussions raged on, Huang Xiaolongs body flashed through the skies, and he sent two palm strikes out towards the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

Icy blue light emerged from his palms, and it seemed to turn into the source of all ice in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

A river of frost was formed, and it crashed down towards the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

After swallowing the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor, the icy river didnt stop.

It continued to charge towards one of the distant flying ships.

Those in its path panicked, and they started to steer their flying ships away.

However, they were too slow compared to the icy river.

Before they could escape, they were swallowed by the power of absolute frost.

Flying ships turned into ice sculptures, and Dao Venerables became ice statues.

The scene struck the hearts of the others, and a terrifying picture was painted in the skies of the Cloud Dragon Sea.

Frozen statues lined the skies, and the scary part was that all of them were experts who stood at the peak of the Divine Tuo Holy World!

As the icy river continued on its way, the experts in the crowd realized that they wouldnt be able to stop it even if they worked together!

It only stopped after it traveled the distance to cover several sacred lands.

The experts of the Heavenly Phoenix Race and the Radiant Winged Race stared at each other in shock.

A terrifying burst of light interrupted their train of thought, and the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors body started to tremble.

The ice surrounding him started to crack, and the sound of shattering glass rang through the skies as he emerged unharmed.

Bolts of lightning surrounding him started to wreak havoc around the Dragon Cloud Sea.

When the lightning slammed into the ice sculptures in the skies, the ice trapping the experts and flying ships started to crack.

Ao He and the other experts roared in excitement when they saw that those who werekilled by Huang Xiaolong were saved by the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

“The old ancestor is invincible! The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor is almighty!”

Huang Xiaolongs heart sank.

From that single exchange, he learned that the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors ability to use lightning was stronger than what he had expected.

Even though his power of absolute frost had already reached perfection level, the power of absolute lightning ranked higher than frost among the thirteen elements.

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor stared at Huang Xiaolong and sighed, “Your Highness deserves your reputation as the most talented individual in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

I, Ao Heng, am convinced.

In the span of several hundred years, you actually managed to reach perfection level when controlling absolute frost!”

It was indeed an achievement he could brag about.

In the entire universe, he possessed unbelievable talent!

“However, that should have been your strongest attack, right” The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor sighed.

“Please accept my attack!”

As soon as he spoke, he pushed his hands upwards towards the heavens.

“Lightnings Fury!”

A pillar of lightning charged into the skies, and thunderclouds started to form above Huang Xiaolong.

Purple lightning, white lightning, five paths lightning, and heavenly lightning gathered and appeared, slamming down towards Huang Xiaolong instantly.


The defenses he had from his twelve high-order Saint Fates were blown apart, and the lightning slammed into the cosmos energy around him.

Even with his Huang Long Bloodline and Dao Body of Heaven and Earth, he found it impossible to block the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors strike.

Shooting out like a cannonball, Huang Xiaolong smashed through layers upon layers of mountain ranges.

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