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Chapter 2984: Blood Angel

While traveling to the Holy Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong didnt ride on a flying ship.

Instead, he rode on a massive tortoise.

The beast was the true body of the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, Tortoise Ancestor.

Ordinarily, tortoises move extremely slowly, but Tortoise Ancestor moved at an unimaginable speed.

Even top-tier cosmos flying ships couldnt match the tortoises speed.

With his body spanning the size of several supercontinents, he was a terrifying existence as he shot through the sea of stars.

If anyone looked at Tortoise Ancestor, they could feel a sense of oppression.

As Huang Xiaolong sat on his shell, he was comparable to a speck of dust.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had to admit that flying through space on Tortoise Ancestor was a whole new experience.

Despite their speed, Huang Xiaolong needed half a month to arrive at the Holy Dragon World from the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

Along the road, Huang Xiaolong started to comprehend the power of wood.

The Nine-Headed Tree Demon was the world master of the World Tree, and he controlled the power of absolute wood.

Since he had already reached the major completion, Huang Xiaolong could easily comprehend the laws of wood by reading through his memories.

With the power of nirvana, absolute poison, absolute frost, absolute blaze, and absolute lightning, Huang Xiaolong controlled five different types of energies.

If he managed to comprehend the power of absolute wood, he would be in control of six peak-level energies!

Even with the Nine-Headed Tree Demons memories, he knew that comprehending the power of absolute wood was something he couldn\'t do in a day or two.

Even with his talent, he needed several dozen years to reach a basic understanding in the laws of wood.

It came as no surprise that Huang Xiaolong failed to get anywhere in the laws of wood while on the Tortoise Ancestors back.

When he was fully immersed in the Nine-Headed Tree Demons memory, the Tortoise Ancestor interrupted his cultivation.

“Your Highness, there are several flying ships heading towards us.

They seem to be bandits… Should we ram straight through”

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes slowly, and he noticed six flying ships rushing straight for them.

Every single ship was the size of a continent, and there was a massive insignia of an angel on them.

The angel was blood-red in color, and it emitted chilly qi.

“Its the Blood Angels!” Huang Xiaolong recognized them the moment he laid eyes on their insignia.

The Blood Angels was one of the strongest evil factions in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and they were a tier stronger than the Dragon Fish Creed! They did anything under the sun, and if they set their sights on any faction, rivers of blood would flow.

The Blood Angels didnt set up a headquarters, and their base of operations consisted of six massive flying ships.

No one could catch a trace of them in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and tracking them down was practically impossible.

“Crush them!” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

When the Tortoise Ancestor heard Huang Xiaolongs order, a look of excitement formed on his face.

It was finally able to do something, and he started to speed up as he charged straight towards the six flying ships.

Six middle-aged men were sitting in the main halls of one of the flying ships, and their bodies were covered in bloody qi.

The six of them were talking about how they should split the treasury of a certain creed when a man rushed into the hall in a state of panic.

“Chiefs, theres a massive tortoise charging straight into us!”

The six of them were the six chiefs of the Blood Angels, and all of them were Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables!

“Tortoise!” The six of them were taken aback by the report.

“Yes! The tortoise is bigger than our ships!” The expert who rushed into the hall replied hastily, “It doesnt seem to be friendly at all!”

Staring at each other, the six of them were shocked.

“Lets go take a look!” The person sitting in the middle stood up all of a sudden and bloody qi filled the hall.

It was clear he was a late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.

As their bodies started to blur, they arrived in the skies above their flying ship.

The six of them didnt think too much of the report in the hall, but when they laid eyes on the Tortoise Ancestor, they gasped in shock.

“This… Tortoise Ancestor!” The six of them recognized Tortoise Ancestor at once.

“Hurry up and dodge!” They screamed in unison when they realized that the Tortoise Ancestor was barreling straight into them.

It was too late as a massive blast filled the skies.

The Tortoise Ancestor rammed straight into the first flying ship, and the flying ship exploded into cosmic dust.

Every single person on it turned into a bloody mist as a tinge of red filled the otherwise dark space.

Every single one of the six flying ships belonging to the Blood Angels were at the cosmos artifact level, and even though they were only low-grade cosmos artifacts, they were still extremely sturdy.

It was too bad they ran into the Tortoise Ancestor.

They couldnt stop his charge for a single second and one could only imagine how strong his tortoise shell was.

“Tortoise Ancestor, youre looking to die!” The six of them raged instantly as blood qi filled the space around them.

The six of them had used a lot of effort and countless treasures in order to refine six flying ships at the cosmos artifact level! Several hundred thousand experts on the flying ship were destroyed by the Tortoise Ancestor, and all of them were experts nurtured with care throughout the years!

There were even some who had managed to enter the Dao Venerable Realm, and they were considered a significant power of the Blood Angels! With a single action from the Tortoise Ancestor, a sixth of their faction was destroyed! The pain and ache in their hearts only served to fuel their rage.

Charging towards the giant tortoise, the six of them made their move.

They completely ignored Huang Xiaolong who was sitting on the tortoises head.

A snort left Huang Xiaolongs lips when he saw the main chief of the Blood Angels.

He didnt care about the anger they felt, and he commanded the Tortoise Ancestor to ram through another ship.

At the same time, he summoned all five hundred over Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables.

The killing intent of the six chiefs disappeared into nothingness when they noticed the presence of five hundred more experts.

Probing them slightly, they realized none of the five hundred plus experts who had appeared were existences weaker than a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!

Over five hundred Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables!

The blood drained from their faces in an instant.

“Flame… Old Monster!

“Ming Fu!”


When they recognized several familiar faces among those who had just appeared, they felt their hearts stop for a moment.

“Didnt you disappear!” one of the six chiefs yelled.

The terrifying rumor that went around the Divine Tuo Holy World naturally couldnt escape the ears of a faction stronger than the Dragon Fish Creed.

However, those who were said to be missing were standing right in front of them!

When the six of them were still stuck in a state of confusion, the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables summoned by Huang Xiaolong made their move!

They couldnt even imagine the power unleashed when five hundred Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables made their move, and now, the attacks were concentrated on them!

A horrifying hole appeared in space, and turbulent currents of chaotic air tore through the area.

Everything returned to nothingness under the power contained in the combined strike.


Even if they were Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, there was only one outcome to the very one-sided battle.

Several minutes later, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the experts before continuing on his journey to the Holy Dragon World.

Only fragments of the flying ships were left drifting in space as the blood of those who died formed an eternal veil of red.

The Blood Angels who threatened the Divine Tuo Holy World with their reign of terror disappeared from the face of the Huang Long World forever!

Ten days later, Huang Xiaolong finally arrived at the Holy Dragon World.

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