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Chapter 2931: One Against the World


Under Liu Xinxin’s questioning, Zeng Lei nodded his head, “That’s right, our Mystical Pavilion was entrusted by someone to sell a peerless spear.

It’s a high-level cosmos artifact, and it’s called the Shaking Dragon Spear!” 

“Shaking Dragon Spear!” Lin Zhuoyi, Liu Xinxin, and the others gasped in shock.

The Shaking Dragon Spear was famous since the ancient times.

Everyone there had heard of it before! Back then, the Shaking Dragon Spear was a weapon that had accompanied one of the genesis era ancestors in the Holy Dragon Race.

It was said that the ancestor had refined it with all his might.

On the day the spear was completed, half the race gathered together to celebrate! Even though it might be somewhat exaggerated, one could see how powerful the spear was! 

The Shaking Dragon Spear might be a high-level cosmos artifact, but it was comparable to peak-level cosmos artifacts in terms of offensive strength! 

“That’s right, it’s the Shaking Dragon Spear.” Zeng Lei laughed. 

He wasn’t surprised by their reactions at all. 

In the entire Divine Tuo Holy World, there were several peak-level cosmos artifacts at best.

All of them were inheritance treasures in the super creeds! They would only bring it out when they faced a calamity that would threaten their existence. 

The Shaking Dragon Spear was second only to a peak cosmos artifact!

“Who is the person selling it” Du Limei asked.

A look of reverence could be seen on her face.

Zeng Lei smiled, “That’s a secret.” 

“Pavilion Branch Master Zeng Lei, we are planning on buying the Shaking Dragon Spear for His Highnes Huang Shuai, what do you think of our offer” Lin Zhuoyi asked. 

Zeng Lei hesitated, “Originally, we were planning to auction off the spear.

Since you wish to purchase the item for His Highness, we are willing to sell you the spear directly for a price of fifteen billion Tuoshen dao coins!”

Even though people might place things on auctions in order to get the highest price possible, there was always a chance to buy the item for the right price.

“What! Fifteen… Fifteen billion Tuoshen dao coins!” Lin Zhuoyi and Liu Xinxin jumped up in surprise as they cried out involuntarily.

No one could believe their ears!

That was a sky-high price!

Never in their lives had they heard of an item being sold for fifteen billion Tuoshen dao coins.

Even Huang Xiaolong was shocked by the price. 

Back then, a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable had bought a strand of genesis qi for ten billion Tuoshen dao coins.

That had shocked the entire world! The Shaking Dragon Spear was priced above the strand of genesis qi! 

That was dao coins they were talking about! 

Liu Xinxin couldn’t help but ask, “Pavilion Branch Master Zeng Lei, isn’t this price a little too high How about eight billion” 

She spoke softer and softer as she realized how crazy she sounded. 

Eight billion was the maximum amount that the two of them could afford.

When Zeng Lei heard this, he laughed and shook his head, "Young Lady Liu, that’s impossible! The price I’m offering you is fifteen billion! Of course, you can also wait until the auction before bidding.

I plan to hold an auction in three months, but the starting bid would be twelve billion Tuoshen dao coins!”

With the starting bid at that amount, the price might easily cross fifteen billion. 

Their faces turned dark.

“This, Pavilion Branch Master Zeng Lei, let us return and report this to our master.

We will be able to gather the fifteen billion.” Lin Zhuoyi muttered, “However, you need to reserve the spear for us.”

Just as Zeng Lei was about to agree, Huang Xiaolong interrupted, “I’ll buy this Shaking Dragon Spear for fifteen billion now!” 

“What!” Everyone was dumbfounded.

They turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong as they couldnt’ believe that he had so much money on hand. 

Liu Xinxin's face sank, “Huang Xiaolong, can you take out fifteen billion Tuoshen dao coins You better not mess around here.

Do you really think that our Dragon Fish Creed is afraid of you!”

Even Dao Venerables wouldn’t be able to take out so much money at once.

Even creeds might not be able to afford it! She didn’t believe a Primal Ancestor like Huang Xiaolong had the ability to pay for the spear.

As such, she determined that he was there to cause trouble for the Dragon Fish Creed! 

Huang Xiaolong glanced at her casually before throwing over a spatial ring.

“Here is fifteen billion!”

Liu Xinxin mocked, “Do you really think that there’ll be fifteen billion dao coins in there because you said so Are we supposed to take your word for it How laughable”

All of a sudden, the restrictions around the spatial ring broke, and dao coins landed all around the hall. 

As grand dao qi filled the space around them, Liu Xinxin felt a little suffocated.

Her pretty eyes scanned the vast fortune before her, and she gasped in fright. 

There was exactly fifteen billion in the spatial ring!

Lin Zhuoyi, Hu Xiaoqian, Du Limei, and everyone present were overwhelmed with shock. 

Nobody could remain calm when they were staring at fifteen billion dao coins.

Not even the branch master, who had seen fifteen billion Tuoshen dao coins, could remain calm.

The branch master of the Mystical Pavilion was no exception either. 

“Pavilion Branch Master Zeng Lei, what do you think” Huang Xiaolong ignored the others as he asked Zeng Lei.

Zeng Lei was overwhelmed with shock, but he quickly regained himself as his eyes flickered with greed.

He grinned, “Who would have thought that Young Master Huang would be so wealthy! Since that is the case, the Shaking Dragon Spear shall be sold to you!” 

Now that Huang Xiaolong had bought the Shaking Dragon Spear, Zheng Lei thought that he would capture the kid when the pills were done! Wouldn’t that mean that the spear would return to him eventually It was like he had obtained the fifteen billion dao coins for free! 

That was fifteen billion Tuoshen dao coins!

Moreover, if Huang Xiaolong was able to take out fifteen billion so easily, he definitely had even more on him! 

Zeng Lei’s heart started beating faster. 

Hearing that Zeng Lei was going to sell the Shaking Dragon Spear to Huang Xiaolong, Lin Zhuoyi, and Liu Xinxin’s faces turned extremely unsightly.


“Huang Xiaolong, you, don’t you know that the spear is meant for His Highness Huang Shuai! How dare you snatch his treasure!” Liu Xinxin pointed at him angrily. 

In her eyes, this Shaking Dragon Spear belonged to Huang Shuai.

“Forget it, let’s leave!” Lin Zhuoyi blocked Liu Xinxin before glaring at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you are obviously going against His Highness Huang Shuai! You’ll be going against the world when he ascends to his position! When that happens, no one can save you!”

Huang Shuai was the Son of Creation, and if Huang Xiaolong were to oppose him, he would be challenging the world!

Just as Lin Zhuoyi and Liu Xinxin were about to leave, Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent voice rang through the hall, “Did I say you can leave” 


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