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Chapter 2917: Meeting Han Tong

In order to save some time, Zeng Lin used her Silver Phoenix Ship when traveling towards the Dragon Fish Creed.

As a top-grade cosmos artifact, the Silver Phoenix Ship was extremely fast.

Even mid-level Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to fly faster than it!

In two short days, they arrived at the border of the Dragon Fish Creed.

Zeng Lin turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “Even though I dont know the reason behind your rush to enter the Dragon Fish Creed, I need to tell you that the entire region is on high alert.

Dao Venerables are patrolling the lands, and you will have to hide your aura the moment you enter.”

“Thank you, Senior Zeng Lin!” Huang Xiaolong nodded with haste.

Afraid that Huang Xiaolongs recklessness would get him in trouble, she reminded him to stay cautious several times.

She also told him about several points to take note of as she was pretty familiar with the Dragon Fish Creed.

She marked out several danger zones for Huang Xiaolong before preparing to break the barrier.

After ten minutes of preparation, everything was set.

Circulating her cosmos energy, light covered her hands as she slammed her palms into the barrier around the creed.

As soon as her hands landed on it, terrifying energy slammed into the barrier without breaking it.

If the energy she used started to spread, the members of the Dragon Fish Creed would be alarmed instantly.

Of course, she had already been prepared for something like that to happen.

A suction force emerged all of a sudden and absorbed all the residual energy in the air.

Pressing down once again, a tiny pop could be heard and a hole formed in the restrictions.

It was the size of a palm when it formed, but Zeng Lins arm shook a little, and the opening enlarged several hundred times.

“Go now!” Zeng Lin pestered.

Without any hesitation, Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred, and he entered the Dragon Fish Creed.

As soon as he entered, the hole closed without any indications of it being there in the first place.

For Zeng Lin to be able to tear a hole in the barrier around the Dragon Fish Creed without alarming the experts there, one could see how strong she was! One had to know that the barrier was placed down by the Dragon Fish Dao Venerable himself, and ordinary Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to cause it to shake!

Huang Xiaolong didnt remain in his spot.

With his body tearing through space, he disappeared into the sea of stars.

The most important thing right now was to get an identity as a member of the Dragon Fish Creed.

He could go on to locate the Huang Long Armor after that.

In order to obtain an identity as a member of the Dragon Fish Creed, he had to change his appearance.

After all, too many members in the upper echelons of the Dragon Fish Creed knew him.

It might have been a difficult task for many, but it was no tall order for Huang Xiaolong.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at the nearest sacred land.

With his three dao souls operating at the same time, It didnt take long for him to lock on to a target.

The other party wore the robes of a core disciple in the Dragon Fish Creed, and his status couldnt be too low.

The most important part was that he was an early-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm expert!

Hiding his aura, Huang Xiaolong approached the other partys manor.

As soon as he arrived, he noticed that the man was practicing his martial arts.

Ghost qi surrounded him as angry spirits howled in the courtyard.

Even if there werent a million spirits around him, there were over eight hundred thousand.

It was clear to Huang Xiaolong that the other party was practicing an evil art.

“Who!” Huang Xiaolong touched a restriction in the manor and instantly alerted the other party.

Waving his hand slightly, Huang Xiaolong suppressed the man and dragged him over.

“Who are you! What do you want!” the man screamed in terror when he discovered Huang Xiaolongs entry.

With an expressionless face, Huang Xiaolong pointed at the space between the other partys eyebrows and started to look through his memory.

It didnt take long for Huang Xiaolong to scan through the entirety of the other partys memory.

The core disciple was called Zhang Tianhong, and the most coincidental part of Huang Xiaolongs infiltration was the fact that Zhang Tianhong was Han Tongs junior brother!

In the Monarch Yu Sacred Land, Huang Xiaolong had sent Han Tong, who wanted to suck up to Xuanyuan Potian, flying with a single kick.

After looking through the other partys memories, Huang Xiaolongs face sank.

Zhang Tianhong looked like a righteous fellow, but he cultivated some sort of sinister art in the dark.

In order to increase his proficiency at it, god knew how many experts he had killed.

When Huang Xiaolong learned about how he tortured the female disciples before he devoured them, it left a foul taste in his mouth.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong was thinking of using Zhang Tianhongs identity for a little while before releasing the other party.

When he learned of the atrocities Zhang Tianhong had committed, he could no longer look the other way.

He destroyed Zhang Tianhongs body with a single slap and threw his dao soul into the Immemorial Immortal Cave.

He would refine the b*stards soul after he was done.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolongs facial features started to change.

In a matter of seconds, he looked exactly like Zhang Tianhong.

The aura he released was also modified, and he seemed to turn into Zhang Tianhong.

His actions, behavior, and speech pattern were modified completely, and even if Han Tong and the others were to meet him, they wouldnt realize that Zhang Tianhong was replaced by someone else!

Donning the robes of the man, Huang Xiaolong grabbed his identity plaque and left the manor.

He traveled straight towards the east of the Dragon Fish Creed.

After all, that was where the Huang Long Armor was located.

Several tens of days later, Huang Xiaolong used the memory he had after obtaining the dragon scale previously to locate one of the sacred lands.

Circulating his energy through the scale, he started looking for the armor.

He knew that the space where the armor was concealed was somewhere in the sacred land, but he didnt know where it was.

With the dragon scale in hand, his task became much easier to complete.

The sacred land was large, but he managed to locate the sealed space within an hour.

Located in the middle of a primitive forest, the sealed space was indeed well concealed.

From what he knew from Zhang Tianhongs memory, the forest was called the Golden Sun Forest, and it was a dangerous region in the Dragon Fish Creed.

The forest made up a quarter of the space occupied by the sacred land, and there were tons of dangerous creatures hidden in it.

There were even some restrictions that were at the creation level lying in wait for intruders.

When he thought about entering the forest, a group of people started flying towards him.

“Hey! Thats Junior Brother Zhang Tianhong!” someone yelled.

When Huang Xiaolong turned around, he noticed Han Tongs figure flying towards him.

There were several core disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed around him.

Everyone who approached was in the Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, and he was supposed to be the weakest existence there!

“Senior Brother Han Tong.” Huang Xiaolong greeted.

“Junior Brother Zhang, why did you come to the Golden Sun Forest” Han Tong asked casually.

An idea lit up in Huang Xiaolongs mind, and he quickly replied, “I was planning to refine the Limitless Starfire Dao Pill.

Im here to obtain the inner core of several Heavenly Star Beasts.”

Han Tong nodded slightly, and he wasnt the slightest bit suspicious.

“Since thats the case, lets go together.

Were planning to kill several beasts too.”

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