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Chapter 2916: Entering the Dragon Fish Creed

Killing intent flashed in Hou Tingweis eyes.

“Huang Xiaolong, you crippled my disciple and ruined his life! Ill ensure you die without entering the cycle of reincarnation! Youll be tortured for eternity!” Hou Tingweis frosty voice rang through the hall.

When Li Haitao saw that his master was determined to exact revenge for him, he couldnt help but rejoice in his heart.

However, he thought of Huang Xiaolongs talent and strength, and he started to hesitate, “Master, what about Huang Xiaolongs strength”

Hou Tingwei frowned when he realized the problem.

“Huang Xiaolong is a monster indeed… Even if I use everything in me, I might not be able to take him down.

Even if he falls to a disadvantage, he will definitely be able to escape!”

When he had worked together with Chen Hongyuan to attack Huang Xiaolong previously, he had used forty percent of his energy.

Huang Xiaolong had received it with no problems, and he should be comparable in strength to a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Since that was the case, Huang Xiaolong would definitely be able to run away with his life intact!

“Master, are we going to allow Huang Xiaolong to swagger as if the place is his!” Li Haitao raged, “When I think of how he walked beside Senior Sister Yin Yue, I want nothing more than to cut him up into a thousand pieces!”


Huang Xiaolongs talent might be terrifying, but there are tons of people in the Divine Tuo Holy World who want him dead.

He wont be laughing for much longer.” Hou Tingweis expression sank, and he growled.

Narrowing his eyes, he continued, “He nearly killed Xuanyuan Potian previously, and the Xuanyuan Creed will never let him go.

They might be keeping silent for now, but they are merely biding their time.

The peak powers in the Divine Tuo Holy World are in discussion right now, and all of them do not wish to see Huang Xiaolong mature.

They are currently deciding on a date to kill him off with a massive conspiracy.”

Li Haitao widened his eyes in shock and laughed gleefully, “Master, is this true”

“Thats right.

Huang Xiaolongs talent is too perverse.

If hes so strong in the Primal Ancestor Realm, no one will be able to deal with him once he enters the Dao Venerable Realm.

When he actually enters the high-level Dao Venerable Realm, the entire Divine Tuo Holy World wouldnt be able to kill him even if they wanted to.

The powers here will never allow someone like that to appear!”

“Moreover, Huang Xiaolongs appearance has already suppressed Huang Shuais reputation.

As the Son of Creation, his status is never to be sullied.

The peak powers of the Divine Tuo Holy World like the Dragon Fish Creed, Red Fox Creed, and the others will never allow an existence like him to live on.”

Hou Tingweis eyes burned with a serious passion as he continued to analyze.

His disciple might not be able to learn of the intricacies of the Divine Tuo Holy World, but he was a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable.

As a doyen in one of the strongest creeds, he knew a lot of things others didnt.

Li Haitao became even more excited after hearing the news.

“Do you mean that when the Son of Creation enters the Dao Venerable Realm, the ten strongest Dao Venerables will make a move to clear all the obstacles in his path”

“Thats right.

Huang Xiaolongs identity is extremely mysterious, and there are some who speculated that he awakened during the creation of the world.

However, there are others who said that he was cultivated by some mysterious genesis race.

The Xuanyuan Creed istolerating his existence while they do their investigations.

Whatever the case, the Dragon Fish Dao Venerable and the others will never be afraid of the power behind Huang Xiaolong!”

“As soon as anything concerns His Highness, the Son of Creation, nothing can stand in his path!”

Li Haitao roared with laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, the day His Highness Huang Shuai enters the Dao Venerable Realm is the day you die!”

“When the ten strongest Dao Venerables of the Divine Tuo Holy World make their move, your end will be more miserable than mine!”

“I hope you die a death a million times worse than mine!”

As soon as dawn broke the next day, Huang Xiaolong went to visit Yin Yues mother.

It was no surprise to him that her appearance was similar to Yin Yue, albeit the fact that she looked a little older.

She was a Second Esteem Dao Venerable, but with Huang Xiaolongs current strength and the power of the Huang Long Bloodline, he took a mere half a day to clean out her entire body of the absolute poison.

As soon as she regained her senses, she leaped to her feet and hugged Yin Yue, making up for her years of absence.

After they were done, they expressed their thanks to Huang Xiaolong.

It was especially so for Yin Yue.

When Huang Xiaolong returned to his courtyard, he decided to refine the energy from the absolute poison he had absorbed from Yin Yues mother.

He didnt expect Yin Yue to show up in the evening to tell him that her master had promised to get Huang Xiaolong into the Dragon Fish Creed.

“Are you serious” Huang Xiaolong jumped in joy.

He couldnt help himself.

As long as he entered the Dragon Fish Creed, he would be able to obtain the Huang Long Armor! That was part of the Set of Creation, and the most important thing was that his father had left it behind for him!

Yin Yue felt her heart jumping in joy when she noticed his reaction.

She chuckled, “Of course! My master personally agreed to it! However, you will have to discuss it with her personally.

Im here to bring you over!”

“Alright! Lets go now!” Huang Xiaolong agreed instantly.

The two of them left the Silver Moon Immortal Cave and went straight towards Zeng Lins cultivation cave.

As she lived in one of the mountain peaks in the northernmost parts of the creed, they needed some time to make their way over.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong brought up the matter of the Tuoshen dao coins again, but Yin Yue shook her head in response.

“My master said that helping Young Master Huang is something she has to do.

She will not accept the coins.”

“This…” Huang Xiaolong was at a loss for what to do.

“Young Master Huang, you dont have to act so politely when you meet my master later.” Yin Yue explained, “You cured my mother, and I have no idea how I can repay you.”

Huang Xiaolong could only nod helplessly.

After Huang Xiaolong met Zeng Lin, he was shocked when he learned that she was planning to personally tear a hole through the protective formation of the Dragon Fish Creed.

He had always thought that she was planning to use her connections to buy him a passage in.

“Young Master Huang, you can rest assured.” Zeng Lin explained, “I wont alert the experts of the Dragon Fish Creed.

Your whereabouts will not be exposed.”

That was indeed the most important concern Huang Xiaolong had.

If he attracted the attention of those from the Dragon Fish Creed, they would surround him instantly.

Looking for the Huang Long Armor would be several times harder than it would have been otherwise.

He finally relaxed after hearing her explanation.

After confirming some minor details, they decided to head over after three days.

In the three days that he would remain in the city, he would remain in Yin Yues cultivation cave.

In the blink of an eye, they were off.

The entire journey was kept secret, and Yin Yue was the only person who knew that he had left.

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