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Chapter 2908: Dealing with Huang Xiaolong

When Long Jianfei and the others noticed the intent in Qiao Shengs eyes, their hearts trembled.

“What do you want”

“What do we want” With a wave of his hand, Di Bai dragged Duan Feng over by the neck.

“We dont want much.

We only want the entire immortal cave!”

If Huang Xiaolong hadnt been stuck in seclusion, they wouldnt have dared to do so much as breath loudly.

However, the man in question was in secluded cultivation, and was unable to move a single muscle to stop them! There was nothing to worry about!

Qiao Jin and the others wanted to make a move when Di Bai grabbed Duan Feng, but they were stopped by the experts of the Boundary Emperor Creed.

With a single wave of his arm, Di Bai sent everyone flying.

Fresh blood flowed from their mouths.

“Youre overestimating yourselves.” Di Bai sneered.

Qiao Jin and the others were strong, but they werent able to fight back against a Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable!

When Qiao Sheng saw how Di Bai sent them flying, his eyebrows twitched.

However, he decided to remain silent.

With his other arm, Di Bai suppressed the Immemorial Qilins and the others.

Everyone who served Huang Xiaolong was pressed to the ground, unable to move a single muscle.

Feeling the weight of the heavens pressing against them, Duan Feng and the others felt as though their dao souls were about to shatter.

Long Jianfei roared in rage and glared at Di Bai, “Di Bai, are you sure you wish to offend our young lord! You will definitely regret your decision if you dont stop now!”

“Regret” Di Bai sneered in response, “I am most definitely afraid of Huang Xiaolong.

However, Im pretty sure Im not afraid of obtaining tens of billions of Tuoshen Dao Coins… Moreover, there seem to be a ton of grand dao pills in the treasury and several hundred grand dao herbs!”

“What! Tens of billions!”

“Several hundred grand dao herbs!”

The experts of the Boundary Emperor Creed were taken aback by his revelation.

Even someone like Qiao Sheng couldnt hold in his shock.

He might have known that the Mysterious Yin Old Man had managed to obtain the treasury of a super creed in the past, but he didnt know how rich the man actually was.

He had guessed that the Mysterious Yin Old Man was rich, but it seemed like he still had underestimated the amount of treasures…

It was no wonder Di Bai made his move against Huang Xiaolongs subordinates.

No one would be able to resist the temptation of the treasures!

Turning to Qiao Sheng, Di Bai chuckled, “Brother Qiao Sheng, assist me in taking them down.

Well shatter the entrance and plunder the treasury!”

Hesitating for a second, Qiao Sheng asked, “Are you sure Huang Xiaolong is stuck in secluded cultivation”

He had tried probing the situation in the treasury previously, but his senses had failed to pierce the defenses around the structure.

He had no idea if Di Bai was lying.

If Huang Xiaolong was merely comprehending the grand dao in the treasury, wouldnt they…

Upon seeing the hesitation in Qiao Shengs heart, Di Bai mocked, “Brother Qiao Sheng, are you scared of a mere Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor!”

Blood rushed to Qiao Shengs face, and he didnt know how to reply.


I used a ton of special methods to observe the situation in the treasury.

Huang Xiaolong is indeed in secluded cultivation right now.

Moreover, there are traces of dao tribulation in the air, and hes currently absorbing the leftover energy.

Theres no way for him to move against us.” Di Bao sneered.

“If youre afraid, you can leave now.

Ill take over the entire treasury.”

With his expression sinking, Qiao Sheng growled, “Fine.

Lets suppress them and open the treasury! As for Huang Xiaolong…” Killing intent raged in his eyes.

Since they had already offended him, there was no point in keeping an enemy so strong alive.

Huang Xiaolong was in a precarious situation, and the slightest disturbance would cost him his life! If they allowed him to complete the refinement process and solidify his cultivation base, someone with his strength could easily wipe out their family and creed in the span of a day!

“Thats exactly what Im thinking of.” Di Bai roared with laughter.

“Well obtain the treasury and get rid of Huang Xiaolong!”

Qiao Shengs expression changed all of a sudden.


If there are traces of a dao tribulation, doesnt that mean that Huang Xiaolong is no longer at the peak of the late-Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm”

Di Bai was stunned.

He hadnt thought that far.

After Qiao Shengs reminder, a trace of fear formed in his heart.

Four years ago, Huang Xiaolong was only at the peak of the late-Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm when he had sent the members of the Xuanyuan Creed packing!

If he had crossed his tribulation, that would mean that he had only taken four years to enter the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm!


The more he thought about it, the more terrified he became.

The members of the Boundary Emperor Creed revealed a face full of shock.

As silence descended in the immortal cave, the killing intent in Di Bais eyes grew stronger.

“Whatever the case, we have to obtain the treasury!”

That was tens of billions of Tuoshen dao Coins they were talking about! The other treasures were equally as priceless.

Moreover, there might be some sort of peak-level treasure hidden inside!

“Attack!” Di Bai roared at the members of the Boundary Emperor Creed behind him.

In an instant, everyone made their move.

“Dao Friend Qiao Sheng, if youre afraid, youre welcome to leave now.

However, the treasury will belong to my Boundary Emperor Creed if you do!” Di Bai snorted when he looked at the hesitating Qiao Sheng.

“Since youre not afraid of Huang Xiaolong, neither will I be!” Qiao Sheng felt hot blood pumping in his veins, and he roared, “Moreover, Huang Xiaolong was the one who has offended my Qiao Family first!”

“Well deal with Long Jianfei and the others after dealing with Huang Xiaolong!” Qiao Sheng continued.

Di Bai knew the meaning behind his words instantly.

If their calculations were wrong and Huang Xiaolong awakened early, they would be able to use Long Jianfei and the rest as hostages!

Several moments later, they started blasting the restrictions along the entrance of the treasury.

It didnt take long for them to completely shatter the barrier around the treasury.

Di Bai and Qiao Sheng rushed into the hall along with the members of their faction.

When they saw the unending amount of treasures in the treasury, a wave of excitement bubbled in the hearts of everyone present.

When they ordered their members to sweep up the treasures, Di Bai and Qiao Sheng didnt remain idle as they flew towards Huang Xiaolong in the deepest part of the treasury.

Looking at each other, they saw the killing intent in each others eyes when they realized that Huang Xiaolong was sitting silently in the air before them, deep in cultivation.


As they pounced at Huang Xiaolong at the same time, the entire treasury shook.

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